DERRY — Medication belonging to an 11-year-old Derry girl who is battling brain cancer was stolen from the family's car Sunday, according to police.

Dan Schablein took his daughter Allison to the town beach after lunch for a few hours and when they returned to their car, the center console was torn apart. Cash and the girl's medication were missing, Derry police Capt. Vernon Thomas said.

“I’ve been going to Beaver Lake with my kids for 15 years and I’ve never had problems,” Schablein said.

The father said he often doesn't worry about locking his car or rolling the windows up at the town beach, both of which he hadn’t done Sunday.

“With the medication bag in sight I maybe should have thought about it, but that thought didn’t cross my mind," Schablein said.

“The couple bucks in cash isn’t a big deal, and the medications can be replaced," he said. "But in case of an emergency we would have needed it to save her life.”

Allison is currently battling brain cancer and her father had her medicine in the car to help her seizures and pain management, he said.

Among the medications stolen were oxycodone and a hydrocortisone shot that is kept for emergencies, according to Schablein.

“Thankfully, no one was hurt and she didn’t need the medicine,” he said.

Allison is also nearing the end of a successful round of treatment, he added.

The police captain said this is an isolated incident and not part of any spree. Thomas said that generally in the summer there are more thefts from cars with rolled-down windows, which was the case for Schablein.

“It does happen from time to time, even in people’s driveways when people leave stuff unlocked or windows down,” Thomas said.

The best way to deter a similar crime is to lock cars, Thomas said.

When police find the thieves for these types of crimes it typically tends to be younger kids and teenagers who are left unsupervised, he added.

Anyone who finds pill bottles with Allison Schablein’s name, or who saw anything Sunday, can call Derry police at 603-432-6111.

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