115 Maple Ave: Nicholas C. and Nicole A. Trombetta to Susan E. Ogeka and Steven M. Schafer, $530,000

13 Oak Hill Cir: Fiore and Adriana Leo to Amy Munroe and Michael Ellis, $402,000

3 Sycamore Ct Unit 3: Michael R. Leavitt to Nicole Gaziano, $339,000


55 Stonebridge Dr: Henry J. and Mary K. Miller to Scott G. and Susan J. Gschwind, $459,933

62 Towle Rd: David M. Thompson to Kenneth R. and Jennifer Schaitman, $425,000

N/a: Robert G Eddy RET and Robert G. Eddy to Michael J. and Lisa A. Oleson, $115,000

N/a: Timothy J. Dyson to Zachary C. Dyson, $70,000


72 Cheney Ln Unit A: Kathryn M. Liston to Eric Lafrancis, $249,933

73 Highland Dr: David G. and Kathy L. Markis to Jordan W. and Kimberly Knight, $330,000

23 Kacie Ln: Scott A. Aeciard and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Hfloesser Realty NH LLC, $270,000

78 Walker Rd: Peter A. Gorton to Shawn M. Kopp, $315,000


11 Anna Cir Unit 11: Michael P. and Narell C. Sheets to Jodi M. and Jonathan Bennett, $350,000

11 Bedard Ave: David J. and Vennessa L. Shuler to Jonathan D. Barron and Katelyn J. Forbes, $339,000

40 Damren Rd: Joshua A. Gilman to Michael Willey, $330,000

11 Drake Ln: USA HUD to Kevin J. Mccauley, $353,000

3 Eastview Rd: Martin D. Paeplow and Elizabeth C. Circharo to Timothy D. and Angela D. Domer, $535,000

42 Frost Rd Unit L: Jose A. Rolon to Adam and Erin N. Dallas, $223,000

7 Gena Ave: Peak Premises LLC to Jonathan Waldie, $300,000

130 Gulf Road Ext: William J. and Ronda L. Moisan to Michael K. Kelly and Broke E. Reeve, $330,000

8 Hardy Ct Unit 8: Robert G. Morel to Shannon and Elaine Demmons, $184,000

249 Island Pond Rd: Dean B. and Susan M. Killam to Jason D. and Kerry King, $48,000

34 Kendall Pond Rd: Victor and Ann Gallucci to Eric J. and Bethany E. Silva, $301,000

10 Martha Dr: Christopher K. Malone to Wayne S. and Ashley Johnson, $399,933

1 Mirra Ave: Francisco D. and Carol A. Amargo to Andres A. and Yomara Cruz, $343,000

N High St Lot 16: Kevin Coyle to Danielle Jacques, $110,466

71 N High St Unit 15: Ruth A. Laframboise to Dale E. and Patricia E. Miller, $289,000

66 N Shore Rd: John C Kotheime RET and John C. Kotheimer to Kevin and Kathryn Coyle, $175,000

3 Pembroke Dr Unit 20: Jeffrey G. Simoneau and Bank Of America NA to Bank Of America NA, $57,000

79 Stonegate Ln Unit 79: James V. Mcelroy to KMVS LLC, $140,000

10 Sunnyside Ln Unit L: Brian Martell and Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svgs Fund Soc, $148,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 3: Robert and Kathleen Monighetti to Tiffany Abad and Kathleen Grant, $230,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 196: Raymond Martinuk to Debra M. and Thomas J. Vallone, $117,333

