HAVERHILL — Rogers Spring Hill Farm is closing its spring water bottling operation, according to a spokesperson for the business.

An email released Friday afternoon by Avigail Kosowsky, public relations assistant for the business, reads: “Attached please find a letter which Spring Hill Water sent to its customers today after making the decision to close the business earlier this week.''

State health officials said recently that tests of some spring water bottled by the farm and sold at a variety of businesses showed the presence of chemicals, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances known as PFAS, that could be harmful to the health of pregnant women.

Since those tests, the farm installed a filtration system to remove the substances from the water. Results of tests done since the system was installed showed the water is now clean, according to Kosowsky's release.

"Also attached are the test results which show that Spring Hill Water is clear; PFAS was not detected,'' the email reads. "Despite these excellent test results, which were expected, this whole ordeal has been too much for a small, fourth generation family business and the owners are steadfast in their decision to close it.”

A complete report will appear in Saturday's print edition of The Eagle-Tribune and online at eagletribune.com.