1. You can go to the beach and the mountains in the same day.

2. Small government.

3. Cheap alcohol.

4. Growing number of rail trails.

5. Christa McAuliffe.

6. Robert Frost.

7. Lots of trees.

8. Many colleges to choose from.

9. Laconia Bike Week.

10. Abundant and varied wildlife.

11. State motto, Live Free or Die.

12. No income tax.

13. State parks.

14. One of the few places you can have four seasons in one week.

15. Lakes.

16. It’s not Massachusetts.

17. Fresh air.

18. Manchester Monarchs.

19. Memories of the ice storm of 2008.

20. Saco River.

21. Lake Winnepesaukee.

22. Kancamagus Highway.

23. Maple syrup.

24. Mount Washington.

25. Fall is awesome, but foliage is icing on the cake.

26. Clark’s Trading Post.

27. Old Man of the Mountain.

28. Individualism.

29. Proximity to Boston, Canada, Great Lakes.

30. Cheap cigarettes.

31. Legal fireworks and all the summer displays.

32. Ski country.

33. Adam Sandler.

34. The Flume Gorge.

35. Hiking.

36. Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway.

37. Camping.

38. Alan B. Shepard Jr.

39. Hampton Beach.

40. Pinkerton Academy.

41. Apple picking.

42. Farmers markets.

43. Pride.

44. Historic stadiums: Holman, JFK, Gill.

45. Fishing.

46. Taylor Library.

47. Chutters candy counter.

48. Moo’s ice cream.

49. Wildcat Mountain.

50. Kayaking.

51. America’s Stonehenge

52. More affordable than Massachusetts.

53. First potato farm.

54. Santa’s Village.

55. Home of the first snowmobile.

56. Granite.

57. The people.

58. Derry Dog Park.

59. Canobie Lake.

60. Sledding.

61. Covered bridges.

62. Manchester Boston Regional Airport.

63. White Mountains.

64. Candlepin bowling.

65. Tupelo Music Hall.

66. Barrington Shores Campground.

67. Concord Budmen.

68. “On Golden Pond.”

