BRENTWOOD, N.H. — Haverhill resident Erik Frasca is back in police custody in New Hampshire after being charged with throwing his former girlfriend down at a bar and breaking her foot.

The second-degree assault charge is a violation of Frasca’s probation, which is in effect until 2023. On top of the arrest, probation officer Jason Wirth wrote in court documents that Frasca broke two other rules — to stay sober and report to Wirth as directed.

Records show that the 44-year-old took a plea deal last year after police were called to a home on Blake Street in Salem, New Hampshire, for a reported intruder who assaulted two people.

The incident was captured on an in-home surveillance system, which the homeowner shared with investigators.

Police said at the time that the intruder, Frasca, knew both the homeowner and his girlfriend inside the residence.

The couple was drinking coffee in the living room when Frasca barged in and punched the man in the face multiple times and pushed the woman, a police report states.

The victims were able to identify Frasca and his car, leading to his quick arrest about a mile away.

Frasca faced multiple charges, including burglary, simple assault and domestic violence simple assault, but took a deal with prosecutors that only required him to plead guilty to two in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Two witness tampering charges were tacked on after Frasca was accused of trying to influence testimony from jail, records show.

On Oct. 1, 2020, Frasca pleaded guilty to burglary and was sentenced to a year in the Rockingham County House of Corrections. At the same time, he admitted to witness tampering, but was given a suspended sentence of two to four years in New Hampshire State Prison.

Court documents show that Frasca was released from jail early, on April 12, because of time served before his conviction.

Records show that he reported to the New Hampshire probation office, where his case was set up and transferred to his home state of Massachusetts for supervision, according to Wirth.

He reported that Frasca “read all rules and conditions and signed indicating an understanding.”

Special conditions required him to attend classes for batterers and parents, which Frasca provided paperwork proving he did while incarcerated.

But within several months, on Aug. 16, Wirth said he was called by Manchester police, who accused Frasca of assaulting his girlfriend at a bar in the city.

Manchester police told Frasca’s parole officer that based on interviews with Frasca, the victim and independent witnesses, Frasca would be facing a second-degree assault charge.

The victim was issued an order of protection out of Manchester Circuit Court on Aug. 11. Haverhill police are said to have served Frasca at his home in Haverhill shortly after.

Wirth said he spoke with Frasca days later, “and he was very adamant that he is innocent.”

Frasca added that he had to work and could not report to the New Hampshire probation office when he was told to.

“I explained to him the process and he will have the opportunity to explain his side or talk to an attorney but he needs to turn himself in to me immediately,” Wirth said, noting that Frasca failed to do so.

The probation office requested an arrest warrant and detention based on Frasca’s “criminal history, current charge on probation and new allegations of assault with injury.”

Court paperwork says that Frasca was picked up by U.S. marshals and held at Essex County Jail before being transported back to New Hampshire.

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