Regional and national gasoline prices declined last week for the fourth consecutive week, according to the auto club AAA.

But the average prices for self-service regular gas in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and for the 50 U.S. states taken together remain between 10 and 20 cents per gallon higher than drivers paid at this time last year, AAA figures show.

On Wednesday the auto club reported a Massachusetts state-wide average of $2.530 per gallon for self-service regular gas, a 2.5-cent dip from the prior Wednesday’s $2.555. But on the same day of 2019, the Bay State average of $2.408 was 12.2 cents lower than Wednesday’s figure.

New Hampshire drivers saw a 3.5-cent decline last week, with the state’s average price for self-service regular gas moving to $2.419 per gallon on Wednesday, from $2.454 seven days earlier, according to AAA. On the same day last year, the New Hampshire average was $2.250, or 16.9 cents lower than Wednesday’s level.

The U.S. national average dropped 3.8 cents last week, with AAA publishing a coast-to-coast average of $2.458 per gallon for self-service regular on Wednesday, from $2.496 the prior week. On the same day of 2019, the 50-state average of $2.264 was 19.4 cents lower than Wednesday’s number.

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