69. Mount Washington cruise.

70. Great schools.

71. Story Land.

72. Thompson Arena.

73. Loons.

74. Local farmers.

75. Aerosmith.

76. Vermin Supreme on 2012 presidential ballot.

77. Alarm clock was invented here.

78. John Stark.

79. Approval of medical marijuana.

80. Second highest beer consumption in U.S.

81. Fremont Mast Tree Riot.

82. Antiques.

83. Outlets.

84. Waterfalls.

85. Benson’s Animal Farm.

86. Portsmouth lighthouse.

87. Anheuser-Busch Factory.

88. Downtown Derry Halloween.

89. Dartmouth College.

90. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

91. Clam Haven.

92. Number one biker state.

93. SEE Science Center.

94. Chuck-A-Puck at Manchester Monarch games.

95. Milford Drive-In and hiding friends in the trunk.

96. Gail Singer Memorial Blood Drive.

97. Farr’s Famous Fried Chicken.

98. Londonderry Flea Market.

99. Generations of families remain here.

100. Pinball Wizard.

101. Polar Caves.

102. Alexander-Eastman Hospital.

103. East Derry Memorial School.

104. Pelham Chunky’s.

105. Hood Park.

106. Four distinct seasons.

107. McGregor Park music nights.

108. New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

109. Berlin’s Nansen ski jump.

110. Taylor Up-and-Down Sawmill.

111. The Flume.

112. Screw Auger Falls.

113. Snow.

114. Hood Farm.

115. Summer recreation in Derry.

116. Santa parade.

117. MaryAnn’s Diner.

118. Poor Boy’s.

119. Verizon Wireless Arena.

120. Pete’s Scoop.

121. Al Kaprielian

122. Londonderry.

123. Hampton Beach Casino.

124. Brad Delp.

125. Yard sales.

126. Chester during scarecrow contest.

127. How’s Your Onion?

128. Old Home Days.

129. Free State Project.

130. Paul Levesque/HHH.

131. Brown’s and Markey’s.

132. Charmingfare Farm.

133. Airport Diner.

134. Deerfield and Rochester Fairs.

135. Don Ball Park and Splashpad

136. Derry.

137. Keene pumpkin festival.

138. Penguin Plunge at Hampton.

139. Town Meeting.

140. Many car shows.

141. Downtown Portsmouth.

142. Doink the Clown.

143. Dos Amigos burritos.

144. Mill buildings.

145. Super Secret Project.

146. Sonshine Soup Kitchen.

147. Franconia Notch.

148. Twin Mountains.

149. Bears at Clark’s Trading Post.

150. Vocational schools.

151. Red Hook.

152. No sales tax.

153. Robert Frost Farm.

154. FunWorld.

155. Dover Point.

156. Mount Washington Cog Railway.

157. Kids Coop Theatre.

158. Tupperware inventor born here.

159. Liquid Planet Water Park.

160. Velcro history.

161. New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

162. Stonyfield Yogurt.

163. Canobie Lake Park.

164. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

165. Lobster Claw.

166. Scouting Museum.

167. Mack’s Apples.

168. Pumpkins.

169. New Boston Satellite Tracking System.

170. Palace Theater.

171. Lady’s slipper.

172. Nashua pro baseball history: Dodgers, Pirates, Angels, Nashua Pride, Manchester Yankees.

173. Segway.

174. Yokums

175. Clydesdale horses.

176. Zyla’s.

177. Fastest mile run in U.S. July 3, 2011.

178. Boating.

179. Lake Winni Derby.

180. Lost River.

181. Tuckerman Ravine.

182. Derry News.

182. Manchester bars and restaurants.

183. Strawberry Banke.

184. Lilacs in May.

185. University of New Hampshire.

186. Alton Bay.

187. Rest areas.

188. Franklin Pierce.

189. West Running Brook.

190. Derryfest.

191. Little Jack’s.

192. New Hampshire Chronicle.

193. Dollar Bill.

194. Fritz Wetherbee.

195. Carlton “Pudge” Fisk.

196. Mike Flanagan.

197. The Loebs.

198. Androscoggin River.

199. First free public library.

200. Mini golf at Mel’s Funway.

201. Victorian Park.

211. Seeing my name in the Derry News through the years.

212. Veterans.

213. Hunting.

214. Six Gun City.

215. Seafood.

216. Pemigewasset River.

217. Dodger Brian Wilson.

218. No rain tax.

219. Bedford Mall on “Saturday Night Live” skit.

220. Derry students’ role in white potato being named state vegetable.

221. 13 Mile Woods.

222. Boys and Girls Club of Greater Derry.

223. Billboards with ER wait times.

224. Artisan ice cream.

225. Josiah Bartlett, Declaration of Independence signer.

226. Cathedral in the Pines.

227. Half Off NH.

228. 96.5 The Mill.

229. Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas.

230. Bode Miller

231. Old meetinghouses in many towns.

232. Merrimack River.

233. Stone walls.

234. Hartmann Model R.R. & Toy Museum.

235. Odiorne Point.

236. Sig Sauer.

237. Daniel Webster.

238. “Jumanji.”

