9 Hayden Dr: David C. and Deborah A. Donegan to Joshua and Allison B. Guide, $725,000

17 Pine Knoll Dr: Christine F. and Scott T. Jenkins to Robert W. Bird, $380,000


6 Sunset Ave: Lauri A. Rogers to Lyrissa Beauchesne, $180,000

206 Villager Rd Unit 206: Georgina V. Young to Hayward FT and William W. Hayward, $349,000


Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to John and Michele Marazzi, $600,000

95 Colby Rd: Tiago Dacosta to Santina A. Martignetti and Scott W. Anderson, $286,000

4 Happy Hollow Rd: Joshua M. Carey to James J. and Shannon A. Doiron, $275,000

16 Long Pond Rd: Lisa M. and Chad M. Gallinger to Raymond Challis, $30,000

74 Mcintosh Rd: Michael B. Squadrito to Edward J. and Susan A. Ryan, $469,000

10 Rock Rimmon Rd: Michael Dougherty to Philip and Heather Cusolito, $375,000

N/a: Kirsten G. Davenport to Morris Pigeon, $63,533


29 Central St: Joshua L. and S Mailhot to Steven M. Zukofski and Sara M. Pagliarulo, $220,000

166 Chester Rd: Michael A. Hennirkus to Garrett and Aquila D. Paolilli, $326,400

21-l Derryfield Rd Unit 37: Aaron&Mary Hill RET and Aaron R. Hill to Emily L. Poore, $182,000

3 Dolores Ave: Dale E. Milton to Elizabeth A. Chaisson, $275,000

18 Eastgate Rd: Michael A. and Isabel K. Norian to Sean Edmonds and Jillian Pramas, $480,000

4 Fairfax Ave Unit 354: Daniel P. and Nancy J. Oconnell to Daniel C. Snow, $133,000

6 Frost Rd Unit R: Solid Gold Inv Grp LLC to William J. Caruso, $210,000

4 Kenro Way: Joseph L. Mccarran and Deborah Van Etten to Deborah E. March and Meghann M. Hennrikus, $475,000

15 Newells Meadow Ln Unit 15: Joseph A. and Christine M. Ronca to Thomas and Cinda Shepard, $256,000

27 Pemigewasset Cir Unit 27: Carrie and David S. Kulak to Shawn M. and Abbey Mccabe, $410,000

36 Pond Rd: Paul G. Monte and Deutsche Bank Natl T Co to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $294,000

Scenic Dr Lot 1: FNMA to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $25,066

Scenic Dr Lot 1: Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Michael J. Boyle, $50,133

Scenic Dr: Michael J. Boyle to Bloom Oleary Holdings LLC, $105,000

14 Scenic Dr: Dale B. and Candace Andrews to Johnathan West and Keila Freitas-Melo, $335,000

16 Skylark Dr: Maccallum FT and Paul F. Maccallum to Emily D. Cashman, $350,000

15 Sunset Cir: Frank D. Santiago to John R. and Barbara A. Steere, $287,400

32 Tsienneto Rd: John S. and Elisabeth H. Taylor to Joseph S. and Michelle Pineau, $360,000

8 Walnut Hill Rd: Eric and Lisa Stephenson to Raymond N. Carter and Bethany A. Blaney, $499,333

N/a Lot 6-76-5: Wayne R. and Leane S. Grout to Richard A. Jarrell and Audrey Plavetsky, $310,000

N/a Lot 24: White Rock RT and Robert C. Meaney to Campbell Annex Realty LLC, $12,000


70 Bloody Brook Rd: Scott A. and Janis H. Mosher to David J. and Noelle Rollins, $475,000

31 Redcoat Dr: Scott R. and Heike B. Martineau to Rachel and Nicholas Shanahan, $429,533


180 Ashworth Ave Unit 104: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to Richard Clegg, $269,933

70 Brown Ave: Andrea and Paul D. Morano to Derek M. and Sarah A. Depelteau, $355,000

21 Dover Ave Unit 2: William D. and Debra A. Donnelly to Jeffrey M. Carreau, $399,933

31 Drakes Lndg Unit 31: Mceachem FT and Susan M. Schwartz to David&P Thresher RET and David Thresher, $449,933

26 Exeter Rd: 4 Fields LLC to Sandra Moseley, $390,000

12 G St Unit 55: Pensco T Co to Seacoast Vacation Rentals, $112,000

83 Ocean Blvd Unit 104: Orangeoly LLC to Aloha Ice Cream LLC, $675,000

359 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: Paul E Grigas RET and Michael D. Grigas to Virginia M. and William E. Jones, $105,000

43-47 Pearl St Unit B: Thomas and Christine Mirabito to Lance H. Tortolano, $510,000

19 Thayer Rd: Ashbrook Properties LLC to Adam and Hannah Keyser, $575,000

23 Thomsen Rd: Robert W. Gilpin and Susan M. Smith to Jeremiah D. and Patricia Pasternak, $325,000

6 Whitten St Unit A: Kenneth J. and Martha J. Plumb to Daniel T. Caffrey, $197,000

550 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 312: Maureen A Dadekian RET and Maureen A. Dadekian to Keith E. Sparks, $110,000


