HAVERHILL — The case against two former highway department workers who were charged last year with possession of a single oxycodone pill was dismissed on Wednesday after a judge ordered evidence suppressed.

On Aug. 30 of last year, Haverhill police arrested Highway Department workers Steven Allen and Erik Frasca, as well as former city worker Kevin Moriarty, after what police said was a "hand-to-hand drug transaction" outside City Hall, according to a police report.

The state's evidence in the case consisted of a single 30 mg oxycodone pill found in a city truck Frasca and Allen were traveling in and six oxycodone pills found with Moriarty, the police report said.

Allen was immediately fired from his job. Frasca later resigned.

Frasca's defense lawyer, William Early, and Allen's defense lawyer, Stephen Colella, had filed a motion in May with Judge Patricia Dowling to suppress the evidence in the case, arguing police had no probable cause to search or arrest their clients, according to documents on file at the court.

Dowling granted the motion. The prosecutor in the case indicated he was considering appealing the decision, Early said, but on Wednesday, the district attorney's office announced it would "nol pros" the case, meaning, the DA's office would no longer prosecute the case.

It is unclear at this point whether Frasca and Allen will seek to be reinstated to their jobs.

This is a developing story. Check back here later for more information or see the full story in the Thursday edition of The Eagle-Tribune.

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