Ahmed Ahmed plays the aptly named Ahmed in the TBS comedy “Sullivan and Son.�

The stars of the TBS comedy “Sullivan & Son” have taken to the road for the Sullivan & Son Comedy Tour, which stops in Boston Saturday.

This 19-city show, in its third tour, features four of the show’s main actors.

“It’s a fresh slate with fresh material,” according to featured comedian Ahmed Ahmed.

He explained that the show consists of each comic individually showcasing their own material to the audience. Ahmed said he is usually the first to go on stage, while the show’s creator and star, Steve Byrne, closes out the first half of the show.

After each comic has their turn on stage, they all come out together to sing an improvised comedic song.

“We’re like a collective brat pack,” Ahmed said.

After each show the cast stays after to shake the hands of everyone in the audience.

“Its a cross between ‘Married with Children’ and ‘Cheers,’ “ Ahmed said.

“Sullivan and Son,” produced by comedian Vince Vaughn, takes place in Pittsburgh, where successful corporate attorney Steve Sullivan, played by Byrne, surprises everyone by leaving his job to take over the family business — a local bar named Sullivan & Son.

“The bar is the star of the show,” Ahmed said.

The reason Steve takes over the family business is to “escape” the corporate world and be around his friends, according to Ahmed.

Ahmed plays a character named Ahmed, who is Sullivan’s tow truck driving best friend struggling to find true love.

“He’s a hopeless romantic that finds beauty in all women,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed found his passion for stand up comedy while waiting tables after “quitting” acting.

“I had to make the customer’s laugh,” Ahmed said.

He is happy playing this role Byrne had written for him.

“I didn’t have to audition. I’ve always wanted to work with friends,” Ahmed said.

The Sullivan & Son Comedy Show has come to Boston with each tour, and Ahmed is looking forward to his return to the Hub.

“I love Boston. I love the city,” Ahmed said.

The cast plans to stop at the Bull and Finch pub where “Cheers” was set, to take pictures.

“Sullivan & Son” airs on TBS every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

If you go

What: The Sullivan & Son Comedy Tour

When: Saturday, Aug. 16, at 7 p.m.

Where: Wilbur Theater in Boston.

How: Tickets are $22 to $25, available at the theater or Ticketmaster.

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