10 Ashwood Ct Unit 10: 3 Wishes LLC to Kelly Champagne, $260,000

33 Bayberry Dr Unit 33: Patricia Shea to Colin A. and Jacqueline P. Sanford, $276,000

19 Industrial Way: Arod Realty Group LLC to Gilleys Realty LLC, $210,000

17 Pope Rd: Alice G. Shepherd to Christopher A. and Danielle H. Webb, $492,000

21 Snug Harbor Ext Unit 21: Scott S. Gleason and Barbara E. Gleson to M Louise Cramer and Elaine Gaffny, $329,900


96 Sandown Rd: Amber Bell-Ragnarson to Athansios Pashos and Agoritsa Paidokolki, $290,000


165 Long Pond Rd: Rebecca King to David M. Donahue, $280,000

N/a: Jason R. Glaser to Richad I. Cunningham and Jennifer L. Martin, $359,933


106 Bypass 28: George R. Bellavance to Robert L. and Michelle M. Bellavance, $110,133

8 Clyde Rd Unit 8: Francisco Correa and Emma Thompson to Luke Evans, $221,533

23 Crystal Ave: 23 Crystal Ave LLC to VA Realty Partners LLC, $480,000

90 E Broadway Unit 12: Just Another LLC to William J. and Michelle L. Gilmore, $87,933

93 E Broadway: Paul H. and Davis M. Loffler to Kerry L. Davis, $206,000

95 E Broadway Unit 9: Darrell Matsumoto to KCD Properties LLC, $98,000

25 Emerald Dr: Federico K. Mills to Kimberly A. Reid and John L. Arroyo, $50,000

181 Fordway Ext: Diane E. Kierstead to Sidney Phu, $310,000

13 Oak St: Barbara Palazzo to Jonathan Pore, $335,000

30 Pond Rd: Edward Gaudes and Frances Gauder to David J. Bagarella, $255,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 57: Sunview 57 LLC to Susan K. Zander, $213,933


8 Central St: Penelope S. Collins to Christopher Malerbi, $350,000

48 Indian Ridge Rd: Barbara A. Berg to Brandon P. Sweney and Melissa F. Bannister, $355,000

11 Tory Ln: Gillian and Matthew Oliver to Matthew I. and Colleen Snodgrass, $430,000


128 Ashworth Ave Unit 205: Donna L. Lecourt to Rhonda L. Collette, $255,533

12 Bourn Ave: Tammy D. Deland to Jennifer E. Blackwood, $285,000

109 Dunvegan Woods Unit 109: Judith A. Holihan to Jay W. Clark, $249,933

243 Exeter Rd: John R. Fay and Kristen E. Foy to Megan M. Delaney and Josue R. Ordonez, $391,000

I St Lot 159: Darren R. Goonawardana to Matthew Croteau, $100,000

9 Johnson Ave: Non Stop Properties LLC to 9 Johnson Avenue LLC, $217,533

1 N St: Emm RT and Susan M. Ditaranto to David Pryzgoda and Dena Delucia-Pryzgoda, $355,000

Oak St: Ashley S. and Garret E. Drew to Lisa J. Mcintyre, $280,000

567 Ocean Blvd Unit 208: Kubit FT and Joseph L. Kubit to Jeannette Indoccio, $272,000

37 Seabury Unit 37: Gabriel J. Padilla to DVW Hampton Rental LLC, $145,800


7 9th St: Citizens Bank NA to John J. and Erica E. Jalbert, $210,000

9 Exeter Rd: REO Co LLC to Kenneth S. Mcintosh and Stefanie E. Paul, $299,000

14 Maple St: Patricia A Williams LT and Sean P. Golden to Jonathan M. Beaulieu and Rachel S. Navien, $204,000


39 Mammoth Rd: Sean Leblanc to Jigsaw Builders LLC, $150,000

57 Manter Mill Rd: Jeremy W. and Danielle M. Biagiotti to Sean and Sheri Peterson, $491,000

6 Nottie Way: Belize Real Estate Hlds to Michael and Heather Allen, $474,000

Oakridge Manor Condo Unit 53: Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr to Black Grape LLC, $161,000

2 Overlook Ave: Joseph and Sheryl Tweedy to Ryan R. and Danielle M. Courtemanche, $280,000

24 Rainbow Dr Unit 24: Mary Collier to Andre and Gail Marchand, $216,000

10 Vista Ridge Dr Unit 8: Rebecca Eleftheriou to Mitchel Entrekin, $135,000


10 Bancroft Rd: Brian M. Thiboult and FNMA to Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr, $233,800

25 Quaker St: Richard G. Fortin to Nicole Anderson, $300,000


7 Blue Jay Dr: Eric Hawes to Joseph D. and Alyssa D. Thomas, $589,933

46 Hillcrest Ln: Kerrie K. Tiberio to Karl I. Sagal, $226,000


5 Cifre Ln: Pynn IRT and Stpehen Bird to Justin Nadworny and Alaina Trocano, $560,000

24 Hale Spring Rd Unit B: Stephen J. Deroche to Nicholas S. Deroche and Joy Aldrich, $247,400

24 Newton Rd: Hennessey Realty Ent to Phillip R. Lynch, $282,000

75 Old County Rd: Richard I. Cunningham and Jennifer L. Martin to Anthony Totilo, $339,000

90 Old County Rd: Danielle Dufresne and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to James Sullivan and Bonnie Wren-Burgess, $228,000


24 Butler St: Carl F. Trevisone to Sokthai Tang and Chan Seng, $310,000

44 Centerville Dr: Robert J&B Elliott RET and Robert J. Elliott to Priscilla Hall, $312,533

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit F7: Matthews Inv Props LLC to Cheryl A. and Michael J. Mcrobbie, $100,000

2 Cortona Way Unit 2: Black Brook Realty Tuscon to John G. and Nancy A. Connolly, $470,000

1 Galway Ln: 1 Galway Lane RT and Sandra J. Mcfadden to Francisco Correa and Emma Thompson, $465,000

35 Lamplighter Ln: Derosa Development Co LLC to Mark J. and Shauna L. Derosa, $500,000

229 N Main St: Annmarie and Robert Durette to Joseph R. and Sophia F. Botto, $400,000

34 Shore Dr: Gloria Lavoie to Steven L. Lantagne, $45,000

121 Shore Dr: Stilian FT and James N. Stilian to Shawn C. and Michelle L. Trull, $250,000

14 Tiffany Rd Unit 1: Kiran Humagai to Luke D. Ingersoll, $127,533


No Transactions in this Town


14 Maple Ridge Rd Unit 14: Jason M. Lago and Christopher M. Palmer to Jennifer J. Brideau, $303,000


Chadwick Pl Unit 14: Range Road Estates LLC to Christopher A Lombardi FT and Christopher A. Lombardi, $494,933

2 Chapin Rd: Bernice Kowalski-Richards and Edward W. Richards to Jeremy W. and Danielle M. Biagiotti, $479,933

4 Glenwood Rd: FHLM to Maciej Szypszak, $540,000

23 Searles Rd: Sister Of Mercy Americas to 23 NHC LLC, $3,450,000

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