7 Ridgewood Dr Unit 7: Abreu FT and Lawrence J. Abreu to Stephen and Maureen Doherty, $235,000


Candia Rd Unit 62: Lifestyle Homes Of NH Inc to Denise and Richard Levesque, $418,533

4 Haverhill Rd: Mary A Gesel RET and Mary A. Gesel to NASR Enterprises LLC, $570,000

115 Jenkins Farm Rd: Jenkins Farms LLC to Christina and Darren Catalano, $470,800

232 Villager Rd Unit 232: Richard A. and Denise C. Levesque to Michael R. and Debra A. Masters, $355,000

N/a Lot 104-9: Kevin W. and Kimberly S. Schofield to Richard E. Stlouis and Lauryn K. Kmon, $307,000


87 Colby Rd: Christopher M. and Laura Casoni to Donna and Robert Burns, $285,000

178 Kingston Rd: Kathleen L. Peterson to Ben C. Stephens and Elizabeth K. Morin, $282,000


50 Conleys Grove Rd: Jennifer Ricardo and Corey Litalien to Kristina R. Lynch, $333,000

Hoodkroft Condo Unit 22: Lorraine Raitt Kimball T and Charles S. Goodwin to Joseph Gerjes, $45,000

2 Huson Ave: Paul Andrade and FHLM to Citimortgage Inc, $187,000

11 Kristin Dr: Nathan L. and Julia A. Tindall to Alz and Brian Picanco, $339,933

4 Misty Morning Dr Unit C: Jerome C. Callahan to Patricia A. Rainville, $204,533

38 Steele Rd: BR 10 Lot LLC to Michael and Stephanie Tresh, $535,000

5 Tiger Tail Cir Unit L: Dana E. and Christine L. Russell to Laurie Bailey, $239,933

1 Tsienneto Rd Unit 21: Lorraine Raitt Kimball T and Charles S. Goodwin to Joseph Gerjes, $30,000

1 Tsienneto Rd Unit 20: Lorraine Raitt Kimball T and Charles S. Goodwin to Joseph Gerjes, $45,000

3 Tsienneto Rd Unit 27: Lorraine Raitt Kimball T and Charles S. Goodwin to Joseph Gerjes, $45,000

5 Windham Rd: Christian David Henry Est and Bobbiann M. Christian to Alyssa M. and Donald G. Chasse, $180,000

N/a Lot 1: Norman L. and Robert G. Cousins to Robert G. Cousins, $225,000


250 Kent Farm Rd: Dargooniangarabedian RT and Sandra Garabedian to Janet A. Bell and Brian G. Lloyd, $453,000

N/a Lot 3: Curtis A. and Teresa Schmidt to Leslie Barter, $356,000


415 High St Unit 3: Carlos Desedas to Lauren Pichette and Jason Trott, $284,400

601 Ocean Blvd: Paul G. and Karin Breen to Jonathan and Lori J. Gorski, $560,000

25 Perkins Ave: Markey FT and Susan M. Digangi to Chris Clemente and Mary Markey, $265,000

550 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 306: Elizabeth K. Bolan to Steven M. Jones, $84,333

N/a Lot 2: 236 Vineyard Path LLC to Hereford Investemnts LLC, $1,500,000


8 Birch St: Cheryl D. Hodgson to Renee M. King, $270,000

99 Exeter Rd: Tressa N. Bickford to Ann Vitkauskas, $310,000

31 Hillside Rd: Giarrusso Mark A Est and Gina Giarrusso to Leonard S. Racite, $330,000

15 Mulligan Way Unit 15: David V. and Karen Layne to Vernon F. and Martha G. Bartle, $410,000

21 North Rd: William J. and Tina N. Radigan to Diana Billings and Bruce K. Libby, $480,000

22 Old Coach Rd: Carty Construction LLC to Mary E. Maher and Geoffrey Turke, $350,000


29 Birch St: Bernadette Terenzi to A&W Properties LLC, $90,000

68 Fieldstone Dr Unit 68: Rosemary Whitney to Stacey Carnes and Sean Noone, $206,000

131 Fieldstone Dr Unit 131: Sara Jane Diperri FT and Sara J. Diperri to Jessica L. Hocking, $221,200

32 Lincoln Dr Unit 32: Hoyt Hanlon FT and Kevin M. Hanlon to Mark A. and Susan G. Cinquegrana, $286,000

3 Victoria Dr: Donna L. and William P. Lewis to Cody P. Lewis, $350,000

15 Woodland Dr: Morrison IRT and Brian R. Morrison to Bradley A. and Michelle M. Gagne, $345,000

N/a Lot 13-104: PLH Londonderry LLC to SMH Holdings LLC, $590,000


37 Bear Hill Rd: Robert E. Hayes and FHLM to Robert Buzzell, $228,000

6 Durgin Dr: Vernon and Martha Bartle to Richard G. and Vicki A. Gonthier, $365,000

8 Overlook Dr: Eugene C. Devlin to Stephen C. and Susan Earls, $403,000


Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Gail M. and Steven H. Lachs, $580,800

