10 Alison Way: Beverly A Ristuccia Realty Trust and Beverly A. Ristuccia to Albert J. Grimes and Jennifer A. Grillo, $750,000

36 Central St. Unit 2: Geneva H Killorin T and Eric H. Killorin to 36 Central Street 2 NT and Leslie E. Mann, $205,000

3 Dartmouth Road: Mcgrath Joyce M Est and James Scott Mcgrath to Anthony Joseph and Kate R. Bargnesi, $355,000

137 Haggetts Pond Road: Eugene D. and Carol G. Veilleux to Steven D. Taylor and Kathleen M. Ankers, $519,000

160 High St.: Bank of New York Mellon to North Shore RE Solution, $235,000

29-a Maple Ave.: William and Barbara Mackenzie to John and Karen Crupi, $389,000

50 Maple Ave.: Joanne L. Lamoureux to Renee M. Lehmann and Jennifer Mize, $425,000

20 Smithshire Est: Garry W. and Georgia R. Oneill to Scott A. Corning, $523,000

21 Tewksbury St.: Donald C. Milligan and Joyce E. Pelletier to Eric Milligan and Andrea E. Pickles, $265,000

28 Topping Road: Brian J. and Sandi L. Feeney to Maureen Russell, $295,000

3 Wintergreen Circle: Siller Realty Trust and Curtis A. Siller to Hao Wang and Jianyi Cui, $540,000


7 Hillside Road: Mirella E. Stevens and Joseph Mcdonough to Matthew J. and Nelly F. Russo, $470,000

118 Main St.: JDJC LLC to Richard and Carol Guarino, $620,000

529 Main St.: Gary and John K. Madigan to Jon M. Cahill and William Harris, $140,000


220 18th St.: JRV Homes Inc. to Dorvins Julien, $299,900

261 Broadway Road Unit 22: Cindy D. and Simone C. Manseau to Cris Investments LLC, $111,500

92 Cartpath Ln: Draco Homes Inc. to Keith A. and Rebecca S. Landers, $427,180

96 Frederick St. Unit 62: Brian P. and Dionne M. Kierstead to Melchore T. and Jocelyn E. Ciulla, $196,000

79 Honora Ave.: Charles L. and Blanche A. Mahaleris to Penny M. Dowd, $138,000

96 Meadow Creek Drive: Paul O. Pelletier and Heidi White to David J. and Michele Y. Moynihan, $476,000

124 Tennis Plaza Road Unit 34: Jillian Schofield and First Tennessee Bank to FNMA, $188,244

158 Valley Road: Rebecca A. and Adam J. Richmond to Jane W. Gathura, $258,000

24 Wyman Road: Bank of New York Mellon to Robert J. and Susan M. Nelson, $152,000


3 Bailey Ln: Michael and Joanne M. Caron to Jeremy E. Berg, $392,000

35 Elm St.: John W. Moultrie and Charlette Presby-moultrie to Kristen Kane and Kyle Bean, $325,000


25 7 Star Road: Paul M. Sheehan to James Brandon Clifford, $226,600


78 7 Sister Road: James K. Slavit to Roxanne Realty Trust and Randall L. Bennett, $360,000

