103 Cowbell Xing Unit 103: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Barbara J Hubbard RET and John R. Hubbard, $455,000

111 Cowbell Xing Unit 111: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Susan E Fernstrom RET and Susan E. Fernastrom, $442,466

22 Knightland Rd: Peter E. and Nancy R. Hart to Nathan W. and Stephanie C. Walker, $399,933

69 Maple Ave: Edward T. and Susan R. Antolewicz to Constantine Nifakos and Sytlianos Theori, $115,000

2 Rose Ln: Damien P. and Jill P. Bailey to Matthew T. and Lynne S. Casey, $610,000

3 William Pond Rd Unit 3: Avella FT and Frank J. Avalla to Sheila M. Marquis, $290,000


Hackney Dr: Michael Babin to Michelle Ballou, $157,533

96 Sandown Rd: William A. Mahoney to Amber Bell-Ragnarsson, $277,533


52 Hunt Rd: Dennis B. Bombard to John Necco, $297,000

123 Kingston Rd: Wafa Hilane to Michael J. and Catherine M. Gioia, $306,000


62-1/2 Bedard Ave: Pennichuck East Utility to ACS 2017 LLC, $130,000

31 Island Pond Rd: Patricia M. Stella to Elise N. Polleys, $283,000

42 Old Auburn Rd: 154 Chester Road LLC to Christopher E. and Ute R. Might, $449,933

105 Olesen Rd: Marc O. and Angela S. Couture to James J. Giangrande, $421,000

7 Pleasant St: Michael Macneil to Frederick J. and Barbara S. Murphy, $305,000

30 Pleasant St: Mark and Kim Lessard to Robert C. Mulvihill, $293,000

10 Sunset Ave: Gary C. Bernard to Paul A. Spinney, $307,000

1 Tsienneto Rd Unit 18: 18 Tsienneto LLC to Mark Gauthier, $89,533

6 Viza Ave: Patrick T. and Karen M. Garrett to Elise K. Pompei and Robert St Lawrence, $255,000


79 Bonnies Way: Barbara J Hubbard T and Barbara J. Hubbard to Troy and Frankcine A. Frank, $750,000

6 Checkerberry Rd: Marion W Mcpherson RET and Marion W. Mcpherson to John Drehobl, $232,500

5 Liberty Ln: Troy and Francine A. Frank to Thomas and Lenore Vallante, $515,000

54 Pheasant Ln: John M. and Sharon M. Blackwell to Nicholas and Krysta L. Doucette, $455,000

49 West Rd: Diane Gallerani to William D. Smith, $360,000


106 Ashworth Ave Unit 11: Stephanie M. Weil to William J. Tremblay, $97,000

9 Cole St: 9 Cole Street LLC to Rescon Hansen LLC, $280,000

28 Concord Ave Unit 2: Brian and Lisa Shea to Nathel J. and Kathleen M. Fontana, $477,533

Dearborn Ave: Priscilla W. Macinnis to Raymond F. Fabian and Maureen Donovan, $356,000

52 Glade Path Unit 52: Barbara Gingrande and Elaine M. Otte to Susan Boule, $318,533

127 Hampton Mdws Unit 127: Patricia E. Gardner to David A. Hilton and Suzanne Dolphin, $430,000

165 Island Path: Victor H. and Linda S. Wheeler to Brian S. and Theresa A. Martin, $570,000

49 Ocean Blvd: 49 Ocean Blvd LLC to James M. and Patricia Kenney, $554,000

89 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 3: Ross Colony Court Inc to Donna J. Arsenault, $146,933

105 Woodland Rd: Jane T Burgon RET and Jane T. Burgon to Thomas G. and Cecily B. Colby, $588,533


5 Colonial Rd: Leslie A Weiskopf RET and Howard P. Dolan to Robyn A. Januszewski, $290,000

86 Hunt Rd Unit A: Matthew J. and Julia S. Call to Daniel and Chritine Woodbury, $302,533

7 Newton Junction Rd: Matthew T. and Heather R. Walsh to Andrew J. and Meghan E. Kelley, $266,800


Cross Farm Condo Unit 9: Cross Farm Development to Christine L&J Massie RET and Christine L. Massie, $471,733