31 Ash Dr Unit 31: Floyd H. and Elana Blowers to Joseph R. and Sheila A. Wedge, $289,000

6 Morning Dove Rd: George A. and Suzanne R. Schiller to Michael Robidoux, $395,000


37 Bartley Hill Rd: Alisha A. Brinson to Jason Finnigan, $389,933

2 Blueberry Ln: Kevin H. and Pauline J. Sullivan to Carolyn Woodin and Jessica Mirisola, $385,000

1 Enterprise Dr: Difava Realty LLC to 3 Enterprise Drive LLC, $285,000

36 Fieldstone Dr Unit 36: Tammy Smith to Bryan Tambouris, $205,000

6 Grapevine Cir: Michael J. and Judith A. Pasternak to Timothy H. and Kelly M. Burns, $476,000

34 Mountain Home Rd: Jennifer L Marino T and Jennifer L. Marino to Christopher and Megan Marich, $569,000

13 Olde Country Village Rd Unit 13: Jason P. and Tina C. Moulton to Ashley A. Soucy and Ann J. Christman, $188,000

33 Perkins Rd: Phillip Jaena to James J. Choquette, $325,000

22 Pillsbury Rd: Nicholas Minichiello to Amja Realty LLC, $400,000

6 Priscilla Ln: Vincent and Rebecca DelSignore to Kristin M. and Steven A. Ferraro, $515,000

40 Rainbow Dr Unit 40: Meredith M. Mandeville to Mary Y. Lynch, $225,000

3 Sara Beth Ln: James D Norrod RET and James D. Norrod to Michael T. Channen and Jennifer Ciardello, $484,933

14 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 49: Robert A. Sweeney to Maple Granite Properties, $150,000

303 Winding Pond Rd Unit 303: David J. Rollins to Eileen Criscione, $250,000

350 Winding Pond Rd Unit 350: Rhonda J. Cairns to Jennifer L Marino T and Jennifer L. Marino, $264,933

N/a Lot 84-48: Hayward FT and William W. Hayward to Sooshin and Hyunsim Choi, $490,000


2 Kenwood Dr: Anne M. Borgesi to Robert S. White, $425,000

9 Steep Hill Dr: Lance H. Tortolano to Jeffrey Ohlson and Krista Rochusseu, $455,000

N/a Lot 14-16: Andrew Baker-Lingel and Jillian M. Lingel to Terri L. and Ronald I. Desjardins, $510,000


16 Blackstone Cir: George Saurman to James B. Eldredge and Sarah M. Saurman, $95,000

15 Brandy Ln: Peter J. and Kristen M. Cassidy to Joseph R. and Lori Lamoureux, $416,533

988 Bridge St: C&E Properties Unlimited to RGA Landholdings LLC, $175,000

7 Hemlock Dr: White Robert R Est and Evelyn M. White to Southern End Relaty LLC, $250,000

38 Keyes Hill Rd: Jonathan A. Reynor-Chasse to Benjamin T. and Faye Broughton, $301,000


138 Newton Rd Unit 13: Matthew S. Molliver to Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Elicia Zecchini, $215,000

138 Newton Rd Unit 25: Shannon M. Lafleur to Leslie Kurkjian, $212,533

39 Pollard Rd: Richard C. Kibby and Cheri L. Brousseau to Carolyn Berridge FT and Carolyn F. Berridge, $385,000


4 Catalpa Rd Unit 4: DHB Homes LLC to Patrick and Barbara S. Houlihan, $322,866

11 Cypress St: Kitchin RET and Donald N. Kitchin to Anthony and Elizabeth Helinski, $305,000

72 Grove Ave: Brian and Colleen Tormey to Thomas J. Whelan, $380,000

98 Haverhill Rd: Robin R. Meservey to Kenneth Breitenstein, $231,000

3 Jill Rd: Alan J. and Janis K. Hardiman to Jordan and Kimberly Shactman, $317,533

7 Lamplighter Ln: Richard C. and Heather C. Dodge to Richard A. Roomberg and Tracy H. Dubin, $795,000

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 16: Kenneth A. Susi to 3 Lancelot Court LLC, $154,933

Macgregor Ave: Jeanne Curtin and Noreen E. Finn to Foresight Investments Inc, $240,000

134 School St: Marc Mehringer to Danny and Tina Leal, $336,000

Stone Bridge Estates Cond Unit 39: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Richard P. and Elizabeth E. Picard, $504,400

75 Wheeler Ave: Jean S. Orso to Michael and Kimberly Poole, $355,000

14 Windward Ter: Francois J. Boucher and Santina A. Martingnetti to Matthew J. Joyce, $344,933

119 Zion Hill Rd: Richard Dewhirst to Scott R. German and Nancy J. Alter-German, $195,000

N/a: Joseph W. Spadafora and Port Charlotte to Robert and Judith Villeneuve, $82,000


237 Fremont Rd: Amy L. and Mark J. Difeo to Joshua J. and Jennifer Macgillivray, $385,000


40 Mill Ter: Laura M. and Michael E. Pouliot to NLSA Real Estate Corp, $92,000

44 Ocean Blvd: Judith A Vitale RET and Judith A. Vitale to Michael A. and Janice W. Pierro, $484,000

32 Weare Rd Unit 32: Fiorenzo and Marina Digenova to Mark J. and Amy P. Randall, $390,000


Bluff St: David B. Belair to Shannon M. Lafleur, $449,933

3 Morgan St Unit 3: Morgan St LLC to Terry L Price T and Terry L. Price, $630,000

6 Nathan Rd: David and Lisa L. Rodger to Keith Michael Jessup RET and Keith M. Jessup, $630,000

10 Partridge Rd: Michael R. and Jean C. Worden to Dustin and Lisa Offersen, $768,000

15 Sheffield St: Darren T. and Deanna R. Gaiero to David and Lisa L. Rodger, $825,000

N/a Lot 20d301: David Ferreira and Margaret Landry to Katelyn Vita and Alex Gray, $1,001,266

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