Culinary chef extraordinaire Rosanne LeBlanc of Gloucester adds a kick to her classic caramel turtles.

Layering dried cranberry pieces between chocolate, caramel and nuts adds tartness and bite to counteract the inherent sweetness of the turtle and makes the turtle burst with the beautiful deep red color of cranberry.

Besides just aesthetic flair, dried cranberries add remarkable health benefits because of the large amount of antioxidants that they contain. While one could argue that anything is good between layers of chocolate and caramel, dried cranberries are less of a filler and more of an enhancer, drawing out the rich cocoa flavor of the chocolate, the sweetness of the caramel, and the salty earthiness of the nuts.

Easy to make with ingredients you are sure to find in your cupboard, these turtles are an easy summer dessert.

Chocolate Turtles with Cranberries


2 tablespoons chocolate

2 tablespoons caramel

1/4 cup mixed nuts

1/4 cup dried cranberries


1. Melt chocolate in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time or until soft. Pour melted chocolate into small circles on parchment paper.

2. Drop mixed nuts into chocolate. Allow chocolate to spread.

3. Pour on more melted chocolate over the nuts and drop dried cranberries and a few more nuts into chocolate, again allowing chocolate to spread.

4. Let cool.

5. Roll caramel into a ball and stretch out. Make sure the caramel is thinner around the edges.

6. Press the caramel on top of nuts and chocolate.

7. Drizzle more melted chocolate on top. Let cool and enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Rosanne LeBlanc,, 2013.




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