103 Fieldstone Ln: Frank P. Mazzotta and Cara J. Fascione to Shawn M. and Jessica L. Tisbert, $572,933


4 Bayberry Rd Unit 32: Christopher J. Nicoli and Jasen D. Wheatley to Derek G. and Emily Nicholas, $405,000


51 Peabody Dr: Robert Bavota and Kathleen Goguen to Frances A. and Blake C. Tasker, $365,000

37 Sanborn St: Bruce A. Dewire to Michael Akelian, $274,000


37 Adams Pond Rd Unit L: Alan R. and Lori A. Daley to Shauna M. Wade, $229,933

24 Beaver Lake Ave: Warren A Pillsbury RET and Robert W. Pillsbury to Terry and Sandy Anderson, $429,933

30 Birch St Unit 3: Tara M. Stansfield to Lisa R. Dellechiaie and Alex F. Waites, $152,000

41 Derryfield Rd Unit R: Richard F. and April Berger to Donald Campbell, $165,000

37 Kristin Dr: June M. Fahey to Brain and Francoise Ullrich, $345,000

4 Mark Ave: Jeremiah J. and Irene L. Collins to AKZ Properties LLC, $95,000

2 Misty Morning Dr Unit D: Kelly E. Steadman to Cody Richards and Jennifer A. Tilton, $219,000

12 Perley Rd Unit 26: Melissa Piernit to Catherine P. Rogers, $210,000

Twin Brook Dr: Sundaram and Jalaja Narayanan to Mark and Karen J. Welthman, $315,000

61 Warner Hill Rd: Thomas Robichaud to Shawn Harris, $340,000


1 Clow Ln: Candace L. Casey to Kathleen J Lombard RET and Kathleen J. Lombard, $384,933

47 Collette Dr: Mark J. Cornetta and Maria J. Burgess to Andrew D. and Jennifer Wamboldt, $340,000


180 Ashworth Ave Unit 105: 180 Ashworth Avenue LLC to John J. and Judith A. Schrepfer, $239,933

5 Church St Unit 3: Fred and Catherine Bohenko to Cherri L. and William Halberstadt, $250,000

Cutler Ave: Madelyn and Robert Gearheart to Nagel FT and Richard J. Nagel, $589,000

467 High St Unit 3: Diane J. Christine and Aric W. Stollman to Lee&Michael NT and Nancy L. Clark, $207,000

25 K St: Pamela J. and Frank J. Panarelli to Joseph B. and Lori A. Lacroix, $700,000

294 Mill Rd: Ethan J. Bickford and Sarah A. Conte to Justin A. Casanave, $360,000

N/a Lot 433: Mary E. Klots to Catherine C. Craven, $270,000

N/a Lot 8: Francesca Corona and Raymond Casagrande to Ashworth Avenue LLC, $91,000


265 Kingston Rd: Jillian N. Guerin to Suzanne M. and Michael J. Ciuffetti, $394,933


49 Buckingham Dr: Paul L. and Julie A. Constant to Leanne Bernier, $525,000

49 Fieldstone Dr Unit 49: Michael A. and Amy L. Tardiff to James W. Cardillo, $225,000

179 Fieldstone Dr Unit 179: Stacey A. Edwards to Grace M. Dunajski, $205,000


4 Bear Hill Rd: Louis S. and Pamela F. Lipomi to William Mackey and Ellen Mccullough, $451,000

41 W Main St: Rhonda L. and Phillip E. Ayres to Jillian B. and Jacob W. Masterson, $425,000


15 Applewood Rd: Patricia M. Yankowskas to Michael and Carla Rieger, $520,000

3 Benoit Ave: Evan and Samantha M. Mckallagat to William Blunt, $340,000

5 Greeley Rd: Enidelson J. Conti and Vanessa Azevedo to Kyle Woodman, $380,000

190 Hobbs Rd: Dana A. Bornstein to Kevin B. and Magna A. Krieger, $358,000

15 Holstein Dr: Keon Fox to Laura Halleck, $432,533

2 Jeremy Hill Rd: Barbara C Phelps RET and Katherine P. Crimmins to Tracy A. Omalley and Matthew Montague, $415,000

157 Patriot Dr: John D. and Eileen E. Lloyd to James G. Reynolds and Kerry Webster-Reynolds, $450,000

15-17 Windham Rd: Alfred J. Huard to Charles J. and Doreen N. Rossi, $415,000


29 East Rd: Danielle Reynolds to James A. and Tyler M. Silva, $465,000

11 Greenough Rd Unit 17: John Spinelli to Elaine Clocher and Michael Dowd, $204,533

Seaver Brook Ln Lot 9: 9 Moongate Farm RT and Karen Metzner to Kathleen M Spohn LT and Kathleen M. Spohn, $265,000


