Judge calls batterer's history 'abhorrent'

Alec Blazek

WINDHAM — A 25-year-old man convicted earlier this year for assaulting his girlfriend and allegedly holding her against her will was arrested again recently while on probation.

According to Windham police, Alec Blazek is now charged with false imprisonment, criminal mischief and criminal threatening. Police say the victim in this case is a new girlfriend.

Judge Marguerite Wageling warned Blazek at his sentencing in May, “If you come back before this court with anything remotely close to what was alleged in this case, I won’t hesitate to send you to the state prison for as long a period as I can.”

She was aware at the time that four other women had filed domestic violence petitions against Blazek. Three of the requests for protection were upheld, meaning he legally had to stay away. The other petition was withdrawn.

A further search of court records shows 24 cases against him — a combination of the domestic violence petitions, criminal charges and juvenile delinquency petitions. The earliest was in 2012, when he was 15.

The litany of cases often ended with plea deals, suspended sentences and mental health treatment requirements.

By pleading guilty earlier this year, Blazek took a deal that lessened his time in a house of corrections. With time already served counted toward the sentence, he was released in July.

Blazek admitted that he slapped his now ex-girlfriend in the back of the head, dragged her up a flight of stairs by her hair and kicked her in the stomach.

Additionally, Blazek said he told the victim she would never see her mom, dad or dog again, because he was going to kill her and go to jail with a smile on his face.

Police say Blazek held the victim against her will in his home — where he lived with his mother — for several days in February 2020. She was only able to escape when the mother and son took her to run an errand and she jumped out of the car at the intersection of Zachary’s Crossing and Route 111, near the Windham-Salem line.

In the latest case, Balzek is held on preventative detention until at least Jan. 5, when another hearing is scheduled.

That decision, according to Judge Michael Alfano, was based on “the seriousness of the charges, two prior domestic violence convictions, violation of probation and a finding of dangerousness in 2020.”

A Windham patrolman wrote in a report that on the night of Nov. 22, Blazek’s girlfriend called about a violent incident two days prior.

Police were told that the woman and her young daughter were at Blazek’s home when he started calling her names and demanding that she delete certain photos from her cell phone.

The alleged victim said she got upset and stated that she was leaving. She claims that Blazek cornered her and said she could not leave.

“She feared that Alec would not let her leave the house and that he would harm her because he had done so in the past,” the police report reads.

Blazek reportedly ripped bags out of his girlfriend’s hands and smashed a container of baby formula.

The woman told police she tried to scream for help when her boyfriend got closer and lunged at her.

Police were told, “Alec then pretended to call his mother Felisa Blazek, stating, ‘she’s gonna call the cops, I’m gonna go to jail, please hurry home, help me.’”

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