Pump prices moved by less than one penny per gallon in Massachusetts and New Hampshire last week. According to the auto club AAA, the average price for self-service regular gasoline in both states remained under $2.50 per gallon.

However, New Hampshire drivers saw a very small, fractional increase in the average, which was a turnaround after six straight weeks of declining prices throughout the state. In Massachusetts, a very small decrease made last week the seventh straight week in which the average price for self-service regular gas moved lower, according to the auto club.

The U.S. 50-state average climbed more substantially last week, marking the second straight week in which the national average for self-service regular increased, AAA data show.

In Massachusetts, a 0.1-penny dip brought the state-wide average for self-service regular gas to $2.489 per gallon on Wednesday, compared to $2.490 seven days earlier, AAA reported. On the same day of 2019, the Massachusetts average of $2.418 was 7.1 cents lower than Wednesday’s price.

The auto club compiled a New Hampshire average of $2.402 per gallon for self-service regular gas on Wednesday. That was 0.9 cents higher than the prior Wednesday’s $2.393. On the same day last year, the New Hampshire average was $2.309, or 9.3 cents lower than Wednesday’s level.

The U.S. national average climbed 2.2 cents last week, reaching $2.472 per gallon on Wednesday, from $2.450 the prior week, AAA announced. On the same day of 2019, the U.S. average of $2.399 was 7.3 cents below Wednesday’s figure.



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