3 Wentworth Ln: James G. and Mary N. Klotz to Alexandra Bruce and Tyler J. Kizner, $358,000

N/a Lot 58: Robert J. and Martha E. Landers to Steven Mcmaster, $77,000

N/a: Sara Mcneal to Taylor&Debrower FT and Amy M. Debrower, $767,533


48-a E Main St: Paul J. Comeau to Christopher F. and Michael J. Bruno, $285,000

138 Kent Farm Rd: Mark A. and Deborah E. Ryan to Stephen George, $588,733

45 Lexington Dr: John J. and Kathryn A. Richard to Nicholas T. and Megan Manent, $410,000

525 Main St: David and Donna Hart to Whitney R. and Lee A. Powers, $329,000

7 Patriot Dr Unit 13: Erma C Cambria T and Erma C. Cambria to Judd A. Nathan, $252,533

32 Shore Dr: William P. Chandler to John J&A K Peters RET and John J. Peters, $455,000


23 Cusack Rd Unit 28: Susan R Frain LT and Susan R. Frain to Christina J. Pike and Patrick A. Giguere, $333,000

939 Cusack Rd Unit 18: BSM NH RT and Carol M. Mcfarland to Steven C. and Pamela J. Dailey, $325,000

400 High St Unit 13: Steven and Pamela Dailey to Cory Rush, $363,000

482 High St Unit 1: JB Real Estate Inv LLC to Bruce P Morelli RET and Bruce P. Morelli, $644,000

30 Kings Hwy Unit 8: Wall FT and Robert S. Wall to Sea Shore RET and Robert W. Mcmahon, $300,400

190 Kings Hwy Unit B6: Baker FT and Bernad E. Baker to Linda A. Cote, $375,000

Mace Rd: Jay Ponchak and Sharon B. Ponchack to Thomas and Sharon Chase, $211,000

88 Mace Rd: Kathryn C. Shouse and Kenneth W. Hayes to Betsy L. Weingart, $345,000

377 Ocean Blvd Unit 3: Mark O. Lewis and Maureen Bussone to Warren D Kelly 1999 T and Warren D. Kelly, $30,000

615 Ocean Blvd Unit 5: Ralph and Phyllis A. Yovane to Marilyn A Soccio RET and Marilyn A. Soccio, $89,000

16 Riverview Ter: Cory D. Szklarz to Daniel M. Melo, $404,733

Towle Farm Rd Unit 27: M Elizabeth Seaverns RET and M Elizabeth Seaverns to Higgins FT, $410,000

16 Whitten St Unit C: Suzanne C. Drake to Keith Wells, $240,000

470 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 18: Joseph T. and Janice P. Korowski to Nicholas D. Doucette, $179,933

N/a Lot 150: Joseph G. Williams to 2 Ocean Boulevard LLC, $700,000

N/a Lot 104-15: Jamie J. and Debra L. Provencher to Nathanel J. Fountana and Kathleen Fontana, $460,000


No Transactions in this Town


115 Bayberry Ln Unit 115: Lynn M. and Alan Page to Amanda J. Sirois, $158,533

42 Brewster Rd: Albert Brenner to Scott and Darlene Ratte, $185,000

150 Canterbury Ln Unit 150: Michael S. and Donna J. Lynch to Denise C. White, $155,000

152-l Capitol Hill Dr Unit 152: 152l Capital Hill LLC to D&A Properties LLC, $123,000

11 Colonial Dr: John and Debra Ricciardi to Richard T. Murray, $435,000

88 Fieldstone Dr Unit 88: Catherine T. Knowles to Cory Welch and Samantha Descheneux, $200,000

88 Granite St Unit 88: Winslow Christopher M Est and Dana M. Winslow to Luis Narsiso-Moncada and Shaina Keller, $150,000

26 Griffin Rd: Wilcombs Way LLC to Shawn E. and Megan S. Melanson, $546,000

52 Hardy Rd: Michael J. and Heather A. Dormer to Melissa E. Brenot, $386,000

4 Josephine Dr Unit A: Michael Licciardi to Jennifer F. and Thomas A. Caso, $235,000

6 Kelley Rd: Dolores Stoklosa to Robert P. and Sarah E. Calautti, $339,533

15 King George Dr: Ehrgott Robert E Est and Karen Kendra to Nicholas B. Loring and Kellie A. Mcgowan, $410,000

1 Nettie Way: Belize Real Estate Hldg to Jonathan and Erica Cruz, $526,000

43 Sparhawk Dr: Michael and Laurie Ziakas to Younes Mghazli, $385,000


4 Lilac Way Unit 4: Rosalie M. Muraco to Rosemary and James M. Cole, $353,533

75 Whittier St: Shawn Poor and US Bank NA to Nicholas W. Mccarthy, $257,000


33 Drummer Rd: Muldoon FT and George P. Muldoon to Susan Caffrey and Brian M. Pike, $620,000

4 Oak Hill Rd: Joseph Illyes and Gracinda Pereira-Illyes to Eugene and Kaitlyn Jalbert, $489,933

5 Simpson Mill Rd: Yun J. Choi to Adam R. Folger, $457,600

11 Spring St: Susan A. Caffrey to Meaghan and Bryson Geary, $487,533

20 Stevens Rd: John E. Marsh to Danny Srin and Serey Taing, $525,000

315 Windham Rd Unit B: Karen Madigan RET and Karen Madigan to Jennie S. Lim and Sina Mok, $360,000


16 Cifre Ln Unit 28: Sheltry Ernest Edward Est and Linda D. Sheltry to James P. and Lena M. Picarillo, $235,000

103 Main St: Patrici A. Melanson and Deithra A. Wright to Michael and Greta Buzzell, $390,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 1: Patricia E. Parker and US Bank NA to US Bank NA Tr, $151,125

