HAVERHILL — Residents of several streets just west of the Broadway Business Park told police that their Sunday evening was interrupted by music so loud that it rattled the windows of their homes.

One resident told police the music sounded so close she thought someone was holding a concert on her street. Another resident told police that even after closing the doors and windows of his home, he still could not block out the sound.

Over the past few months, police have responded to many reports of loud music in Haverhill. They said the issue has caused anger among neighbors. In Sunday's incident, police said they tracked down the source of the loud music when they discovered four vehicles parked at 20 Computer Drive in the industrial park. One of those vehicles had a loudspeaker and amplifier attached to its trunk, police said.

Police arrested six people. Charged with trespassing and disturbing the peace were Marco Cancel-Rincon, 30, 19 Coolige St., Lawrence, and Lorena Felix, 24, of 3 Bellevue Ave., Haverhill. Charged with trespassing with a motor vehicle and disturbing the peace were Andres Castillo-Polanco, 20, 62 Bellevue Ave.; Marcos Valentin, 26, 6 Bartlett St.; Lissandro Penalo, 22, 45 5th Ave., who was also charged with driving an unregistered motor vehicle; and Alan Sarita Rodriguez, 23, of 145 Newbury St., Lawrence.

According to a police report, just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday, police were dispatched to Sarah J. Circle on a complaint by numerous residents in that area about the loud music.

A woman on Dodge Street told police that she heard Spanish music blaring for 15 minutes before she called 911. She said the music was so loud that it rattled her windows and lampshades, according to a police report.

A woman on Morningside Drive told police she thought someone was having a concert on her street. A man on Deer Run Road told police it sounded like there was a football game right outside his home and that even with his windows and doors shut, he could not block out the sound.

Police said they were unable to locate the source of the music until they were flagged down by a man on Glendale Street, who told them he had endured loud Spanish music for the past hour and that the sound was coming from the Broadway Business Park.

Police said they encountered four vehicles parked at 20 Computer Drive, where Magellan Aerospace company is located and no-trespassing signs are posted.

One of the vehicles, driven by Rodriguez, had the loudspeaker and amplifier attached to its trunk, police said.  The other three vehicles were driven by Penalo, Castillo-Polanco and Valentin, police said.

Police said they arrested all six people at the site and had their vehicles towed. The people charged were arraigned Monday in Haverhill District Court, where they all were released on personal recognizance. 

Lorena Felix and Marcos Valentin must appear Nov. 17 for pretrial hearings. Andres Castillo-Polanco must appear Nov. 27 for a pretrial hearing. Lissandro Penalo and Alan Sarita Rodriguez must appear Dec. 3, and Marco Cancel-Rincon was ordered to appear Dec. 29.

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