11 Brendan Rd: Clark 2018 T and Robert J. Clark to Renee E. and Liberato C. Melillo, $450,000

3 Farview Hill Rd: Scott M. Boches to Vikas Chawla, $475,000

178 Main St: Brian J. and Michelle L. Collins to Jillmarie Aiello and Ernest E. Ruest, $338,000

12 Quimby Ln Unit 12: Elizabeth C Price RET and Susan E. Price to Robert Lapointe, $300,000


61 E Derry Rd: Barbara E. and R Scott Harrington to Meghan C. Bench and Brenda A. Dunn, $339,000


4 Collins Rd: James R. Seaver and Patricia A. Sarcione to Kevin Sullivan, $310,000

Sandown Rd: Curtis H. Springer to Lori J. and Louis Hatsiandrou, $150,000

19 Tempo Dr: Robert C. and Rebecca B. York to Donald and Katherine A. Pearson, $365,000

N/a: Jacob Councilman to Jayne and Walter Ercolini, $265,000


33-1/2 Beacon Hill Rd: Ryan and Kelsea Giroux to Dusty D. and Heather L. Wood, $465,000

20 Colony Brook Ln: Avijit Chaudhuri and Pallavi Kakoti to Tara and Shaun Lacava, $340,000

54 Conleys Grove Rd Unit R: Michelle L. Staley to Deke A. and Leanne J. Hollenbeck, $245,000

82 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Steven M. and Marilyn K. Applewhite to Tyler Mckallagat and Amy Saxton, $190,000

10 Eastman Dr: John D. and Stephanie Thompson to Cynthia Nighelli, $290,000

47 Floyd Rd: Roalsvig FT and Knut J. Roalsvig to Mcmaster Development LLC, $113,000

103 Island Pond Rd: Thomas M. and Maria E. Sweeney to Andrew R. and Sarah L. Glines, $250,000

60 Kilrea Rd: Danny J. Reese to Jonathan D. and Ryan E. Anderson, $335,000

14 Lorri Rd: Darlene Letavee to Allison Delano, $316,533

10 Norton St: Althea D. Lyons to Ashley Melito, $255,133

2 Pembroke Dr Unit 15: William S. Reid to Paul Damico, $136,533

24 Schurman Dr: Ronald Hayward to Maria S. Mackay and Ryan R. Sauls, $380,000

1 Silvestri Cir Unit 5: Joshua G. Whiting to JBAJ Investments Props, $107,000

2 Silvestri Cir Unit 24: Dorothy A. Shannon to Michael H. Mahn, $149,933

1 Skylark Dr: Michael J. and Nina M. Richards to Dolly C. and Charles H. Wells, $362,000

36 Stonegate Ln Unit 36: Jenni L. Watkins to Amber Sweeney, $195,000

69 Stonegate Ln Unit 69: Peak Premises LLC to Erik Feole, $161,000

101 Stonegate Ln Unit 101: Colin and Laura Macinnis to Kaela L. Macinnis and Jacob D. Rook, $160,000

21 Windham Rd: Joshua Paine to Matthew R. Vetere, $326,000

2 Wood Ave: Derry Town Of to Jenton LLC, $74,000

N/a: Bernard N. and Janet L. Colby to 6 Old Chester Rd LLC, $520,000


No Transactions in this Town


8 Campbell Dr Unit B: Michelle A. and Raymond A. Gamble to John S. Warren and Cheryl E. Powers, $325,000

19 Falcone Cir: Nadeau FT and Joanne M. Nadeau to Daniel Twombly and Corey M. Benish, $530,000

12 G St Unit 55: Pensco T Co to Seacoast Vacation Rentals, $112,000

12 G St Unit 56: David V. and Pamela J. Scerra to Seacoast Vacation Rentals, $138,000

20 Juniper Ln: Michael P. and Catherine E. Antonio to Tracy A. Treahy and Shane C. Wakeland, $695,000

Kings Hwy: Lindajane P. Batick and Sylvia J. Huff to Cheswick Realty LLC, $450,000

68 Kings Hwy Unit 22: John R. and Darlene P. Dolan to David A. and Ann M. Strycharz, $166,000

Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to Elizabeth M. and Robert L. Tassinari, $710,000