239. Hot air balloons.

240. Sand sculpting contest at Hampton.

241. Strawberry, blueberry picking.

242. No payroll tax.

243. Mary Baker Eddy.

244. Margarita’s.

245. Seth Myers.

246. Ken Burns.

247. Sarah Silverman.

248. Seabrook Beach.

249. Rye Beach.

250. Currier Museum.

251. Jenny Thompson.

252. Saint-Gaudens Estate.

253. A profound sense of well-being.

254. Statehouse.

255. Cross-country ski trails.

256. Cannon-Mittersill Mountain.

257. Lupine festival in Franconia.

258. McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center.

259. Lobster.

260. First-in-the-nation primary.

261. Gun rights.

262. Wineries.

263. Rocky Gorge.

264. Earning the bumper sticker “This car climbed Mt. Washington.”

265. Isle of Shoals.

266. Fairs.

267. One of original 13 states.

268. Castle in the Clouds.

269. Searles Castle.

270. Sara Hale Newport, first women’s magazine editor.

271. First women’s strike in 1828, Dover Cotton factory.

272. Great North Woods.

273. Loaf and Ladle.

274. Parker’s Maple Barn.

275. The Balsams.

276. The Castle Doctrine.

277. How family oriented New Hampshire is.

278. So much to do, inside and out, all year round.

279. Cruising the Hampton strip.

280. Tabletop Rock.

281. No helmet law.

282. Millennium Running races.

283. Project Linus chapter.

284. Dunkin’ Donuts.

285. Crystal Lake.

286. Only inner city main street that is a dead end on both ends (Elm Street).

287. Papa Gino’s.

288. Raw milk.

289. USA Subs.

290. Rock 101.1.

291. Bedford Mall Cinema.

292. Boss Hoss motorcycle.

293. No seatbelt law.

294. Stand your ground.

295. Lake Massebesic.

296. Long Sands on Lake Ossipee

297. Fratellos.

298. Millyard Museum.

299. Sledding in Alexander Carr Park.

300. Newfound Lake.

301. Freedom.

302. Open carry.

303. Moose Alley.

304. Burdick Chocolate.

305. Belknap Mill, nation’s oldest unaltered textile mill.

306. USS Albacore.

307. Weather that’s not as extreme as other parts of the country.

308. The smells of the forest and ocean.

309. The variable air on skin.

310. The colors that change so vividly and dramatically with the seasons.

311. The taste of apples, cider, fresh milk, berries, seafood.

312. Less traffic than Massachusetts.

313. Nearest casino far enough away to keep associated crime out.

314. Webster Cliffs.

315. Birthplace of Horace Greeley.

316. Concord Coach.

317. Vice President Henry Wilson.

318. Fort at No. 4.

319. Canterbury Shaker Village.

320. Anyone can be a legislator.

321. All-female congressional delegation.

322. Great Stone Arch in Tilton.

323. Old Farmer’s Almanac.

324. The Crawford family, who the notch is named for.

325. Adopted first legal lottery in 20th century.

326. Fact there are 603 reasons that make N.H. special.

327. Mount Washington Auto Road.

328. Karner blue butterfly and efforts to save it.

329. Successful reintroduction of turkeys.

330. Pembroke Glass Works.

331. Log drives down the Connecticut.

332. George Washington visited Hampton Falls.

333. Highland Games.

334. Breweries.

335. Sara Long Bridge.

336. Old cemeteries.

337. Aviation Museum.

338. No mandatory car insurance.

339. Low unemployment.

340. Safe place to live.

341. Surfing.

342. Bird-watching.

343. Site of first bridge over Connecticut River.

344. Home to country’s first ski school.

345. Matthew Thornton.

346. Mount Washington Hotel.

347. Cornish Colony.

348. Chinook, state dog.

349. Cornish-Windsor covered bridge.

350. Dixville Notch votes before anyone else in country.

351. CCC camps.

352. Betty and Barney Hill and UFO sighting.

353. 45th parallel.

354. Great Bay.

355. Good school choice, public, private, charter, homeschooling.

356. Goody Cole.

357. Steven Tyler.

358. State quarter features Old Man of the Mountain.

359. Ice fishing.

360. Dorr Mill Store.

361. Corn mazes.

362. Moonlight Meadery

363. White Mountain National Forest

364. Diversity from southern border to Canadian border.

365. Roller derby.

366. Stock car racing.

367. UNH hockey.

368. Running clubs.

369. Nice state flag.

370. Historic register and all the gems on it.

371. Organic farms growing in number.

372. NH Food Bank and so many local food shelves.

373. Flea markets.

374. Holiday parades.

375. Great high school marching bands, including Londonderry Lancers.

376. Waterville Valley.

377. Everyone speaks English.

378. Appalachian Trail.

379. Mount Sunapee.

380. Legalized same-sex marriage.

381. Good Fish and Game department.

382. Moose hunting.

383. J&F Farms petting zoo.

384. Capt. John Mason.

385. Good physical size and population.

386. Sense and appreciation of history.

387. Weir’s Beach.

388. Pancake breakfasts.

389. Alpine Adventures.

390. Hopkins Center for the Arts.

391. The Common Man.

392. Good fire departments.

393. Golf.

394. Granite State of Mind.

395. Town bandstands and gazebos.

396. Great Halloween spirit.

397. Granite State Dog Recovery.

398. Web cams and message boards on I-93 let you know what’s ahead.

399. Thrift shops.

400. Library book sales.

401. Tuscan Kitchen.

402. Takes mosquito control seriously.

403. Main Streets.

404. Not too many malls.

405. Interstate 89.

406. The smell each season brings, especially fall.

407. Good neighbors.

408. Paper mill history.

409. Government accessibility.

410. Single area code.

411. Londonderry Linen.

412. Londonderry town pound.

413. Algonquins and the names, like Musquash, that remain.

414. Town commons and greens.

415. Community bands.

416. Adams Memorial Opera House.

417. Marion Gerrish Community Center.

418. Historical societies.

419. The Granite State mac-and-cheese bakeoff.

420. Local garden clubs and all they do to brighten up their communities.

421. The remaining dairy farms.

422. Market Basket.

423. Contra dances.

424. Tomie dePaola taught at Colby-Sawyer.

425. Jodi Picoult.

426. Honey.

427. St. Julien Macaroons.

428. Residents who volunteer to track state wildlife.

429. 4-H.

