LAWRENCE – The last two of four suspects in the spree of ATM break-ins across Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine over the last eight months contacted Lawrence District Court on Wednesday, two days after the first two suspects were arrested in early morning raids at their homes.

Jonathan Santos, 34, of 20 Sherman St. in Lawrence, “walked himself into” Lawrence District Court with his lawyer, where he pleaded not guilty and was released without bail, said Stephen O'Connell, a spokesman for Essex County District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett. Judge Michael Uhlarik ordered Santos to return for a pre-trial hearing on Sept. 14.

The fourth suspect, Ricardo Tejeda, 35, of 123 Lowell St. in Lawrence, also contacted the court to schedule an arraignment. O'Connell provided no other details except to say the arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 15 and that the warrant for his arrest was recalled.

Santos and Tejeda are accused of aiding the two other suspects -- Efrain Montero, 40, of 109 River Pointe Way, and David Barker, 39, of 21 Jordan St., both in Lawrence – at the break-in of an ATM at a Santander bank in Wellesley on March 13. They were not charged with joining in the break-ins at eight ATMs in the three states that Montero and Barker are accused of, including at banks in Billerica, Shrewsbury, Wellesley, and Hanover, all in Massachusetts.

Santos and Tejeda also were not charged with the break-in at an Apple computer store in Mansfield, where prosecutors say the first of the break-ins occurred Oct. 18.

In all, the break-ins netted more than $300,000, according to Assistant District Attorney Philip Mallard.

Montero and Barker were charged Monday with conspiracy to commit larceny, four counts of burglary, money laundering and possessing burglary tools. Montero faces several additional charges, including larceny, possessing an unregistered handgun and motor vehicle theft.

The charges involve only the alleged break-ins in Massachusetts. Prosecutors in Maine and Vermont may bring other charges.

Barker and Montero are being held at the Middleton House of Corrections on $500,000 cash bail each for the alleged break-ins. Barker also is being held without bail on alleged probation violations for criminal convictions in Middlesex County.

Santos and Tejeda are charged with conspiracy to commit larceny and larceny at the Wellesley ATM.

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