7 Nathaniel Ct: Kimberly J. Kirby to Steven P. and Jewel Reid, $768,533

11 Presidential Cir: Paul J. and Patricia L. Nicholson to Kathleen A. and Richard J. Hoesly, $465,000

N/a Lot 12: Sandra P. Skalkeas to Murad FT and Susannah A. Murad, $420,000


1 17th St: Amy M. Estey to Kayla R. and Lindsay J. Williams, $197,000

66 Great Pond Rd: Kathryn L. Hayes to Second Empire Homes LLC, $40,000

51 Little River Rd: Katherine E Houghton T and Katherine E. Houghton to Dale D. and Morgen N. Ames, $497,533

9 Maple St: Dena Bouzianis to Alexandra Curtis and Keith Ouellette, $254,000

14 Washington Way: Pascal and Catherine Delloue to Kevin M. and Melanie A. Macdonald, $494,933


59 Alexander Rd: Clement and Daniel Pasquarella to Andrew D. and Rachel N. Lesiczka, $363,000

45 Bockes Rd: Robert J. Contraros and Ronald J. Contros to Isidro Vega and Amarilyn Toro-Vega, $492,000

40 Boulder Dr Unit 40: Ryan Sanls to Sean P. and Delaney J. Colford, $170,000

142 Canterbury Ln Unit 142: Erin E. and Brian G. Weigler to Margaret F. Long, $170,000

29 Fieldstone Dr Unit 29: Eliana M. Buckley to Sarina Macdonald and Brian Goodwin, $197,000

20 Holstein Ave: Kevin J. and Susan M. Omaley to Allison Collins and Arthur M. Mcdermott, $485,000

49 Hunter Mill Way: Cartus Financial Corp to Anne and Michael Monahan, $546,000

2 Kimball Rd: Amanda Coleman and Bryan Nault to Keith Foley, $270,000

6 Litchfield Rd Unit B: Scott Cannella and Kathy J. Connella to Kenneth O. Millette, $185,000

12 Perkins Rd: Erik D. Brown to Andrea and John A. Squeglia, $300,000

47 Perkins Rd: Karen A. Lanchester to Maric Elena Lefebvre, $206,000

50 Rainbow Dr Unit 50: Henningan FT 2017 and Colleen Pierce to Mary Katsirebas, $225,000

Rolling Meadows Condo Unit 21h: Elizabeth Devine to Dawn M. Johnson, $156,000

110 Sandstone Cir Unit 110: Jarrett Fay to Daniel A. Waszkowski, $149,933

126 Sandstone Cir Unit 126: Stepping Stones Realty to Rebecca L. Mastropiero, $158,430

170 South Rd: Scott W. Probert to Erica C. and Dustin J. Raiche, $479,933

10 Summer Dr: Stephen J. Pimpis and Laurie A. Dawkins to Edwin Deleon and Cynthia De Leon, $357,000

125 Treadway Ln Unit 125: Stacie Otis and Just Another LLC to Just Another LLC, $125,500

25 Windsor Blvd: Dawson Timothy Haven Est and Jenny D. Zawada to Amanda and Bryan Nault, $340,000

N/a Lot 13-84: Christopher Kwok and Shaodan Huang to Cartus Financial Corp, $546,000

