11 Guernsey Dr Unit 11: Steven D. and Linda Joaquin to Lyn E Kutzelman RET and Lyn E. Kutzelman, $469,933


71 Deerwood Holw: David G. Porcelli to Kristie L. and Kevin P. Levandowski, $410,000


No Transactions in this Town


20 A St: 20 A Street LLC to Tri K Industires Inc, $2,075,066

25 Derryfield Rd Unit R: Keith K. Boyer and Linda L. Crews-Boyer to Jennifer M. Gagnon, $148,800

29 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Timmy F. Grenier to Said Sanni, $175,000

15 Lawrence St: Nancy A. Trow to Kristine M. Trow, $180,000

17 Lawrence St: Nancy A. Trow to Kristine M. Trow, $180,000

7 Mirra Ave: Gerald G. and Sandra L. Bilodeau to August A. and Jessica A. Kuron, $373,000

130 N Shore Rd: Jen Nick Home Builders to Steven and Michelle Jankowski, $424,933

2 Penny Ln: David M. Vaillancourt to Michael and Corinne Robertson, $99,533

13 Silvestri Cir Unit 18: Matthew Braucher to Nicholas J. Venetsanakos and Peter Ventsanakos, $129,933

1 Spollett Dr: Christopher Bingel to Andrew W. Furtado, $310,000

5 Tobacco Rd: Mark A. Dantico to William J. Murphy and Katherine A. Jennings, $269,933

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 154: Michael R. and Naomi S. Bissonette to Andrew C. and Cecilia Mendonca, $214,933


5 Buttrick Rd: Ralph and Daniela Venhaus to 32 Mill Pond RT and Philip M. Arcidi, $429,533

15 Quail Run: Christopher A. Pietrasz to Jeffrey A. and Sara E. Wormald, $400,000

205 Wash Pond Rd: Restorations By Michaels to Richard M. and Katherine A. Jerome, $242,000

224 Wash Pond Rd: Kathryn H. and Robert A. Thomson to Kevin S. and Jennifer P. Forzese, $550,000


11 Acadia Ave: R&J Ventures Of Hampton to Marcie Bergan, $269,000

78 Acorn Rd: William H. and Janet A. Patenaude to David and Jennifer M. Ducharme, $81,533

6 Ashworth Ave: Noreen O. Rheaume to Amy K. and Mark J. Cote, $224,000

10 Brookes Ln: BGJ LLC to Josee F. Pothier and Debbi M. Fisher, $529,933

180 Drakeside Rd Unit 9: Eric R. Beaulieu to William A. and Kathleen M. Trotman, $287,533

44 Hampton Mdws Unit 44: Robert L&J Salmon IRT and David Salmon to John M. and Barbara Henneberry, $500,000

22-1/2 I St Unit 22h: Kevota Realty LLC to Anthony and Margaret Richardson, $319,000

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 14: 377 Ocean Boulevard LLC to Robert E. Dolliver, $337,933

989 Ocean Blvd Unit 17: Cynthia G. Grassi to Barry J. Dyke, $319,533

20 Page Ln: Bertha A Fallon RET and Linda M. Artz to Stephanie Godin, $225,000

4 Tobey St: Kevin A. Hyde to Thomas and Barbara Costello, $360,000

89 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 1: Ross Colony Court Inc to Pouliot Units LLC, $114,933

91 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 7: Ross Colony Court Inc to Pouliot Units LLC, $114,933

93-97 Winnacunnet Rd: Ross Colony Court Inc to Ross Colony Community Inc, $1,500,000


17 Route 125 Unit 9: Pest End Inc to 17 Route 125 Unit 9 LLC, $155,000


115 Adams Rd: Debra A Tarr RET and Debra A. Tarr to George Barton and Alyssa M. Murphy, $331,000

34 Auburn Rd: Richard G. and Virginia C. St Cyr to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $285,000

74 Boulder Dr Unit 74: NH Home Buyers LLC to Annemarie and Stephen P. Censullo, $179,933

14 Boyd Rd: Elaine D. Raymond to Tadeo J. Goyuk and Linda M. Smolesnki, $369,933

5 Fairway Rd: Raymond Bellia to Kelli Reese and Perrin Martins, $345,000

56 Fieldstone Dr Unit 56: Lussier FT and Paul Lussier to Elizabeth W. Desmeules and Steven J. Biederman, $179,933

224 High Range Rd: Michael F. and Donna M. Barbetta to Michael D. Fletcher, $295,000

13 Merlin Pl: Cheryl A. Plummer to Roger W. and Nancy J. Drouin, $380,000

33 Yellowstone Dr: MTGLQ Investors LP to Irealty Investments LLC, $180,000

33 Yellowstone Dr: Irealty Investments LLC to Laura Lane Properties Inc, $210,000


3 Chase Rd: David Clement to Valerie and John R. Mccarter, $363,000

19 S Main St: P&R Bateman RET and Raymond L. Bateman to Patricia Sarratora, $225,000

14 Sarah Way: Todd Fitzgerald and Michael Flanagan to Michael T. and Mcihelle A. Brigida, $397,000

1 Williamine Dr: Jemana RT and Pamela A. King to Ryan Lobberecht and Ashley Relf, $411,000


100 Arlene Dr: Kyla Turnquist to Daniel S. Brustulin, $390,000

4 Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Jennifer Capistran, $608,000

