Slow going

A sign warns drivers of plow trucks merging onto I-93 North near Derry during Monday's storm.

It's deja vu Tuesday morningĀ in the Valley and Southern New Hampshire after a persistent winter storm kept its hold on the region overnight.

Schools are closed -- again -- and there's another thick coat of snow to be cleaned off of cars. Police warn that roads are slick and snow is still falling as of 7 a.m.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Michael Sempa said the 48-hour winter storm dropped an additional 4 inches of snow on Southern New Hampshire before sunrise Tuesday. That area already receivedĀ 8 inches Monday.

Massachusetts towns were hit slightly harder, according to Sempa. He said Methuen and Haverhill were topped off with an extra inch of snow into Tuesday, bringing their totals closer to 13 inches.

"There was some sleet mixing in for a few hours overnight, too," Sempa said.

If you're looking out a window and wondering when it will end, you're not alone.

"It will likely end mid-day to early afternoon," Sempa said. "We might end up with another inch to 3 inches. Then it'll wind down and start to clear out for good."

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