George Bremer and Bill Burt discuss the Aaron Rodgers situation in Green Bay; Kevin Brockway examines the new College Football Playoff.


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Bill Burt and George Bremer discuss the NFL schedule and Tom Brady's return to New England; Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway reflect on Coach K's retirement; and Clay Horning breaks down the worst defensive play in baseball in recent memory. Read more

Bill Burt and George Bremer discuss changes to the NFL offseason; Elton Hayes and Kevin Brockway talk about the best football coaches in the Big Ten; Clay Horning gives his take on the unwritten rules of baseball. Read more

Luminous Walk in one neighborhood in North Andover. Residents celebrated New Year's Eve by lighting up the whole neighborhood with candles placed inside a white bag and lit after the sunset. Residents were able to walk in the neighborhood, meet and wish everyone a Happy New Year while mainta… Read more

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