Most of us begin taking boat loads of photos with the birth of a baby. Over the years our cameras generally take a back seat to more useful tools like vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers but come out of the closet for special events like the "birth" day where it all started. The result? Tons of birthday photos. The solution is easier than you might think. Select a few dozen of your favorite photos from one birthday and create a minibook dedicated to that one special event.

You can create a scrapbook from scratch or simply customize a store-bought book for this project.

Stickers, lettering and other embellishments can be found year-round. A handmade scrapbook can be bound in several ways — ribbon threaded through hole-punched pages; a plastic comb binding purchased at a local copy center; or one like this, bound with a Roll-a-bind system that features disks that bind the pages, which are punched much like a Rolodex card.

A birthday only happens once a year and is meant to stand out from the other 364 days of the year.

— DIY Network

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