4 Ledge Rd: James Sacco to Delridge Realty Inc, $105,000

Page Farm Condo Unit 55: Midlands Investments LLC to John B. and Nancy A. Debaun, $519,933

17 Steeple View Dr Unit 17: May B. Georges to Diane E. Geary, $435,000

6 Webster Ct: Midlands Investments LLC to Lewis K. and Sharon P. Christensen, $511,400


82 Town Farm Rd: Michael and Brandy Eldridge to Damian P. and Celeste Olsen, $660,000

5 Wilcombs Way Ln: Wilcombs Way LLC to Brian K. and Paula J. Lemay, $397,333


No Transactions in this Town


17 Alyssa Dr: William P. and Susan V. Rockwell to Patrick B. and Bridgette E. Broderick, $329,933

1 Beaver Lake Ave: Mcaster Douglas Ralph Est and B Pelletier-Mcmaster to Joseph M. Keating, $489,933

27 Berry Rd: Susan C. Stariknok to Linda A. and James R. Comrie, $328,933

17 Brian Ave Unit L: Diane M. Brown to Jenny Lynn Loring, $225,000

1 Bristol Ct Unit 211: Jenny Lynn Loring to Julio A. Romero, $130,000

7 Claremont Ave: Joseph R. Carpino to Jason A. Merrick, $300,000

6 Donmac Dr: Nicole E. Brouillette and John T. Obrien to Korey Ingersoll and Alexandra Shilo, $379,000

65 Fordway Ext Unit 2-2: Dimaria Joseph P Est and Peter Dimaria to Barbara and Christopher J. White, $275,000

47 Frost Rd Unit A: Christopher P. Smyth to Kevin Lagree, $210,000

12 Kingsbury St: Adam M. Casey to Lissy Gomez and Christino S. Montanez, $295,000

16 N Main St: Allen L. and Laura G. Burnham to Mark A. and Arvilla C. Mastromarino, $160,000

48 Old Auburn Rd: John L. and Mary E. Meehan to Edward B. and Blanche S. Garone, $385,000

11 Olesen Rd: Ryan Krystyniak to Jenna L. Strizich and Louis Festo, $277,000

17 Partridge Ln: Dennis R. and Catherine R. Schelling to Jeffrey T. and Melissa A. Tomeo, $372,000

33 Pingree Hill Rd: Jodi E. Eddy to Daniel A. Wells and Katrina Finnigan-Wells, $430,000

9 Susan Dr Unit L: 5 Susan Drive LLC to Suzanne L. Haegle, $176,000

67 Tsienneto Rd Unit L: Deanne E. Lyons and Caliber Home Loans Inc to Connolly Holdings LLC, $140,000

131 Warner Hill Rd: David J. and Maryanne E. Pelczar to Mark A. and Tonya L. Ristaino, $316,933


28 Autumn Ln Unit 28: Carol D Latta RET and Carol D. Latta to Bruce R. and Janet R. Codagnone, $349,933

41 Bricketts Mill Rd: Jill Ryan to Darryl J. Condon and Carrie A. Wocssner, $389,933

105 Bricketts Mill Rd: William L. Klemp and Joyce A. Harrington to Christopher J. Loiselle, $485,000

200 Depot Rd: Patricia A. Mcmullen to William and Deanna Clark, $425,000

East Rd: William and Jennifer J. Letoile to Brighton Drive Inc, $325,000

29 Forrest St Unit 29: Maureen A Dadekian RET and Maureen A. Dadekian to Mary E. Meehan, $339,933

20 Gallant Dr: Glenn J. and Kathy A. Arsenault to Ryan and Helena Kaczenas, $524,000

Main St Unit B: A D Chalk T and David F. Chalk to Dianne Ross, $251,933

4-8 Main St: Martin Auger Mgmt LLC to A&G Properties LLC, $1,391,533

10 Main St: Martin Auger Mgmt LLC to A&G Properties LLC, $1,391,533

534 Main St: Meyers FT and Joan M. Meyers to Gino J. Spero, $360,000

Old Fellows Rd Unit A: Bruno D. and Deborah A. Parlatore to Nicole O. and Kevin D. Paine, $354,000

