5 Amberwood Dr: Daniel and Jeanne Desruisseaux to Kimbery R. Calabro and Joshua C. Butterworth, $418,000

26 Coles Way Unit 26: Frank R Larson Jr RET and Frank R. Larson to John Gordon, $343,800

6 Hemlock Shore Dr: Benson FT and Lawrence K. Benson to Nijiof FT and Jeroen Nijhof, $1,200,000

64 Summit Dr: Garrett J. and Robin D. Gulubicki to Bryant M. and Christine A. Dube, $420,000


41 Bellwether Ln: Jeffrey E. Creamer and Jessica L. Pace to Stephen Derboghosian and Catherine L. Furia, $599,933

173 E Derry Rd: Brent and Danielle M. Mahan to Carol Karajgi, $506,000

332 N Pond Rd: Starling 9 Properties LLC to Shawn L. Lalmond and Cynthia M. Provencher, $325,000


66 Beechwood Dr: David R. and Debra J. Unger to Kathleen M. and Jason A. Youzwak, $439,000

31 Brendans Way: CMS Sullivan Inc to Matthew and Kimberly Sharpe, $435,000

23 Colby Rd: Arleigh Buxton-Greene to Craig and Kristen Wlodyka, $455,000

17 Meadow Lark Ln: Collins FT and Norman H. Collins to Dena Bouzianis and Minerva Webster, $328,000

Olde Rd Lot 4-191: Cynthia G. Lavash to Old Dog Realty LLC, $182,533


22 Ashleigh Dr: Suso 4 Derry LP to MIH Development LLC, $500,000

33 Beacon Hill Rd: Steve Trefethen to Elizabeth M. Halkiotis and Richard B. Cummings, $299,000

64 Bypass 28: Kneeland Kathleen Est and Darren Smithurst to Erik Guzzo, $220,000

612 Collettes Grove Rd: Corinne N. Robertson to Christopher Macrae, $237,000

63 Derryfield Rd Unit L: Allicon Sheila M Est and Adrienne Allicon to Brett P. Cate, $156,200

5 Donovan Dr Unit 5: Mark A. Hagenau and Helen Digiovanni-Hagneau to Allison Hyde, $285,000

3 Fairfax Ave Unit 233: James A. and Katherine Long to Jennifer Stokes, $133,000

4 Fairfax Ave Unit 114: Danielle M. Latta to Adam Smith, $132,333

79 Frost Rd: Mosher FT and Robert W. Mosher to Robert M. Nickle and Teresa K. French-Nickle, $379,000

25 Juniper Rd Unit R: Diane M. Stone to Joshua Cloutier, $165,000

Lane Rd: Linda Rutter to Kathleen B Brooks RET and Kathleen B. Brooks, $30,000

160 N Shore Rd Unit R: Richard J. Smith to Gail L. Hiler, $164,000

22 Olesen Rd: Matthew Benoit and Quicken Lonas Inc to Quicken Lonas Inc, $238,950

4 Rebecca Ln Unit R: Spencer L. Shaw to Shannon Seavey, $184,000

6 Sabra Cir: William A. and Deanna L. Clark to Marina A. and William J. Smallwood, $300,000

5 Tiger Tail Cir Unit R: Brian Mcinnis and Wells Fargo Bank NA to Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr, $222,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 125: Allison L. Delano to Jennfier A. Sprizza, $213,533

74 Tsienneto Rd: Lisa and Ronald P. Marcotte to William M. Tinnes and Christina Silva, $361,000

84 Tsienneto Rd: Chase IRT and Nicholas Forgione to Michael E. and Erica J. Layon, $300,000

N/a Lot 8-42-3: Chase IRT and Nicholas Forgione to Michael E. and Erica J. Layon, $160,000

N/a: Betsey S. Neslin and David B. Sherman to Melissa A. Mentuck and Matthew W. Crucius, $160,466

N/a: Smith Bradbury B Est and Sally Smith to Melissa A. Mentuck and Matthew W. Crucius, $160,466


12 Gabriel Ct: James M. Boulter and Jessica H. Boutler to Mark A. Hagenau and Helen Digiovanni-Hagenau, $731,933

1 Patriot Dr Unit 2: Sharon R. Hoffman to Karyn L. Mahoney, $258,000

N/a: Elaine F. Vernette to Gary W. and Ann C. Leedberg, $580,000


12 Bittersweet Ln: Wayne R. and Jane K. Ryan to Robert G. Bailey, $330,000

263 Drakeside Rd Unit 3: Taylor L. and Katie L. Gallo to Norahk K. Hansen and Stephen King, $439,933

40 Fuller Acres Unit 36: River Meadows PT and John J. Powers to Frederick A. Zoeller, $450,000

11 Hampton Towne Est Unit 11: Justin C. and Marissa D. Hillerby to Carrie L. Anderson and Diego L. Melendez, $282,533

18 Katie Ln: Mary K Murphy RET and Paul M. Murphy to 2015 Torrisi RT and Marianne F. Torrisi, $605,000

86 Landing Rd: Bradley B. Bailey and Wilmington T NA to Wilmington T NA Tr, $271,714

16 Morrill St: Christine M. and Brian J. Joyce to Anthony P. and Hannah M. Spinelli, $464,000

119 N Shore Rd: Martin John K Est and Diane Cohen to Efstathios A. and Cheryl Kouninis, $305,000

33 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Pas Investments LLC to Roger A. Dieker and Susan E. Diker, $454,000