17 Brandy Ln: Sandra J Blanchard LT and Sandra J. Blanchard to Kenneth C. and Debra L. Wyer, $409,933

8 Brookview Dr: Thomas R. and Denice C. Anderson to Michael and Julie Taddeo, $300,000

1 Leblanc Rd: Christopher R. and Gina Hafner to Brian and Alissa Picanco, $360,000

58 Ledge Rd: Bruno and Helene Ducharme to David Rosado and Molly A. Cooper, $280,000

32 Longview Cir Unit B: Dreme Builders&Windham to Paul Calder and Karen Mcdonough, $339,933

1171 Mammoth Rd Unit A: Charles D. Cappello to Jason Michelson and Scott Mason, $370,000

48-a&b Moon Shadow Dr: Paul R. and Robin P. Marchand to Gerard M. Hubert and Ann M. Hubard, $685,000

84 Pelham Rd: Arlene A. King to Discover Properties LLC, $142,533

39 Stonepost Rd: Shawn Hullihen to Christopher and Gina M. Hafner, $568,000

4 Victoria Cir: Charles and Jean Hacquebord to Dean and Claudine Colarusso, $345,000


12 Upper Rd: Walter A. Cairns and Nancy A. Cairsn to Eric D. Paul, $320,000


4 Belair Ln: Jonathan Bainbridge and Elizabeth A. Mcnamara to Joseph and Kathleen R. Young, $350,000

4 Bodwell Ave: Michael A. Guarino to Gina Leger, $312,000

17 Eagle Dr Unit 17: Paul J. Matachun to Chrisine Oboyle, $175,000

42 Golden Oaks Dr: Pelletier FT and Regis H. Pelletier to John and Laura Andolino, $599,933

15 Johnson Ave: Salem Manufactured Homes to Sarah E. Carstairs, $70,000

4 Juniper Rd: Donald K. and Prudence A. Iverson to Charlene A. James-Tenney and Jesse A. Freeman, $428,500

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 16: Angela G. Fischer to Kenneth A. Susi, $100,000

188 Main St: First Watch LLC to Ardian Pjetri, $160,000

13 Millville St: David B. Lewis to Mark W. and Edward E. Lisavich, $160,000

81 Shadow Lake Rd: Anganes FT and S D. Anganes-Tozlowski to John P. and Melody L. Varieur, $340,000

244 Shadow Lake Rd: Tyler Builders Inc to Joan E. Witkowski, $595,000

Theresa Ave: AE Gidley LLC to Bel Air Homes Inc, $155,000

N/a Lot 12204: Green Cross T and Marga C. Greer to Christopher A. and Rachel N. Decarolis, $175,000

N/a Lot 105: Matthew Dagostino to Timothy E. and Beverly J. Donovan, $295,000


8 Debbie Ln: Kevin T. and Stefanie J. Low to Matthew and Cassandra Boucher, $340,000

55 Giordani Ln: Kevin M. and Michele H. Hanrahan to Maurice E. and Lynn A. Brunelle, $310,000

3 Showell Pond Rd: Annette Titorenko to Christopher P. and Deirdre Abriola, $312,000


326 Ashland St: Janet A Sierron RET and Jennifer Lamie to Green Street Holdings LLC, $475,000

3 Beckman Lndg: Beckman FT and Dale A. Beckman to Mathie D. and Moira T. Lewis, $440,000

233 Bristol St: Ellen B Karalitz RET and Ellen B. Karalitz to Andrew P. Skaff and Jayne M. Underwood, $569,000

20 Greenleaf Dr: Erin M. VanDalinda to Laura Hastings and Scott Lauder, $395,933

111 Ledge Rd: Bell 111 Ledge Road LLC to FSC DMG Seabrook NH LLC, $3,600,000

419 State Route 286 Unit 201: Stephen R. and Michele A. Superba to Mark D. Seaverns, $112,000

12 Walton Rd: Ronald D. Perkins to Beckman FT and Dale A. Beckman, $275,000


21 Canterbury Rd: Christopher A. and Michelel M. Levell to Matthew D. and Casey L. Hill, $746,000

16 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev to Meadow Creek Homes LLC, $370,000

17 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev to Meadow Creek Homes LLC, $370,000

18 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev to Meadow Creek Homes LLC, $370,000

19 Glendenin Rd: Wood Meadow Land Dev to Meadow Creek Homes LLC, $370,000

19 Hawthorne Rd: Walter A. and Vivian F. Paskowski to Antoine and Rima M. Zalaket, $749,933

5 Lori Rd: Bruce A. and Kyong A. Brigman to Anne Mettthe, $385,000

84 Mammoth Rd: Adam J. Thistle to John Cushing, $220,000

Marblehead Rd: Windham Marblehead Props to Robert Landini and Tracey Jalbert-Venuti, $275,000

7 Sunridge Rd: Jefrey Sirois to Kevin S. and Kayla D. Huffman, $509,000