NORTH ADAMS (AP) — A Holocaust museum in western Massachusetts that opened a year and a half ago is shutting down because it hasn’t generated enough interest and it’s about to become harder to pay the rent, the founder says.

The New England Holocaust Institute and Museum in North Adams will close June 30, Darrell English said.

The 650-square-foot storefront museum contains many items from English’s own vast collection of World War II-era memorabilia. It includes photos, propaganda posters, passports, Nazi documents, even uniforms of both soldiers and prisoners, and represents only a portion of his trove.

English, an antique dealer and collector, said he would consider reopening in a more heavily traveled area.

“I don’t want to give up on it here; this is my hometown,” said English. “But there’s just not enough people, not enough interest.”

English expressed a certain amount of frustration that more schools haven’t turned to the museum as an educational resource.

“I should be the go-to place, and it perplexes me,” he said.

In addition, his wife is retiring at the end of June, and they will no longer be able to make the rent.

The items at the museum depict the rise of Nazism and the demonization of Jews through the national media. Among the exhibits are rare photographs of life in the concentration camps.

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