15 Nicholas Rd: Alexander and Patricia Brown to Charles W. and Eric W. Frazier, $495,000

Old County Rd: Hoyt RT and David H. Hoyt to Dominick J. Delgavio and K A. Gianetti-Delgavio, $175,000

19 Timberlane Rd: James R Sexton 2nd T and Wayne D. Sexton to Ioan F. Lucian-Popa and Malina D. Popa, $475,000


22 Briarwood Dr: Robert P. and Sarah Calautti to Christopher J. and Katelyn M. Curley, $510,000

9 Brook Hollow Dr: Molly RT and John Digaetano to Joseph J. Barna, $700,000

1 Cove Rd: Kimsu Marder to Michael and Cynthia Hopkins, $410,000

18 Coventry Ln: Matthew A. and Elaine M. Lyons to Robert T. Mignogna and Michelle L. Mignoga, $550,000

22 Eagle Dr Unit 22: Casey M. Deschene and Kyle Pitocchelli to Laura J. Blake, $220,000

62 Hawkins Glen Dr: Gervino FT and Michael J. Gervino to Paul L. Seccareccio and Marjorie Secareccio, $568,400

68 Lancaster Farm Rd: Mark C. and Christine A. Whittaker to Stephen W. and Patricia A. Powers, $449,000

38 Royal Cir: Roland L. and Gail M. Daigle to Kyle J. Coakley, $299,000

59 Sherwood Cir: Patricia Castricone and Kenneth A. Sicard to Rosalie Muraco, $369,933

70 Shore Dr: J&K Realty LLC to Deborah J. Elliott, $329,000

213 Shore Dr: Georgette Silva T and Charlene A. Torrisi to Julie Torrisi, $185,000

35 Wheeler Ave: Robert E. Fauvel to Thomas J. and Loretta M. Pardi, $380,000

8 Wreck Ave: James and Lena Picarillo to Elaine and Matthew Lyons, $428,200

N/a Lot 48-657: Bronislaw and Tammy D. Skiba to David and Catherine Frahm, $700,000


54 Hampstead Rd: James E. and Georgia Devine to John E. Handy, $290,000

10 Indian Hill Rd: Minervina D. Davis to Carlos E. Eduardo-Miguel and Ellisa Miguel, $335,000

30 North Rd: Lisa A. Pinault to Danielle A. and Derek D. Tibert, $385,000

64 Phillips Pond Dr: Daniel W. and Lindsey A. Cifelli to Jaimison Smith, $459,933

N/a Lot 16-1: Garry W. and Priscilla M. Webler to Danielle N. Guide, $85,000


11 Chelmsford St: Higgins FT and Kevin J. Higgins to Deanna R. and Darren T. Gaiero, $1,318,000

27 New Zealand Rd Unit A: Wilma Therrien to Debra J. Perkins, $75,000


8 Collins Brook Rd: John J&A K Peters RET and John J. Peters to Michael P. and Laurie Ziakas, $639,933

35 Hadleigh Rd Unit 35: Richard A Hardy RET and Jennifer E. Steiling to David Arthur, $311,000

52 Hadleigh Rd Unit 52: Nancy D. Roy to M Susan Sheehan, $329,000

5 Linda St: Day 2014 FT and Willie S. Day to Sheng Y. Deng and Yanling Liao, $400,000

10 Orchard Blossom Rd: Charles Basner to Michael Hoyt and Thuong V. Huynh, $535,000

13 Oriole Rd: Kathryn M. Jacquard to Austin E. and Kaleigh E. Graham, $450,000

32 Rock Pond Rd: Andrew G. and Tracey Ardolino to Daniel W. and Lindsey A. Cifelli, $525,000

49 Stacey Cir Unit 49: Jessica Cardello-Welch and Brian Welch to Randy J. Macdougall and Reina E. Torres, $278,000

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