12 Clement Ct. Unit 12: Donna L. Harwood to Dale B. Caron, $221,300

14 Elm St.: Leonard R. and Norma H. Barone to Leonard R. Barone, $1,000

53 Golden Hill Ave.: Tyrone G. Nutter and Monica D. Mckinley-nutter to Karen E. Medley, $270,100

23 Grove St. Unit 1-2: Joseph N. Cavignaro to Katherine Ferrier, $95,000

Hanover St.: Fermata LP to Rkaco LLC, $55,000

9 Juniper Wood Drive: Scott L. and Barbara A. Giles to Craig L. Barnard and Jennifer M. Riley, $315,000

2 Kimberly Way: Thomas R. and Amey A. Lawson to Eric R. and Kelly A. Tracy, $340,000

11 Mountain Ave. Unit 11: Walter B. Beede and Lora M. Brewin to Charles and Margo Davolio, $219,900

Neck Road: B Richard and Elizabeth E. Rogers to Spruce Prop RE Hldg LLC, $10,000

100 Powder House Ave.: HSBC Bank USA to Todd S. Mayo and Patricia M. Connolly, $252,000

82 S Kimball St.: Charles Carroll and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to FNMA, $277,017

23 Steeplechase Ct. Unit 23: Annette M. Deleo to Christopher M. Wood and Sarah Lawless, $169,000

22 Tanglewood Park Drive Unit 22: Zigmund J. and Michaeline J. Burzynski to Laurie Gentile, $260,000

39 Tersolo Road: Thomas J. and Linda M. Casale to Caury A. Bailey, $396,000

29 Varnum St. Unit 29: Annmarie Sullivan and Beneficial Mass Inc. to Beneficial Mass Inc., $70,700

10 Verndale St.: Denise Quinlan and FHLM to FHLM, $148,175

14 Westland Ter: Nannette C. Neubauer to Keith F. and Diane C. Boucher, $290,000


54-56 Bodwell St.: Daher Group Inc. to Henry Nguyen and Lan Pham, $245,000

61 Butler St. Unit 61: Luz Delcarmen Paulino and Yeimi M. Mota to Jacqueline Morin, $70,000

9-11 Byron Ave.: Wells Fargo Bank and Carrington Mortgage LLC to Jose A. and Myhozotys Balbuena, $235,000

49 Chickering Road: Charles M. and Alena Woods to Bettyann J. and Cassim Joseph, $225,000

38 Crescent St.: Jose Luis Jimenez and One West Bank to IMB REO LLC, $103,236

116-118 Dorchester St.: Raul E. and Faith Silva to Alcida M. Matos, $205,000

5 Durham St.: US Bank to Linda and Thomas Paolera, $77,500

272 E Haverhill St. Unit 16: FNMA to Rosa Mateo and Erik Ramirez, $49,900

18-20 Everett St.: Juan and Miguelina Bordas to Martina Ortiz, $187,500

28 Exchange St.: Manuel and Carmen Adames to Damary Vasquez, $125,000

139 Franklin St.: Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.. and American Home Mortgage to Carlos Cortes, $105,000

111 Genesee St.: Leah C. Lapointe and H&R Block Bank to H&R Block Bank, $185,000

14-16 Grove St.: Yira M. and Fernelis B. Mendez to Jeovanny J. Vargas, $195,000

36-38 Hampton St.: FNMA to Jorge Almarante, $157,000

276-278 Lawrence St.: Neris Felis to Johnny E. Castillo, $115,000

146 Margin St.: Francine E. Robertson to Dulce M. Aracena, $100,000

15 Mcauliffe St.: Margarita Ventura to Virgilio Cacerez, $134,900

3 Melrose St.: OWB REO LLC and IMB REO LLC to Caras Realty LLC, $44,000

9 Mount Vernon St. Unit 9: Marcia Bautista and FHLM to FHLM, $63,000

242 Mount Vernon St. Unit 7: John Hill to Charles Will and Joan F. Curtis, $83,000

76 Tewksbury St.: Maria J. Almanzar to Cary Martinez, $185,000

104 Thornton St.: Matthew Donovan and FHLM to FHLM, $143,500

11 W Hawley St.: Cartier Wilfred V Est and Patricia R. Grew to Timothy and Amy Hendrick, $200,000

76-78 Water St.: Enoc Taveras and JP Morgan Chase Bank to JP Morgan Chase Bank, $95,200


