12 Ashwood Ct Unit 12: Susan D. Connolly to Haley L. Hamel and Eric J. Connolly, $305,000

1 Line Brook Rd: Lisa A. Diburro to Laura Lane Properties Inc, $190,000

11 Lisheen Dr: Robert K. Casey to Chrsitopher R. and Victoria Quinlan, $452,000

70 Providence Hill Rd: Lynette Baudanza to Jeremy D. Mercier and Ashley N. Dinnocenzo, $349,000

N/a Lot 12-45: Lepovsky T and Peter A. Lepovsky to Reejo Matthew and Tresa T. Philip, $705,000


No Transactions in this Town


23 Caramel Dr: Rego Co LLC to John E. and Kristen Ingersoll, $335,000


6 Arrowhead Rd: Derek and Isaira Turmenne to RL Bellia Holdings LLC, $240,000

144 Chester Rd: Brian D. and Hope A. Bailey to Jessica L. Hatch, $230,000

3 Cove Dr: William H. and Kaitlyn M. Mendes to Steven R. and Sarah M. Archambault, $407,000

11 Drake Ln: George P. Rourke and Wilmington Svngs Fund Soc to Wilmington Svngs Fund Tr, $311,850

20 Franklin St: 20-22 Franklin Street LLC to F8 Tri Partners Realty, $850,000

37 N Shore Rd: Theresa A. Mccafferty to Vanessa M. Barros and Alexander Macdougal, $285,000

20 Phillip Rd Unit R: Alan R. and Louise D. Parent to Kevin Johnson, $185,000

3 Settlers Ln: Lynn M. and William G. Murphy to Jeremiah Mccarthy and Shayne Ricca, $360,000

21 Summit Ave: Brian and Kyle English to Lawrence J. and Nora J. Small, $250,000

5 Tsienneto Rd Unit 9: Sean W. and Janell C. Fletcher to Michael K. and Lara D. Kondor, $246,000

48 Windham Rd: Gifford Rita M Est and Diana R. Rhames to David M. Gifford, $135,000


43 Barthelmess Ln: Christopher and Pamela F. Wellington to KBJ RET and Matthew W. Johnson, $440,000

10 Kimberly Rd: Nina M. Harrison to Richard W. Mcgarry, $172,533

10 Kimberly Rd: Jaskot Anthony Johnny Est and Nina M. Harrison to Richard W. Mcgarry, $172,533

73 Norfolk St: Michelle S. Anger to Amy and Kevin Williams, $290,000

33 Russett Ln: Matthew and Jessica L. Johnson to Matthew Adamo and Deandra Cora, $310,000

20 Starwood Dr: Baker FT and Clifford Baker to Solid Roots Const LLC, $237,500

25 Tanglewood Dr Unit 25: Ellen M. Burke to Daneille West, $203,000

156 Wheel Wright Rd: Robert and Harmony Pini to Claires Perspective LLC, $300,000


4 Anns Ter: John J. and Deborah A. Simon to 3 Wishes LLC, $240,000

108 Hampton Mdws Unit 108: Susan F. Defranzo to Lawrence J. and Patricia A. Goan, $435,533

24 Harbor Rd Unit 19: Penelope F W Peterson RET and Eric J. Peterson to Francis R. and Catherine S. Leblanc, $621,000

155 Island Path: Soma Properties LLC to Mathieu P. Bessette, $439,933

4 Keefe Ave Unit B: Scott J. and Lisa Whitman to Diana Beehara, $177,000

408 Lafayette Rd: Euxenia LLC to 236 Vineyard Path LLC, $530,000

435 Ocean Blvd: Denis Y Campeau RET and Normand J. Campeau to Michael Napier, $565,000

839 Ocean Blvd: Thomas M. and Linda D. Kiley to John and Monique Kananowicz, $900,000

23 Robin Ln: Eunice H. Fossum and US Bank NA to Ernest R. and Myles R. Underwood, $240,000

22 Sanborn Rd: Gallagher Mary E Est and David J. Gallagher to Matthew J. Flynn and Chelsea Pande, $410,000

South Rd: Jean M. Robinson to W Alexander Homes LLC, $240,000


27 Church St: Larry P. and Christine A. Barnum to Kevin S. and Jennifer M. Odwyer, $355,000

