Age: 67

Address: 28 Mount Pleasant St.

Family: married, three children

Occupation: retired manager at AmeriCold

Municipal service: six years as Ward 1 councilor

Kennedy has been around long enough to take the long perspective. Acknowledging the hard times, certainly, he less than any other candidate sees Gloucester at a unique moment in its history -- difficult yes, unique no.

"I don't see anything wrong," he said. The Army veteran who worked on the waterfront for 34 years, before moving up to manage five warehouses, has seen new ideas come and go and would much prefer old-fashioned better "bookkeeping," and tighter controls on spending and stronger management to see the city through the tough period it's facing.

A skeptic if not a cynic, Kennedy scoffs at the recent popularity of "management audits" and favors "bean counters" in an active chain of command to squeeze more from less.

"I don't believe in police and fire audits -- it's a waste of money," Kennedy said. "Audits have been done and they accomplished nothing."

He likewise opposes the notion of removing the police and fire chief's positions from Civil Service to afford the mayor more latitude in selecting uniformed leaders.

Without Civil Service, he said, "(the positions) will become a political game."

What he would like to see is a consolidation of all city offices at O'Maley Middle School once its students are reassigned to Fuller, as is planned for next September.

Then, Kennedy said he would sell City Hall to the Cape Ann Historical Museum for $1 and enrich the city by its use of the National Historic Register building as a tourist mecca.

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