ATKINSON — There was only one contested race on the ballot yesterday. In a three-way race for two three-year terms as Kimball Library trustees, Alan Phair and Helen "Kay" Galloway were elected with 505 and 643 votes, respectively. William Innes garnered 420 votes.

Voters overwhelmingly approved spending $19,500 for the purchase of a 2010 Subaru for the Elderly Affairs Department. The Atkinson Police Charitable Fund will donate $13,000 and $6,500 is to be raised by taxes. That vote was 759-318.

The town also voted, 809-261, to create a paid position — with an annual salary of $100 — of Director of Elderly Affairs to replace the volunteer position.

Residents also approved five amendments to the zoning ordinance specific to wetlands protection.

The proposed operating budget of $3.9 million sailed through, 875-152. Had the budget been defeated, the default budget would have been $4.3 million

Voters rejected amending the zoning ordinance to prohibit trucking facilities in all zoning districts. That was rejected, 381-595.

Voters approved adding $60,000 to the Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund and the creation of a trust fund for winter maintenance.

Sections of a number of roads will be shimmed and overlaid, after voters approved spending the money to do so yesterday. Those roads include Mosher Drive, Stage Road, Rockingchair Lane, Cottontail Lane, Pebble Brook Road, Leroy Avenue, Pages Lane and Bittersweet Lane.

Residents narrowly approved spending $80,000 to continue work at the East Road Recreation Area, 524-508. That amount is offset by a $25,000 donation.

But voters rejected adding $25,000 to the Recreation Capital Reserve Fund, 348-681. They also overwhelmingly rejected $5,000 for Woodlock Park, 291-728.

There won't be a $25,000 generator at Town Hall because voters denied the request, 344-683.

Voters approved spending money to control mosquitoes, fix windows at Kimball House, renovate the kitchen at Atkinson Academy and televise Conservation Committee meetings. But they rejected a propsal to televise library trustee meetings and another to spend $10,000 to purchase video editing and streaming equipment.


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