LAWRENCE — The 18-year-old man charged with planting a fake bomb at the front door of Lawrence District Court on March 27, to avoid taking a drug test he knew he would fail, was ordered held without bail for up to 90 days.

Jamiel Williams, of 200 Parker St., and Misael Rosario, 26, of 152 Gilbert St., were arrested after their fingerprints were found on the note attached to the fake device.

They were both arraigned on April 1, and charged with communicating a false bomb/hijack threat, placing a hoax device, and disturbing the peace.

They were ordered held without bail for a hearing to determine whether they posed a danger to the community and should remain in jail pending their trials.

But Friday, prosecutors withdrew their request for the dangerousness hearing in Rosario's case after evidence surfaced that his role was minimal, and Rosario was released from the Middleton jail.

Williams' dangerousness hearing was Tuesday and his court-appointed lawyer, Jessica Thrall, of the Committee for Public Counsel Services stipulated that Williams poses a danger to the community.

Judge Barbara Pearson ordered Williams held without bail for a period not to exceed 90 days.

Williams could face indictment by the Essex grand jury and trial in Essex Superior Court because the District Court has no jurisdiction on the charge of communicating a false bomb/hijack threat.

If he is convicted of placing a hoax device, Williams could face up to five years in prison, or two and a half years in jail, and up to a $5,000 fine, plus mandatory restitution for the costs incurred in dealing with the incident.

A conviction on a charge of disturbing the peace could net Williams up to six months in jail and a $200 fine.

The discovery of the device by a courthouse maintenance worker led to the closure of the court for about five hours.

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