425 Ocean Blvd Unit 7: Robet and Elizabeth A. Ferrando to Gloomy Biplane LLC, $269,933

19 Ross Ave: Mark A. and Bridget-May Clark to Timothy A. and Karen L. Smith, $399,933

27 Sweetbriar Ln: Eric J. and Denise M. Johannesson to Justin C. and Marissa Hillerby, $449,000

16 Windmill Ln: Alexander J. Davis to Taylor L. and Katie L. Gallo, $470,000

N/a: Boston&Maine Corp to NH State Of DOT, $5,000,000


2 Beaver Pond Rd: Jay and Elaine Caswell to Michael J. and Kathyann Purdy, $317,000

19 Circuit Dr: Ronald L. Himes to Thomas Cretella, $15,000

41 Danville Rd: John A. and Christina M. Messina to Mark A. Bilodeau and Linda S. Mercer, $275,000


172-m Capitol Hill Dr Unit 172: Fernand W. Vaillancourt to Sai Dham Apartments Homes, $109,933

163 Fieldstone Dr Unit 163: Franz 2017 T and Joel G. Franz to Danielle M. Peckham, $204,533

2 Jolly Ln: Michael A. Holden to Chelsey and Laura Arling, $425,000

94 Oakridge Dr Unit 94: Carl and Barbara Harris to Ryan Gangi, $195,000

123 Old Derry Rd: Sandra A. Bertrand to Richard W. Larochelle, $349,933

50 Shasta Dr: Steven&J Zeichner FT and Steven A. Zeichner to Jawara Loftis, $362,000

26 Wedgewood Dr: Gretchen Berthiaume and Devin Dunn to C A. and Danielle A. Caloggero, $383,400


55 N Main St: Stephanie Meriwether to James W. Makein, $265,000


Aspen Dr: Skyview Estate LLC to Stephen E. and June S. Carson, $600,000

9 Evergreen Ave: Debra Ann T and Stephen J. Doherty to Gregory S. and Kathleen J. Bean, $500,066

19 Greeley Rd: James J. Carey to Enhanced Properties LLC, $230,000

68 Hobbs Rd: Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Richard Mix, $230,000

2 Tenney Rd: Matthew and Nivea Ravenstein to Mark Lane, $282,000


4 Ashley Nicole Dr: Scott G. and Paula M. Wilton to John A. and Christina M. Messina, $496,000

6 Birch St: Derek J. Reardon to Constance D. Ulrey, $375,000

135 Forrest St Unit 2-1: Gail A. Laviolette to Jeffrey R. Beaulieu and Jason P. Laviolette, $185,000

135 Forrest St Unit 9: Donald J. Dragon to Cheryl Smith, $209,000


Granite Woods Condo Unit 18: DHB Homes LLC to Austin FT and William J. Austin, $505,533

Granite Woods Condo Unit 27: DHB Homes LLC to John H. Costello, $542,200

86 Millville St: Chris Georgakopoulos to Cory D. Glaser and Amanda Wright-Glaser, $342,000

23 N Policy St: Mark A. and Michelle M. Routhier to Jonathan E. and Joy E. Fry, $365,000

109 Shadow Lake Rd: John R. Tracey to Stephen and Michelle Mclaughlin, $337,000

54 Shannon Rd: Tommasino Charlene L Est and Martha Tommasino-Marsh to Andria K. Pizzi and Joseph Marazzi, $402,000

114 Shore Dr: 114 Shore Drive RT and Hans A. Kvinlaug to Germaine J. Ouellette, $367,000

12 Tammy St: Lescarbeau RET and Heather Hunscher to James J. and Christine Connors, $377,000


7 Cricket Ln: Kaitlyn R. and Craig M. Gallagher to Evan C. Mckallagat and Samantha M. Mckallaght, $330,000

41 N Shore Rd: James C. Costa and FNMA to FNMA, $133,900

33 Phillips Pond Dr: James E. and Joanne C. Brown to Jason M. and Tanya S. Chui, $424,000


545 Hudson St: Stephanie Samaras LT and Diana Samaras-Fincher to Samaras LT and Karen N. Samaras, $670,000

99 True Rd Unit 99: Penney FT and Francis J. Penney to Mary A. Peters, $215,000


1 Bell Rd: Michael Parker and Hillary Russell to James P. and Kelly M. Pouliot, $555,000

8 Cheryl Rd: Eight Cheryl Road NT and Stephen E. Carson to Michael Parker and Hillary A. Russell, $875,000

33 Hickory Ln Unit 33: Stephen D. Crichton to Mary E. Chandler, $332,000

78 Mammoth Rd Unit 3: Paul C. and Kathleen A. Wholey to Susan Brennan, $295,000

N/a Lot 10: Jean M. Beaudoin to George Jabour, $80,000

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