77 Stage Rd: Susan J Evans Norris RET and Susan J. Evans-Norris to Richard F. Thomas, $576,000

16 Tabor Rd: Kellie A. Obrien to Noah M. and Amy L. Wells, $320,000


Ashworth Ave Unit 32: Carol M. Rivard and Patricia A. Caton to Todd Demartinis and Lily A. Awad, $145,933

46 Ashworth Ave: ZJBV Properties LLC to AF Hospitality LLC, $1,343,333

Drift Resort Condo Unit 1: Frank S. and Denise L. Franconeri to Joseph and Dana Grasso, $182,533

1 Gentian Rd: 1 Gentian Road IRT and Margaret A. Healey to Melissa L. Harman and Cheryl Buckikas-Harman, $340,000

1 Greene St Unit 1a: Cheswick Realty LLC to Jennifer Briggs and Jane Clayton, $700,000

400 High St Unit 23: Dennis S. Cameron to Richard A. and Marcia A. Courtemanche, $319,000

2 Kings Hwy Unit 9: Raymond Boissoneau to Aleta M. Thompson, $295,000

200 Landing Rd Unit 97: Ashley E. and Robert E. Rozumek to Edith L. Davis, $270,000

Marsh Ave: ZJBV Properties LLC to AF Hospitality LLC, $1,343,333

12 Munsey Dr: Henry J. and Mary L. Wasik to Rianna Frady and Griffin Cordes, $620,000

18 Ocean Blvd Unit 15: Alan R. and Cheryl R. Smith to Todd Demartinis, $163,000

359 Ocean Blvd Unit 9: William Armstrong and Kristopher J. Rolfes to Michael J. Gasperini, $85,000

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 16: Rianna Frady to Neil H. Stallings, $354,000

44 Reddington Lndg: James A. and Karyl P. Misserville to Sean and Kristene Kelley, $350,000


43 Church St: Sam Kingston Inv LLC to Lumshaw LLC, $467,533

13 Happy Hollow Ln: Luann J. Kuzmicki and Brian W. Hussey to John Gallant and Pamela Sanscartier, $324,000


15 Ash St: Daniel A. Luce to Thomas and Meagan Daley, $415,000

17 Ash St: Daniel A. Luce to Thomas and Meagan Daley, $415,000

35 Hardy Rd: Michael P. and Erin L. Cacciola to Korakot Aramsri and Suparvee Nakayone, $375,933

25 Lincoln Dr Unit 25: AAL RET and Stephen O. Lord to Peter M. Donovan, $274,933

2 Mckinley Ave: Paul A. and Deborah S. Lavoie to Mauro L. Capelli and Catia R. DeSouza-Capelli, $427,000

30 Mercury Dr Unit 30: Kumaravelan Doraikkannan to Monique A. Robert, $141,933

2 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hdlg to Hakan Sen, $663,800

West Rd Unit 14: Dawn Condra and David M. Hurst to Linda H. Dustin, $265,000

William Dr: Joan E. and John M. Hannan to Alexandra F. Ricci, $355,000


11 Kenwood Dr: Richard F. Thomas to Laura E. Hood, $389,000


10 Alexandra Dr: Donna M Driscoll RET and Donna M. Driscoll to Jon and Melissa Richards, $525,000

6 Falcon Dr: Stephen F. and Lisa A. Grimes to Robert M. and Janet R. Cormier, $425,000

13 Hancock Ln: Steven T. and Mildred R. Marques to Stephen M. and Sarah A. Damour, $502,000

579-a&b Mammoth Rd: P&D Contracting LLC to Aimee M. Belanger and Jeffrey D. Rogers, $347,933

