To the editor:

I am amazed that Gov. Deval Patrick thinks more gun laws and money will curb the violence in our cities. Has he looked at Lawrence lately?

Maybe he doesn't consider our city a part of Massachusetts. Mayor William Lantigua has no respect for the laws, so what good will more laws accomplish? If Lantigua cared about the law, most of the clubs in this "great" city would be shut down, but instead the mayor is their VIP customer and best advocate.

Of course, I'm sure our illustrious mayor will be first in line to get his hands on any money so he can distribute it amongst his unqualified and corrupt cronies. Who wants to bet that more money will lower the occurrence of violent crime in Lawrence? I'll take the other side of that bet.

Tougher gun control laws will only cause our mayor to spend more of his time in court and writing letters supporting the accused. On our dime, I might add. Why isn't the state investigating all of the documented violations of existing laws by the Lawrence clubs where guns, violence and other examples of flouting the law (i.e. exotic dancers, after-hours serving, drug dealing) are a regular occurrence?

Governor Patrick, don't pretend to care about the violence if you're not prepared to address the situation in Lawrence. What good is money or laws when the police in Lawrence are regularly prevented from doing their job by the administration?

Kathy Runge


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