Local leaves 'Love Island' after sister's sudden death

Courtesy photoThe Goldstein family are, from left, Marc, Lynn, Lindsey and Joshua. Joshua has been a contestant on the CBS reality dating show "Love Island," but quit and rushed home after his sister's sudden death.

HAVERHILL — Family and friends have been in and out since early Thursday, but still, the Goldstein house is quiet.

Everyone agrees that Lindsey should be there, making them laugh in her usual way. She is the one who brought them together.

The 27-year-old died after a sudden medical event this week, her family said. She was at home in Newton, New Hampshire, with her fiance. Autopsy results are pending.

Her brother, "Love Island" contestant Joshua Goldstein, is back in Haverhill to mourn the shocking loss.

On an episode of the dating reality show that aired Thursday night, the younger Goldstein, 24, was accompanied by his new girlfriend, Shannon St. Clair, as he broke the news to other contestants.

“Me and Shannon are going home today. Unfortunately, my sister passed away last night,” a tearful Goldstein said. “I just got word. She was an unbelievable person. She was the reason I’m here, the reason I found Shannon and met all you guys. And it’s unexpected, but she lived an unbelievable life, and I just need to be home with my family right now to support them.”

Lindsey spoke to The Eagle-Tribune a month ago, proudly sharing the story of how her brother landed a spot on the CBS show.

“I was with my friend and we couldn’t believe how much Josh looked like one of the guys on the show,” Lindsey said at the time. “I told him all about the show and told him he should fill out the application. And he did. And he kept moving along in the process until now.”

Their mom, Lynn Goldstein, has been steadfast in telling the newspaper, “we are a very close family.”

“Not only he and my daughter and my husband (Marc), but our extended family, as well,” she went on. “We do a lot together and have a lot of fun.”

The highlight of the year was fast approaching — beach week. The summer tradition started decades ago, when the kids were little, Marc explained.

“We always do it the week of Lindsey’s birthday (Aug. 23),” he said Friday. “It’s like an open house. There are friends in and out when they can make it, there’s celebrating, a lot of fun. And a big part of the week was Lindsey’s birthday.”

For her mother and father, it’s hard to talk about their only daughter without mentioning the many people she cared about. Her grace extended far beyond those she knew well.

Lindsey spent the last four years working as a full-time investigator for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. She would respond to allegations of child neglect, physical and sexual abuse and human trafficking.

Though she worked for the state, her family says most of her work was in conjunction with law enforcement in Haverhill and Lawrence.

“Caring, loving, kind,” Marc said of his daughter both professionally and personally. “Sometimes she’d be up for two days at a time because she was a response worker. She’d get called out in the middle of the night.”

Lynn added, “She was good at her job and she loved what she did.”

Lindsey had more to give, her parents say.

“She was at a great place in her life. She loved her job, she had a terrific guy. Her fiance is wonderful,” Marc said. “She was happy. They were looking forward to getting married (Oct. 1, 2022). She was at a point in her life when she was just starting out, but finding success.”

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