27 Simpson Mill Rd: Michael Rush and Ashley Mccue-Rush to Joacir Santos and M Possamai-Santos, $401,000


8 Main St: Perry Pentoliros to Sande Homes LLC, $280,000

233 Oak Ridge Rd Unit 4: Barbara J Corcoran T and Barbara J. Corcoran to Jill Ryan, $200,000

10 Upper Rd: Allissa R. Dalton to Luis J. and Leani Vargas, $305,000

N/a Lot 34-4-1: William H Sanborn RET and Diane K. Cyr to Milton Real Properties MA, $600,000

N/a Lot 34-4-6: Sanborn RT and Diana K. Cyr to Milton Real Properties MA, $1,200,000


5 Alexander Ave: Paula C. Hall to Kennedy L. and Shanell C. Harper, $323,000

3 Brook Rd Unit 3: Ordzie Jesse Thomas Est and Elaine B. Ordzie to Anton Khinchuk and Sheena Vye, $126,000

48 Budron Ave: Beaudet FT and Roger A. Beaudet to Richard J. King, $465,000

8 Captains Rd: Laurent F. and Ann M. Thibodeau to Ryan and Tracy Schuler, $666,944

76 Cross St: Paul R. and Kathleen J. Aliberti to Thomas R. Pater and Kristine H. Golden, $263,000

29 Cypress St: JM Ulbin FT and Jacqueline M. Ulbin to Jeffrey M. and Karen J. Ulbin, $320,000

5 Dexter Rd: HSBC Bank USA NA Tr to James V. and Brenda Michienzi, $274,500

5 Diana Dr: Lewis K. and Sharon D. Christesen to Melissa A. Maggio, $525,000

2 Equestrian Rd: Michael G. Benoit to Sean M. Daher and Kara Donati, $475,000

16 Garabedian Dr: Steven M. Lospennato and John M. Wolters to 16 G LLC, $4,500,000

Granite Woods Condo Unit 43: DHB Homes LLC to Peter D. and Janet D. Schiavoni, $463,533

8 Mildred St: Stephen and Mary Bruno to Erik J. and Sherry M. Faass, $374,900

5 Muse Ter: Derick Grover and David Laliberte to Shane E. and Ashlee E. Price, $269,933

10 Orchard Ter: Brian F. Downing to Forrest G. Owen, $345,000

6 Royal Cir: Cedar RT and Shawn Dumont to Jose R. Aleman and Yocasta Gonalez, $325,000

30 Silverbrook Rd: Robert J. and Danielle Goldfarb to Adria B. Farr and Michael D. Verrocchi, $625,000

20 Ticklefancy Ln: Michelle Fermin to Michael G. and Amanda L. Benoit, $675,000

48 Twinbrook Ave: Elizabeth M Sipsey RET and Elizabeth M. Sipsey to Thomas Sipsey and Alexandra J. Zambino, $275,000


10 Candlestick Ln: John B. and Nancy A. Debaun to Gabriel Long, $499,000

35 Higgins Ave: Michael H. Higgins to Adam Lamond, $95,000

397 Main St: Roland A. Martel to Juanita Dilendick, $200,000

31 N Shore Rd: Paul J. Brennan to Daryl Fay, $308,000

N/a Lot 14-4: Joey Vasil to Joshua I. and Perla Gilman, $335,000


47-b River St: Charles J. and Timothy O. Johnson to Michael P. Pacheco and Almudena Ayala, $280,000

15 True Ln: Arthur R. Zinck to Seth A. and Matthew S. Nyman, $85,000


Chadwick Place Condo Unit 11: Range Road Estates LLC to Stephen A. and Parise A. Andre, $495,000

44 Mammoth Rd: William T. Anyan and Jennifer E. Anyon to Nathan and Olivia Gaudet, $415,000

12 Mary St: Anthony J. and Ann M. Bonanno to Toni Murgo, $405,000

N/a Lot 7a706: Eric S. Spofford to Meaghan M Ralich RET and Meaghan M. Ralich, $499,000

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