HAVERHILL — A man from Maine who was parked at the rest area on Interstate 495 in Haverhill was arrested for the illegal possession of drugs and guns after a Massachusetts State Police Trooper observed suspicious activity inside the man's vehicle.

According to police, the man was sitting in the passenger's seat, and a large open bag of marijuana was resting on the console. The man told the officer he had pulled off the highway to "smoke a little."

When questioned about packets of heroin that were also in his car, the man said he knew nothing about them and that a friend had been driving the vehicle. He told the trooper he had no idea what his friend's name was, but that he believed his friend's name was "Al." Police said there was no one else in the vehicle.

Police charged Ryan Pomeroy, 33, 16 Sherwin St., Apt. 2, Waterville, Maine, with trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in heroin, possession of Class E drugs, two counts of possession of firearm without a license, and possession of ammunition without an FID card.

Pomeroy was arraigned on the charges on Sept. 5 in Haverhill District Court, which is temporarily located in the Newburyport District Courthouse.

Judge Patricia Dowling set bail at $50,000, and scheduled a probable cause hearing via video conference for Oct. 4.

According to a state police report, on Saturday, Sept. 2, at approximately 12:15 a.m., Trooper Brian Fuller was patrolling Interstate 495 in the Haverhill area. 

While checking the Haverhill rest area on the northbound side, he observed a silver Ford Focus with Maine plates. 

A man, later identified as Pomeroy, was sitting in the passenger seat with the door open fumbling with something. Fuller parked next to the Focus and approached Pomeroy. Upon seeing the Trooper, Pomeroy quickly moved his hand behind the seat. 

When Fuller made contact with Pomeroy, he observed a large, open bag of marijuana on the center console and marijuana residue on the front of his pants. The trooper also noticed a marijuana smoking device tucked halfway under Pomeroy's right leg. When the trooper asked Pomeroy if his was OK, Pomeroy said he had just pulled over to "Smoke a little."

While marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts, consumption and open containers in public areas is not, the trooper noted in his report.

When asked about the marijuana, Pomeroy grabbed the bag to show Fuller, who then observed a clear plastic bag containing 17 bundles of heroin (40.2 grams) wrapped in a rubber band. 

When questioned, Pomeroy told the trooper that he had no idea the heroin was in his car and that he was traveling from Connecticut to his home in Maine. He also told the trooper that a friend was driving his car, but that he had no idea what his friend's name was, but believed it was "Al." 

Fuller noted in his report that he did not see anyone else in the vehicle when he pulled into the rest area. The trooper noted in his report that the driver's seat was pulled up fairly close to the steering wheel, and that Pomeroy is 5-feet 6-inches in height and weighs 130 pounds.

Located inside a locked gun case that was in the back seat of the vehicle were two loaded handguns, a .380 caliber Glock model 42 and a Taurus 9 mm model PT 111 Pro. The trooper noted in his report that each gun had a round in its chamber. 

Located with the handguns were two .380-caliber magazines, one 9 mm magazine, one .25-caliber magazine, six .380 caliber live cartridges and 11 .25-caliber cartridges. Trooper Scott Campbell arrived as backup and assisted with the inventory. 

Campbell located a plastic bag containing 143.2 grams of cocaine, in the trunk. Also located inside the vehicle were containers with THC concentrate and seven strips of suboxone in 8 milligram pouches, and a glass smoking stem with a brown residue inside.

While being transported to the Newbury barracks for booking, Pomeroy asked the trooper if would be able to get his "weed back after court."

Pomeroy was held at the Middleton House of Correction on $7,500 cash bail, which he was unable to post. On Tuesday, Pomeroy was transported to Haverhill District Court for his arraignment. 

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