Why I support Cory Booker

To the editor:

We are running out of time to seriously tackle climate change, which is already affecting New Hampshire, from rising sea levels and dangerous flooding that endanger homes and ecosystems, to an exploding deer tick population, among other impacts.

Clearly, climate change isn’t some distant threat — it’s an immediate crisis that requires urgent solutions. That’s why I support Cory Booker for President.

More than a decade ago as mayor of Newark — before many politicians were even talking about climate change solutions — Cory led the largest park expansion in the city in over a century and formed a coalition with other mayors across the country to address climate change. As the chief executive of his city, he viewed every decision he made through the lens of climate change. And that’s how he’ll make decisions as president, because so many aspects of the federal government can play an important role in addressing this crisis.

In the White House, Cory will build an economy that is 100% carbon neutral by 2045, creating millions of jobs in New Hampshire and across our country. He’ll also invest in the kind of technology and infrastructure that will power a carbon-free economy. These are just a few of the solutions Cory is proposing, and they’re exactly what our country urgently needs. And it’s a central reason why I will vote for Cory in the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary.

Luke DeMio



Language matters

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor, state Rep. Fred Doucette of Salem used words like stupid, dirty, smelly, dumb and deplorable, attributing them to Democrats, but in reality these are words which the President frequently uses in his speeches and tweets.

These words, and worse, are now being picked up, not only by people like state Rep. Doucette, but by our children who use then against anyone they do not like. This is not the role model or language we should expect from our President nor from our state Representatives.

Mary Till



Trump doing excellent job

To the editor:

I read yet another dismissive and belittling letter regarding our President in the Dec. 26 issue. The letter stated that the President was adversely affecting the military decisions.

The fact is our President has the ULTIMATE authority of the government over the military. He is the Commander in Chief!

The President, who was elected with 65 million votes, has been under attack from Day 1. I predict he will win the re-election with over 75 million in 2020, just my opinion.

The President's decision supersedes officers, judges and opposing party members who cannot accept the will of the people and elections results.

I also would like to commend state Rep. Fred Doucette for his letter, for it was fact based and not emotion based. State Rep. Doucette is in possession of economic facts which the Left cannot argue.

President Trump is doing an excellent job and I will happily cast my vote for him in 2020. I am also praying that others open their minds to facts and not juvenile adults tantrums.

President Trump is also working, which is also something that his predecessor did not do.

Pat Scannura




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