23 Appaloosa Drive: Raymond P. and Dianne M. Barbieri to Caroline Fuller and Daniel O Connell, $329,000

50 Arlington St.: John P. Matta to Brian R. Sheehan and Katelyn M. Costello, $219,900

31 Coachman Ln: David A. Spaulding to Rose Maria and Kevin Redman, $365,000

20 Hampshire Circle: Kevin and Rose Maria Redman to Lawrence and Melissa L. Gladhill, $255,000

19 Hampshire Road Unit 102: Gail P. Stevens to Anna Domracheva, $178,500

100 Hampshire Road: Devaney Joseph F Jr Est and Stephen J. Devan to Gerald and Elaine Deschene, $190,000

122 Hampshire Road: John G. and Jeanne M. Rousseau to Stephen M. Difronzo, $261,000

4 Kerri Ann Circle: Reserve At Merrimack Vly to Joyce M. Shannon, $549,600

49 Landing Drive Unit 49: Patrick C Maccarone RET and Joseph P. Maccarone to Joanne L. Lamoureux, $319,000

3 Mary Lou St.: Nancy Distefano and FNMA to FNMA, $295,625

68 Monroe Ave.: Susan K. and David P. Dipietro to Dollie Jeanne Langlois, $288,000

287 Pelham St.: Dorothy E. Nelson to RAF Realty Trust and Richard A. Fluet, $500,000

1 Riverview Blvd Unit 1-106: Sharon Dizazzo to Rita A. Belair, $159,900

49 Russell Farm Drive Unit 49: Homestead Village LLC to Donna Mcconaghy, $295,000


1101 Acorn Drive Unit 1101: Lonny Johnson and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to Lemonias Development Co. Inc., $231,000

53 Cedar Ln: Donna Mcconaghy to Joseph and Julie Jablonski, $466,000

480 Chestnut St.: Hongland Zhang and Hua Fan to Khoa D. Vo and Sa Nguyen, $570,000

300 Dale St.: Maria Colon and US Bank to US Bank, $305,221

10 Duncan Drive: Barbara Call to Brett Rodden and Michaela Blaney, $420,000

47 E Water St. Unit 47: Sheila A. Brooks and HSBC Bank USA to HSBC Bank USA, $140,800

5 Fernview Ave. Unit 1: Charles J. Gray to Timothy Loughran, $105,000

32-34 Harwood St.: Darlene Torosian to Kevin V. Lai, $300,500

60 Inglewood St.: Diego Osorno and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.., $246,870

202 Lacy St.: Marc Tarantino and Bank of New York Mellon to Bank of New York Mellon, $540,000

148 Main St. Unit A312: Cara Murphy to P Douglas Grearson and Diane L. Crabtree, $165,000

27-29 Marblehead St.: FNMA and Fannie Mae to John Njoroge, $227,900

88 Peach Tree Ln: Hasan E. Galioglu and Nelly P. Holguin to Paulo Jorge and Rayma Kumar Gomes, $757,000

1135 Salem St.: Adams FT and Richard D. Adams to Jeffco Inc., $162,500

499 Waverley Road: Bailey FT and Robert C. Bailey to Garry W. and Georgia Renfroe Oneill, $365,000


15 Macintyre Drive: 15 Macintyre Drive Realty Trust and Giulia M. Nazzaro to Michael F. and Jennifer A. Sullivan, $995,000

50 Mount Vernon St. Unit 34: Mount Vernon Nrea LLC to Edward A. and Julie C. Beatrice, $546,500

19 North St.: Kenneth F. and Joanne M. Sampson to Michael P. and Lisa M. Gallini, $405,000

7 Taylor Road: Whitmore FT and Sharon A. Whitmore to Shannon Gibbons, $21,000

9 Turner Drive: Michele L. Horvath to Kevin and Laura Downey, $548,500


28 Elm St.: David and Leslie Cummings to Robert and Shauna Werner, $55,000

167 Elm St. Unit L35: Storage Ests LLC to Nailsworth Realty Trust and Vincent Loccisano, $170,000

5 Kendell Ln: Salisbury Ests Realty Trust and Bradley M. Kutcher to Sherri L. and Peter M. Favaloro, $235,000

14 Old Elm St.: Bank of New York Mellon to Robert Bochenko and Robert Lheureux, $120,000


15 Hickory Ln: Tom Patenaude Homes Inc. to Jonathan and Amy Pinelli, $820,000

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