2 Innisbrook Dr: RJ Mccarthy Dev LLC to Christopher and Melissa Goddard, $539,000

10 Lox Ln: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Michael J. Welcome, $137,533

3 Luann Ln: Christopher A. and Nicole E. Ponzo to James P. Holloway, $400,000

815 Mammoth Rd: Linda Walsh RET and Linda Walsh to Sheena A. and Corey A. Marshall, $499,933

1324 Mammoth Rd: FHLM to Lucille P. and Steven A. Rossi, $168,000

118 Mulberry Ln: George FT and Clifford E. George to Morgan G. Weeks and Sarah E. Richards, $560,000

26 Scenic View Dr: Thien P. Dang and Nhung Nguyen to Sean P. and Karyn F. Martin, $520,000

45 Simpson Rd: Richard P. and Jennifer Lacoss to Ashley Smith and Kathryn Balletto, $449,400

32 Valley Hill Rd Lot: Vurgaropulos FT and James Vurgaropulos to Pawtucket Rd Landholdings, $85,000


12 Crane Crossing Rd: Marinaccio Jason P Est and Camille J. Lovasco to Jarrod Gadd, $360,000

35 Main St: Gerald A. Marr to Yvonne M. Marr, $130,000

120 Newton Rd Unit 10c: Richard T. and Lucinda A. Ward to Maximilian A. Lacostic and Eugene Piacentini, $230,000

120 Newton Rd Unit 11c: StGermain John R Est and Nicole StGermain to Jody RT and Andre C. Gagnon, $180,000

Walton Rd: PNP Realty LLC to Angela M. Dipietro, $138,000

17 Westville Rd: Dawn Lewis and FNMA to FNMA, $174,700


7 Beechwood Rd: Silverbrook Xing Salem to Hitesh R. and Daya H. Rawal, $650,933

28 Corinthian Dr: Richard L. and Paula R. Heuer to Paul T. and Michelle R. Petrycki, $574,933

18 Elmwood Ave: Julie and Christopher E. Riley to Michael Norsworthy and Ashley N. Johnson, $374,933

45 Fern Rd: Holden Muriel E Est and Doris A. Maliszewski to Coles Mobile Homes Inc, $15,000

3 Lancelot Ct Unit 5: Platinum Real Estate LLC to Joseph White, $147,000

11 Lancelot Ct Unit 10: 11 Lancelot LLC to Colleen F. Tam, $126,800

396 Main St: 396 Main St Realty LLC to Haverhill Bank, $1,407,333

Meisner Dr: Circle Rental Mgmt LLC to SMG Rosewood LLC, $6,525,000

264 N Broadway Unit 106: North Creek Partners LP to Phuong Duong, $143,333

42 N Main St: John W. Cogan to George and Kathleen Conwell, $210,000

1 Oshaughnessy Ln: Bel Air Homes Inc to Sean and Lannie B. Patel, $572,000

25 Palmer St: Janis L. Dupuis to Stephen P. and Nicole M. Cote, $300,000

32 Stiles Rd Unit 305: Paul F Masterson FT and Paul F. Masterson to Antioz LLC, $229,533


16 Hunt Pond Rd: Donald L. and Karen A. Olmstead to Brittany and Mason Kysilovsky, $265,000

5 Lakeview Ave: Mary E. Clarke and FNMA to FNMA, $175,713


177 Tilton St: Michael L. and Alexandra Paugh to Lisa L. and Joseph Querci, $530,000

3 Whitaker Way Unit A: RNG Properties LLC to 3 Whitaker Way LLC, $380,000


6 Glenwood Rd: Ronald P Tringale RET and Ronald P. Tringale to Michael J. Bedient, $665,000

115 Indian Rock Rd: Marion L Dinsmore RET and Marion L. Dinsmore to 115 Indian Rock Road LLC, $1,290,133

5 Johnson St: Joan G. Mitchell to Lawrence E. Weymouth and Cally Wickson, $395,000

52 Stacey Cir Unit 52: Joseph R. and Tara P. Flaherty to Gary R. VonDeresch and Maureen Vonderesch, $241,000

N/a Lot 24f300: Mesiti Ryan Farm Road LLC to Deborah Croatti, $340,000

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