N/a: Ryan A. and April B. Smith to Thibeault Corp, $300,000


33 Currierville Rd: Father&Son RT and Todd Fitzgerald to Richard P. and Amanda L. Holcroft, $400,000

5 Durgin Dr: Greenwood RT and Robert J. Daigle to James R. and Sandra J. Gordon, $375,000


57 Blueberry Cir: 57 Blueberry Circle NT and Francis P. Tobin to Katie Wallace, $405,000

4 Harmony Ln: Calvani FT and Richard J. Calvani to Staci L. and Christopher G. Milward, $630,000

10 Hearthstone Dr: Pamela T Casazza T and James S. Casazza to Thomas and Jennifer Mcnamara, $440,000

9 Innisbrook Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Seth Natale, $595,000

12 Shelly Dr: Matthew J. and Kristi Hedglin to Allyson and Wiliam Jenkins, $399,933

6 Simpson Rd: Christopher G. and Staci Milward to William J. and Suzanne Barrett, $430,000

124 W Shore Dr: A Richard Hanlon to Wicked God Flips LLC, $370,000

N/a Lot 8-20-4: Steven P. and Lindsey M. Sargent to James A. Thistle, $490,000

N/a Lot 7-236: Demetrios C. and Maria D. Papadimoulis to Lichu Chen, $480,000


15 Culver St Unit 5: Matthew M. and Stephanie M. Larivee to Paraskevi Kiriazis, $215,000

23 Seaver Brook Ln Unit 23: Miguel Galvez to Christopher P. Mccullough, $249,933

48 Westville Rd Unit 1-9: Brian L&A V Martin RET and Brian L. Martin to Jessica Anisko, $90,000

13 Whiton Rd: Paula Schomburg to Jeffrey D. Fender, $405,000


17 Alta Ave: Larry A. Johnson to William M. Meaney and Courtney J. Poto, $319,000

16 Ballard Ln: Rocci and Heidi Delucia to Gerard R. and Katelyn E. Lamirande, $513,000

148 Brady Ave: John J. and Nadine M. Lahan to Jonathan L. and Angie E. Struzik, $332,000

10 Carol Ave: Gerard R. and Katelyn E. Lamirande to Jonathan W. Bahou and Lindsey T. Byrne, $321,533

21 Cassidy Ave: Christopher J. and Elizabeth R. Shepard to Felix Gonzalez, $497,000

12 Duffy Ave: Christavo Sousa to Jason T. and Katelyn R. Becker, $398,000

18 Glen Denin Dr: Habib FT and Joseph M. Habib to Alexander L. and Kate-Lyn S. Gingerich, $325,000

8 Gloria Rd: Dustin J. and Erica C. Raiche to Joshua J. Paine, $329,000

7 Green Acre Dr: Mikula Emil R Est and David W. Mikula to Ronny G. Haddad, $235,000

39 Greenhaven Rd: Kristin Olivieri to John C. Olivieri and Maria H. Rainha, $470,000

22 Hickory Ln: Hattori LT and Patricia K. Hattori to Hank J. Chase, $320,000

4 Hidden Rd: Robert and Carmela Mayer to Paula and Stanislav Akhatov, $355,000

45 Maclarnon Rd: Michael T. Bates and US Bank NA to Matthew Marker Realty LLC, $253,000

251 Main St: Huseyin Sevinegil to Joel Santiago, $300,000

16 Mary Ann Ave: D&M Demers RE Inv LLC to Anthony J. and Ami M. Meyer, $318,933

72 Millville Cir: Eric and Marcia Koschmann to Phyllis Chandler, $328,533

91 Shore Dr: Sheila J. Morin to Brad M. Cathyb and Tracey A. Salk, $325,000

14 Theresa Ave: Karen A. Livingston to Kristie A. Frank, $520,000

11 Windward Ter: Karen L. Ross to Ian H. and Chelsea L. Davis, $330,000


11 Hampstead Rd: Albert Ashley and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $160,000

29 Lakeside Dr: Germain Ouellette to Everett G. Clark, $211,000

21 Phillips Pond Dr: Michael J. and Lisa A. Robichaud to Robert and Karen Norton, $449,933

41 Pillsbury Rd: JCB LLC to Jennifer Stys, $389,800

33 Trues Pkwy: Steven Lacroix and Chelsea Hosford to Frank and Julie Odell, $425,000


92 Farm Ln Unit 92: William J. King and Wells Fargo Bank NA to 3 Wishes LLC, $165,500

79 Foggs Ln Unit A: Foggs Lane RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Linda Ballard, $339,933

79 Foggs Ln Unit B: Foggs Lane RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Robert and Catherine Gerry, $340,000

81 Foggs Ln Unit A: Foggs Lane RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Marie Greelish, $340,000

81 Foggs Ln Unit B: Foggs Lane RT and Christopher B. Cronin to Kathy J. Brace, $340,000

16 Lighthouse Way Unit 8b: Francis G. and Ellen M. Chase to Jessica L. and Bryson W. Helm, $400,000

171 New Zealand Rd: Edna A Drown Seabrook T and John C. Primerano to Colins LLC, $269,000

Whittier Dr: Charlie E. Lang and Michael L. Land to Patrick T. and Rebecca E. Knott, $335,000

N/a Lot 11: Louis C. Dufour to J&L Atlantic LLC, $2,400,000


12 Bear Hill Rd: Christopher and Lynn C. Peet to George Valvanis and Sarha Murphy, $563,933

Kendall Pond Rd: Kathryn M. Buckless to Mirisola FT and Paul Mirisola, $200,000

51 Meetinghouse Rd: Gertrude K Patinskas RET and Gertrude K. Patinskas to Jason P. Patinskas, $265,000

51 Overton Rd: Reddy LT and Shankara B. Reddy to Zachary and Michelle Sullivan, $660,000

7 Rolling Ridge Rd: Donald S Young RET and Donald S. Young to Huseyin Sevinegil and Derys Sevincgil, $419,000

57 Stacey Cir Unit 57: Eileen M. Doane to Johnny P. Mom, $320,000

N/a Lot 16: 16 London Bridge Rd LLC to John and Kellie Lally, $410,000

N/a Lot 7a751: Thomas Royce and Florence Garafano to Jeffrey A. and Maria C. Valenti, $713,000

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