11 Apollo Way: Giuliano FT and Antonio J. Giuliano to Roberto and Sara Currao, $591,000

Atkinson Rd: Alfio Massimo-Raymond and Barbara M. Bell to Gerald P. Mackey, $160,000

4 Blake Rd: Michelle Bertrand to Holly P. and Charles V. Casey, $289,000

75 Bluff St: Walter J Ferreira T and Walter J. Ferreira to Nicole and Michael Bulowski, $365,000

25 Car Mar Ln: Erica D. Carter and Frank S. Posluszny to Leah P. Catania, $295,000

28 Catalpa Rd Unit 28: DHB Homes LLC to Maria and Manuel Dasilva, $565,800

99 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit B7: Matthes Investment Props to Patrick Ventola and Kristie Decola, $118,533

59 Cluff Rd Unit 49: Susan Covey to John M. Budron, $255,000

13 Dyer Ave: Jason M. Deschenes and Nicole D. Matusenko to Andrew and Kelsi Tucker, $335,533

22 Hunters Run: Michael T. Clohecy and Christina L. Carline to Shane P. and Casey Murphy, $460,000

48 Kelly Rd: Kely Road Holdings LLC to John A. Schertell, $635,000

30 Lucille Ave: Kathleen M Spohn LT and Kathleen M. Spohn to John and Bonnie Terrio, $365,000

30 Maclarnon Rd: Alexander Carven to Cornelius V. Stanley, $303,000

4 Palm Rd: Gregory and Michelle Tautkus to Martha M. and David H. Harvey, $610,000

7 Tiffany Rd Unit 7; 9 Tiffany Rd Units 4, 7 and 10; and 10 Tiffany Road Unit 5: Matthes Investment Props to Pine Ridge Creek Realty, $615,000

N/a: Connell Family LP to Colleen and Brian Tormey, $50,000


28 Cricket Ln: Edward E. and Kellie M. Pond to Thomas E. and Kelly Ciocco, $405,000

36 Lantern Ln: Trevor S. and Courtney L. James to Jeffrey J. and Maria A. Guerin, $469,933

27 Lilac Ln: Daniel R. and Karen L. Donovan to Elizabeth A. Salvo-Oconnel and Corbett D. Oconnell, $380,000

95 North Rd: Kevin A. and Molly W. Higham to Sandra Schmidt and Ryan Hart, $275,000

18 Rowell Rd: Theodore and Deborah L. Gulezian to Kevin A. and Molly W. Higham, $330,000


103 Ledge Rd Unit 8: 120 Ledge Road RT and Gretchen Grasso to Shamrock RT and Michael Noonan, $205,000

N/a: Cambridge T Co to Caru Properties LLC, $725,000


16 Ash St: Tracy G. and Debra A. Talcott to Ashley A. Morgan, $865,000

14 Ashton Park Rd: London Bridge South Inc to Warren and Courtney Shane, $739,933

21 Duston Rd: Hale RET and Robert Hale to San Yu and Xiaomei Du, $765,000

21 Fletcher Rd: Peter and Shirley Emerzian to Maura P. Sampson, $550,000

23 Hancock Rd: Jeremy and Joann Carter to David and Shannon Delaney, $749,933

11 Long Meadow Rd: Victor M. and Maria C. Moreira to John A. and Cristina Robles, $610,933

110 N Lowell Rd: Ellen Trudel to John and Amanda Roberto, $430,000

7 Osgood St: Graves FT and Christopher D. Graves to An T. Nguyen and William R. Crumpler, $670,000

28 Partridge Rd: Ashley A. and Carl Morgan to Christopher D. Graves and Sara A. Belling-Graves, $785,066

178 Range Rd: Maura P. Sampson to Michael Kimball and Jenyce Chiarello, $435,000

5 Rock Pond Rd: John D. Hallet to Stan Kobylanski, $371,000

43 Stacey Cir Unit 43: Dena M. Weick to David E. Holding, $284,933

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