430. NH Wildlife Journal and its calendar.

431. Rod and gun clubs.

432. AARP driving classes.

433. No texting law.

434. Let’s Go Fishing program.

435. White-tail deer.

436. Big Tree program and all the winners.

437. Active Boy and Girl Scout troops.

438. Christmas tree sales to benefit local charities.

439. Rotary clubs that really support their communities.

440. The chance to see some well-known politicians.

441. Pinkerton’s Make A Difference Club.

442. State’s Scenic Byway and Scenic Roads program.

443. “Lost in Laconia” about closing the state school.

444. Community gardens.

445. Artists in residence at local schools and their projects.

446. Eleanor Porter.

447. David Souter, U.S. Supreme Court justice.

448. Grace Metalius, who wrote “Peyton Place.”

449. Scottie Lago.

450. Bode Miller

451. “Granny D” Haddock.

452. That the state owns all liquor stores.

453. Bob Montana of Archie fame went to school in Manchester.

454. League of NH Craftsmen.

455. Signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth.

456. Leonard Wood of Winchester was original commander of the Rough Riders.

457. Fire towers.

458. Rhododendron State Park in Fitzwilliam.

459. That police and firefighters save ducklings every spring.

460. Textile history.

461. Marine Memorial statue in Hampton.

462. You can watch a bald eagle fishing.

463. Volunteers.

464. Residents’ generosity in many ways.

465. Fast Day.

466. Foraging for mushrooms.

467. Red-spotted newt.

468. Barbershops where you can get all the local gossip.

469. Park-and-ride lots and expanding commuter bus lines.

470. The number of horses.

471. Poet Laureate Donald Hall.

472. The fact there’s a state tartan.

473. State welcome signs on the highway, “Bienvenue.”

474. Quilters and the history of quilting here.

475. N.H. Public Radio.

476. Benning Wentworth.

477. Seeing farmers cutting and baling hay.

478. Salvation Army Red Kettle program.

479. Nine state songs.

480. Opportunities for photography.

481. Highest wind speed ever recorded at ground level was at Mount Washington in 1934.

482. Of the 13 original colonies, N.H. was the first to declare its independence from England.

483. The number of free events.

484. Two seasons: black fly and no black fly.

485. Waterfall rappelling at Ripley Falls.

486. Seeing blue heron flying low along the shoreline.

487. The number of white birch trees.

488. Food shelf collection boxes in grocery stores.

489. NUThin’ But Good Times.

490. Online high school, Virtual Learning Academy.

491. Bob Young, the waver of Route 102.

492. Nini Bambini.

493. Family Promise of Greater Rockingham County.

494. Proximity to Maine.

495. School vacations a week off from those in Massachusetts.

496. Tugboats in Portsmouth.

497. Pumpkin coffee, ice cream and doughnuts.

498. Newick’s Lobster House.

499. Pease.

500. Statewide library summer reading program.

501. Relative courtesy of drivers.

502. The reward of spring after another long winter.

503. Diversity of churches and tolerance for all.

504. Local art shows and the work displayed there.

505. Though tiresome, political campaigns, from selectman to president, you know your vote counts.

506. The state’s response to the Boston Marathon bombings, sending police and first responders and raising lots of money for the victims. I was proud to be from New Hampshire.