35 Fieldstone Dr Unit 35: Carolen K. Genge to Rl Bellia Holdings LLC, $132,000

10 Hancock Dr: Nicholas Sabino and Jane Schneider to Kenneth J. Lally, $385,000

22 Lincoln Dr Unit 22: James B Grant Jr RET and James B. Grant to Susan H Fessler RET and Susan H. Fessler, $274,933

406 Mammoth Rd: Donald J Boudreau Sr RET and Dibakd H. Boudreau to Seth and Margaret Parsons, $225,000

55 Morrison Dr Unit 55: Robert C&P Gardella T and Robert C. Gardella to Dennis A. and Sharon A. Henlin, $446,533

56 Noyes Rd Unit A: Nicholas M. Sampson to Joseph S. Higgins and Donna Swift, $225,000

15 Pendleton Ln Unit 15: Erin E. Nadig to Doreen Marchand, $161,000

9 Rolling Ridge Rd: Karen Halpin to Valter Mucaj and Dafjola Dhima, $335,000

4 Sara Beth Ln: US Bank NA Tr to Deborah Nussdorf, $380,000

13 Sugar Plum Ln Unit 13: Jean H. Allwine to Arthur J Franson IRT and Arthur J. Franson, $435,000

13 Sutton Pl: Donna J Bishop RET and Donna J. Bishop to Richard A. and Donna M. Lagueux, $509,933

1 Wedgewood Dr: Jeremiah Snader to Matthew D. Sochat, $340,000

West Rd Lot 45: Carolyn C. Winn to Patricia A. Kulas, $209,000

West Rd: Belize Real Estate Hldgs to Jen Nick Home Builders, $250,000

3-b Weymouth Rd: Pathway Homes Inc to Lisa Sorenson, $305,000


35 New Boston Rd: Jason E. Paul to Aaron W. Muller, $336,000

77 Smith Corner Rd: Nicholas T. and Krysta Doucette to Shaun P. and Katrina M. Parsons, $323,000

55 Whittier St: USA HUD to Jared S. Higginbotham, $125,000

57 Whittier St: Susannah and Todd Schultz to David T. and Elizbeth G. Silva, $300,000


Coaches Way: Philip R Currier RET and Philip R. Currier to J W Petersen Built Homes, $200,000

24 Currier Rd: Daniel A. Paquin and US Bank NA to Simply Real Estate LLC, $192,500

14 Ledge Rd: Cheryl L. Renteria to M&J Landholdings LLC, $550,000

401 Old Gage Hill Rd: Nancy A. Ivers to Brooke Shaw and Brandon M. Jeski, $255,000

34 Rolling Ridge Ln: Silver Oaks Realty LLC to Ryan W. Vaughn and Kaitlyn Schmidt, $436,000

105 Tanager Cir Unit 105: Robyn Cogert to Edward R. and Michele Nabydoski, $384,000

7 Waterside Dr: Dumont FT 2016 and Tammy E. Demont to Waterside Drive LLC, $825,000


6 Danville Rd: Hobbs FT and John E. Hobbs to JAMES Industries NH LLC, $775,133

8 Danville Rd: JEH LLC to JAMES Industries NH LLC, $466,400

10 Danville Rd: Hobbs FT and John E. Hobbs to JAMES Industries NH LLC, $383,533

300 Main St: Deborah A. DiCarlo to John Gant and Beverly Timerding, $315,133

112 Newton Rd: Robert A. Kalil to Christopher S. Coughlin, $390,000

22 North Ave: Netcap LLC to Mark G. Belanger, $315,000

18 Plaistow Rd: Pnp Realty LLC to Jordan Caruso, $150,000

53 Sweet Hill Rd: Anne T. Demarais to Samantha Spero and Yann Oliveira, $369,000

31 Westville Rd Unit 6: Wild Acres LLC to Pappou RT and K G. Fortzialas, $175,000

33 Westville Rd Unit 6: Wild Acres LLC to Pappou RT and K G. Fortzialas, $175,000


17-b Braemoor Woods Rd Unit B: Deborah L. Borden to Robert E. Sullivan, $439,933

17 Briarwood Dr: John R. and Susan R. Tommasi to Focal Point Communication, $261,000

24 Car Mar Ln: Robert Swanson to Keith R. and Karen J. Allen, $365,000

117 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 10: Christina M. Delmore to Nicole U. Kinneen, $145,000

31 Golden Oaks Dr: David J. Abdinoor to Stephen T. Chevalier, $397,000

103 N Main St: Devins Properties LLC to Richard Macleod and Holly Pearson, $580,000

32 School St: Anna M. Beliveau to Ashley M. Gosselin and Christopher G. Ward, $326,533

20 Taylor St: Joleen Malot to Rafael D. and Debra A. Costa, $330,000

Townsend Ave: Linda W. Mele to D&M Demers Real Estate, $200,000

93 Wheeler Ave: M&M IRT and M Marciano-Mills to Celeste R. Reyes and Dany A. Galdamez-Flores, $428,000

N/a: Pamela S Tisdale RET and Ronald Chirolla to A E Gidley LLC, $160,000

N/a: Pamela S Tisdale RET and Rochelle Chirolla to Salem Manufactured Homes, $160,000


13 Spruce Ln: Charles F. and Gloria B. Pratt to Gregg and Holly Collock, $40,000

60 Tenney Rd: Raymund J. Saber to C&P Investments LLC, $100,000

40 Trues Pkwy: Bridget M Mclaughlin RET and Bridget M. Mclaughlin to Maryellen and Stephanie Dervishian, $300,000

34 Waterford Dr: Burkland Homes LLC to Eric Alkalay, $405,000


17 Autumn Way: Steven A. and Sherrie A. Weir to Robert C. and Cynthia M. Simmonds, $417,000

N/a: Lance A. Knowles to Richard J. and Cora M. Cahoon, $135,000


12 Heritage Hill Rd: Christina M. Devanney to Bryan and Lauren Mcauliffe, $445,000

19 Jackman Ridge Rd: Kori C. Doherty to Gary A. and Kathleen Aarons, $745,000

26 Morgan St Unit 23: Morgan St LLC to Edward and Cheryl Jacobs, $684,133

49 Stacey Cir Unit 49: Bruyn 2014 FT and Peter S. Bruyn to Jessica Cardello-Welch and Brian Welch, $239,000

27 Wilson Rd: DHB Homes LLC to Robert R. and Caitlin Meissner, $350,000

12 Woodvue Rd: Edward R. Jacobs and Cheryl M. Tinker to Julie M. Pettit, $550,000