61 Ridgewood Dr Unit 61: Wayne S. Randall to Gerard F. and Cheryl A. Soriano, $277,533

Sawmill Ridge Condo Unit A: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Patricia A. Pizzurro, $441,533


No Transactions in this Town


61 Highland Dr: Lemieux Danville T and Anna Lemieux to Carolyn P. Santosuosso, $335,000

647 Main St: Bruce R. Francis to Stark Peterson and Jennifer Prestage, $364,933

52 Woodridge Rd: PAS Investments LLC to Darryl Walker, $286,933


51 Drew Rd: Camber Realty LLC to Michaela M. Orsino and William T. Pound, $288,000

92 Rockingham Rd: Deborah A. Allen to Tree Line Property Svcs, $320,000

42 South Ave: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Paychash4youhouse LLC, $171,533

11 Stark Rd: MHB Development Corp to Brian M. Carney, $479,000

14 True Ave: Gilbert and Michelle M. Lewis to Michael R. and Jessica M. Panico, $268,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 210: James J. and Remy C. Wentworth to Misty Partridge, $115,000


11-b Central St: Healyford Realty LLC to Lemieux Danville T and Anna Lemieux, $338,000

15 Moulton Dr: Daniel and Carol Mathis to Melissa J. and Michael D. Ouellette, $327,000

5 Patriot Dr Unit 10: Mary V. Conte to John Pernyeszi, $230,000

143 Wheel Wright Rd: Darren R. and Christina R. Catalano to William T. and Lindsey Daniels, $405,000


Blubay Ter Unit 104: Linda Dimona to Patricia and Sandra Galvin, $219,933

653 Exeter Rd: Thomas R. and Marion J. Lyons to TSF Development LLC, $600,000

24 Harbor Rd Unit 18: Linda and Dinesh Nemani to Sprucewoods Retirement T and Gary Dziama, $600,000

401 High St: William Caulfield RE LLC to Samuel J. Auffant and Courtney A. Glynn, $367,000

Highland Ave: Scott P. Furbush to Christopher and Meghan Petzy, $324,000

2 Mccarron Dr: Rkdolla LLC to William F. and Valerie A. Busby, $639,933

933 Ocean Blvd Unit 104: Patrick R. Caron to Irene R. Dunn, $194,000

47 Winnacunnet Rd: 47 Winnacunnet Road RT and Stephen G. Ells to Hampton Area Chamber, $385,000

N/a: Carolyn H. Gajewski to Patterson RET and Bonnie L. Patterson, $58,000


5 Bass Ln: Steven Dube to Robert F. Lovette, $199,933


82 Fieldstone Dr Unit 82: Donald P. and Jessica M. Mcquaid to Sharon Smith, $181,000

105 Granite St Unit 105: James Wilson to John E. Gullage, $165,000

5 Harvest Moon Rd: Cross Farm Dev LLC to David E. and Helen L. Walker, $461,800

Kings Landing Condo Unit 41: Alfred J. Fournier to Marilyn Lewis Harvey T and Laurie B. Monsell, $355,000

Litchfield Rd: Steven M. Saulnier to Bredan S. Antonio and Jenna Byron, $349,000

37 Mammoth Rd: Sean Leblanc to 37 Mammoth Road LLC, $125,000

474 Mammoth Rd: Daniela Verani to Marghertia and Giovanni M. Verani, $120,000

534 Mammoth Rd: Richard A. and Karen E. Ayer to Tiffany and Andrew Smith, $320,000

2 Merlin Pl: Homefront Investments LLC to John Q. and Rebecca B. Mari, $389,000

53 Oakridge Dr Unit 53: Kevin Buswell and Deutsche Bk Natl T Co to Deutsche Bk Natl T Co Tr, $154,800

17 Pleasant Dr: Herbert Alice A Est and Pamela A. Yonkers to Angela and Thomas Donahue, $303,000

61 Rockingham Rd: FPR Jr NH 2016 T and Francis P. Rich to RC Enterprise LLC, $790,000

362 Winding Pond Rd Unit 362: Wenda L. and Theodore D. Schultz to Diane P. Boisclair, $215,000

128 Winterwood Dr Unit 128: John J. Robillard to Michelle R. Decoito, $205,000


7 Currierville Rd: Deborah R. Maclennan to Albert C. Lees and Sherri L. Frye-Lees, $306,000


51 Aspen Dr: Skyview Estates LLC to Edwin D. and Danielle E. Taylor, $621,533

2 Debbie Dr: Karlis FT and James A. Karlis to Andrew G. Karlis, $220,000


5 Captain Cook Way Unit 5: Donald E. and Linda M. Balcom to Michael and Toni Verducci, $225,000

17 Greenough Rd: Bloom Mark P Est and Michael Bloom to Travis and Loren Lowell, $344,000

128 Newton Rd Unit 3: Michael J. and Laurrie L. Andraktos to Jody RT and Andre C. Gagnon, $183,000

233 Oak Ridge Rd Unit 14: Timothy P. and Krista N. Streeter to Samantha A. Gentile, $207,533

182 Plaistow Rd Unit 12: Leah E. Corbett to Stephanie Bellerose, $159,000

7 Rustic Ln: Cory R. and Jamie P. Beaulieu to Michael J. Andraktos, $327,533

116 Willard Way: Michael and Janice M. Hadley to Cory R. and Jamie P. Beaulieu, $385,000


113 Cluff Crossing Rd Unit 7: Mitides RET and Andrea H. Mills to Andrea H. and Richard D. Mills, $90,000

51 Cross St: Nancy A. Sahagian and Peter H. Azarian to FJ8 LLC, $310,000

5 Industrial Way Unit 1b: Van Clay Inv 2 LLC to Metz Realty Inc, $1,312,533

5 Industrial Way Unit 2b: Van Clay Inv 2 LLC to Metz Realty Inc, $1,312,533

370 N Broadway: Kyung B. and Nam Y. An to SFEIR Realty LLC, $1,030,000

214 N Main St: Mary E. Orourke to Lynn Brzowskie and Matthew Brigham, $384,933

4 Partridge Cir: Blake A. Ruggiero to Kevin J. Malynn, $510,000

54 Porcupine Cir Unit 54: Joshua E. Mahany and Brittany M. Vater-Mahany to Sandra Powers, $222,000

28 Renaissance Cir: Lozier Land Dev LLC to Steven L. and Susan J. Picardi, $514,400

29 Veronica Ave: Norman S. and Barbara W. Baylis to Magali Lee, $399,933

7 Warren Ave: John M. Connell to Roland E. and Jacquelyn M. Dion, $800,000


26 Country Acres Rd: Lewis D. Martino and Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr, $225,000

44 Lakeside Dr: Marc E. Pyche to Jaclyn L. Lamothe, $355,000

3-c Summer St: Morse RET and Christine L. Morse to Brandon J. and Nicole C. Morse, $30,000


230 Bristol St: Angelo J. and Brian A. Taranto to Joan Nickerson, $725,000

82 Marshview Cir: Austin Mary R Est and Jacqueline A. Rivera to Michael D. Robertson, $355,000

12 Stard Rd: Kardanid Properties LLC to Trax Properties LLC, $625,000


5 Orchard Blossom Rd: Samuel J. and Jean T. Nassar to Ryan and Angela Dowd, $275,000

10 Ridgemont Rd: James D. Smell and Kelly A. Collins to Motta FT and John N. Motta, $578,000

14 Robin Hood Rd: Darrell F. and Patricia M. Marroncelli to Joseph J. Cardarelli, $420,533

31 Telo Rd: Carter FT and Lilian Carter to Daniel M. and Janice L. Brink, $406,000