Town Clerk Meg Seymour displays the green die used to decide which candidate would request a recount in the tied Londonderry Town Council race between Brian Farmer, far right, and Mary Wing Soares, center. Councilor Marty Bove, far left, looks on.

LONDONDERRY | The town clerk chucked the big, green die on the carpet yesterday, rolling the election tie-breaking process forward but resolving nothing in the deadlocked Town Council race between incumbent Brian Farmer and challenger Mary Wing Soares.

The cube clicked against the wooden molding in council chambers at Town Hall, stopping on the number four. Farmer had selected the even numbers, so he was declared the winner.

With that technicality resolved, Soares was able to file her written request for a manual recount of the March 13 ballots, along with the required $10 filing fee.

The recount will take place sometime between Monday and the following Saturday, said Town Clerk Meg Seymour, who has yet to decide on the time and date.

If the recount ends and the candidates remain deadlocked, the race will be decided by luck. The means are at the town clerk's discretion. She could choose to roll a die once more or rely on other time-tested methods such as drawing straws or picking a number out of a hat.

Both candidates confessed to anxiety and nerves before yesterday's roll in the wake of Tuesday's improbable outcome | Farmer and Soares each received 1,020 votes for the second of two three-year openings on the council. Candidate Kathy Wagner claimed the first seat with 1,285 votes.

Both Farmer and Soares said before the roll that they had planned to seek a recount and were hopeful that the public's will would resolve the tie as opposed to a game of chance.

"It's frustrating when you work very hard on the campaign and it comes down to the roll of a die," said Soares, who is in her third try for a seat on the council. Three years ago, she lost to Farmer by 23 votes.

"It'll be a shame if (a die) decides the race," Farmer agreed.

Both candidates have asked people to act as their observers during the manual recount. Farmer asked Planning Board Chairman Art Rugg, and Soares asked Town Councilor Mark Oswald to watch the vote counting.

Seymour was holding her cards close to the vest yesterday on what means she will choose to resolve the tie should the recount end with the pair deadlocked once again. She said she might rely on the green die, but "it could change."

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