507. Derry Free Meals Network, shows we take care of our own.

508. Church suppers, where you can eat out with your family without going broke and support a local organization.

509. Fudge from the Chocolate Moose in Salem.

510. Apple orchards - all year round.

511. Wellington State Park has the best boat ramp and it’s free.

512. Apple cider doughnuts at Applecrest Farms in Hampton Falls.

513. NH PTA Reflections program, a chance for every child to shine.

514. Backpack, school supply drives.

515. The many opportunities for youth sports.

516. King Kone in Merrimack.

517. The relationship between Etz Hayim and Church of the Transfiguration.

518. Eating a Moe’s sub on Four Tree Island in Portsmouth.

519. Stores and restaurants where everyone knows your name.

520. Prescott Park Arts Festival concerts.

521. Weather obsession and the important role it plays in our lives.

522. Best turkey balboa sandwich at Biedermans Deli in Plymouth.

523. Sunrise from North Beach.

524. Project Osprey.

525. Plant swaps and sales.

526. The passion residents have for high school sports.

527. NH Council on the Arts - and everything they do.

528. Wingold Grange Dictionary Project.

529. The Big Read.

530. Parking lot carnivals, provide fun for kids who don’t go to theme parks.

531. State forest nursery and seedling offers.

532. GraniteCor Industries store in Concord. Good to see inmates are productive.

533. The color of the big Oak tree in front of Robert Frost Farm in early October.

534. Cross-country skiing around the Pemigewasset River at Loon Mountain.

535. Story hours, book groups at local libraries.

536. New Hampshire Preservation Alliance which works to make sure our history isn’t lost

537. CASA of NH, fighting for abused and neglected children.

538. Network of rescues and humane society’s caring for homeless pets.

539. July 4 celebrations around the state, parades, picnics, fireworks everywhere.

540. The sounds of nature, the crunching of pine needles, snow, leaves and sand underfoot.

541. Walking around Star Island under a full moon.

542. Foliage cruise up the Piscataqua River.

543. Smell of woodstoves on crisp winter mornings.

544. Polar Express Event that supports literacy.

545. Local theater groups, that bring classics and not-so-classics to local stages and give residents a chance to act.

546. White Mountain Puzzles.

547. The chance to see black bears.

548. Ice skating on a frozen pond or outdoor rink.

549. CERT teams

550. Business that sponsor highway cleanup and individuals who do it on their own

551. Seeing turkeys on the lawn.

552. Best summer camp, including Calumet on Ossipee.

553. Kellerhaus in Weirs Beach.

554. Driving Route 1-A on a summer afternoon.

555. Powerboat races in Kingston every fall.

556. Fabrizia limoncello and blood orange liqueur.

557. Vibrant Boys & Girls Clubs.

558. MooreMart and all it has done for the troops

559. Mack Plaque.

560. Stagecoach history and restoration efforts.

561. Historic Town Halls.

562. Little historic sites everywhere, including the Sargent Cooperage Shop in Danville.

563. So many places to fly a kite, from the coast to a mountaintop and meadows in between.

564. Cafe Indigo in Concord.

565. A Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner.

566. Finally, high-speed tolling.

567. The Salvation Army, meetings needs of residents every day in so many ways.

568. The state where anyone can be a beauty queen.

569. It’s a place where farmers still matter.

570. Pawtuckaway State Park.

571. Close enough to Boston to claim the Patriots, Sox, Bruins, Celtics.

572. Henry Dearborn.

573. Bake sales - at schools, the polls, everywhere.

574. So many craft fairs.

575. Sully’s.

576. The state has a crow-hunting season.

577. First Parish Church and Meeting House.

578. Promises to Keep in Derry.

579. Horse pulls.

580. Make A Wish NH.

581. Red Arrow Diner.

582. Wolf Man on White Mountain Central RR.

583. Effort to protect Eastern cottontail.

584. Fish Ladder at the Amoskeag Fishways.

585. Fort Constitution in New Castle.

586. Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum.

587. Dog sledding.

588. Deep-sea fishing and whale watching.

589. Diana’s Baths in Bartlett

590. Boater and hunter safety classes

591. Rock climbing.

592. Wildlife rehabilitators who help nurse wild animals back to health.

593. NH Writers Project.

594. Conway Scenic Railroad.

595. Poet Celia Thaxter.

596. Harlan Fiske Stone, US Atty General, Supreme Court justice.

597. New Hampshire’s role in the Civil War.

598. Lucy Swallow and Delia Brown, first female students at UNH.

599. The amazing number of vanity license plates and they’re cheap.

600. Going in the woods and hunting for Bigfoot with my son.

601. Mount Milford up Mount Vernon to Francestown is a beautiful ride during the fall.

602. Small-town feel and opportunities to be a part of the nearby cities.

603. Fresh sweet corn.

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