12 Cottonwood Cir: James and Karen Maher to Daniel J. Cushman, $429,900

27 Meadowwood Rd: David and Jennifer Ireton to James A. Sarete and Rebecca Sarette, $125,000

41 Pillsbury Pasture Rd: Michael T. Keating and Claire M. Lopata to Philip L. and Kimberly Storms, $530,000

81 Route 125: D&D RT and Richard R. Early to JNJ Dev 81 Route 125, $300,000

N/a Lot 2: Heidi Morgenstern and Scott H. Ouellette to Holly Ouellette, $153,400


5 Devonshire Ln: Kathleen Craig to Ashley L. Borjeson and Seth D. Richard, $345,000

6 Lori Ln: Julie B. Hempfield to Vincent J. Presutti, $422,533

537 Mammoth Rd: Cynthia M. Grover-Hastings to Melissa G. Martin, $271,000

17 Mohawk Dr Unit A: Decarolis FT and Joseph A. Decarolis to Stephen R. and Alexis K. Decarolis, $210,000

49 Noyes Rd: Michael P. Cunningham to Miles W. and Jennifer L. Gainey, $300,000

57 Old Derry Rd: John and Lauren E. Correnti to Suzanne E. Mussen, $255,000


No Transactions in this Town


30-32 Nashua Rd: Bruce A. and Paula J. Macgillivray to Edward A. and Margaret Tavarez, $425,000

21 Oriole Cir Unit 21: Robert L. and Rosalind A. Winne to Harry T&G Rosenstein FT and Harry T. Rosenstein, $415,000


9 Crane Crossing Rd Unit 2-1: Quimby Marie Annette Est and Matthew Quimby to Judith M. Tremblay, $191,000

251 Main St: Mark J. and Eric A. Rivard to Rivard Pizza LLC, $105,000

253 Main St: Mark J. and Eric A. Rivard to Rivard Pizza LLC, $395,000

33 Newton Rd: Michael J. Shaw to 33 Newton Road LLC, $605,000

48 Westville Rd Unit 4-6: US Bank NA Tr to Glenn English, $109,333


9 Catalpa Rd Unit 9: DNB Homes LLC to Michele Thomas, $489,933

8 Crestwood Cir: Brian H. and Kristin M. Roberge to Cormick M. Powers and Stephanie Agenlo, $389,000

13 Dean Ave: Lorette J. Kandres and Kristine E. Frizzell to Jose and Gabriella Hidalgo, $311,000

255 Main St: Addison Nye to Gary and Brigitte Perrault, $325,000

34 Merrill Ave: Schena 2008 FT and Richard R. Schena to S&D Ventures LLC, $184,000

7 Riversedge Dr: JAV FT and James O. Viehl to Adam Webster, $535,000

12 Romeo Ct Unit 12: Lozier Land Dev LLC to George and Evelyn M. Ghiloni, $604,400

99 S Broadway: Silk Road LLC to Patriot Nissan Of Salem, $1,093,933

S Policy St: Armen G. and Jacob Hagopian to Cedar Crest Dev LLC, $50,000

12 Taylor St: Gary R. Perreault to Nicholas S. and Jaimee L. Christopher, $305,000

20 Tiffany Rd Unit 3: Sandra J. Prosnitz to Diane Hunt, $100,533

N/a Lot 132-10: Gregory H. and Angela A. Gallagher to Maxim V. Gallitson and Olga Galitsyn, $550,000


5 Lemyjoma Trl: Lynn Brothers to Robert Patterson, $330,000


326 Ashland St: Green Street Holdings LLC to Michael C. and Kim M. Clifton, $798,000

130 Ledge Rd: DCC Dev Corp to 4 Draper Street RET and Linda Depaoli, $960,000

126 Ocean Blvd: Daveen Balliro Speer T and Daveen Balliro-Speer to Mark T. Dudman, $2,675,000

Walton Rd: Rachel V. Small and Andrea L. Walker to Elaine S. and Robert S. Lentz, $251,333

9 Whittier Dr: Deborah A. Fredette to Thomas P. and Donna M. Lubeski, $425,000


18 Morgan St Unit 18: Morgan St LLC to Paul Mattie T and Mattie Paul, $557,000

N/a Lot 14b260: London Bridge South Inc to Shihchin and Christina Lee, $730,733

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