HAVERHILL — There are about 10 utility poles blocking sidewalks between Bradford Common and Laurel Avenue as a result of the ongoing Route 125 reconstruction project, City Councilor Robert Scatamacchia said.

"Last week I was driving by and noticed a woman who had to walk out into the street to get by, because the utility pole was blocking the sidewalk near the intersection of Kingsbury Street and South Main Street," Scatamacchia told his colleagues last night.

The Verizon poles were moved as work on the massive road project continues. The city and state are replacing underground pipes, repaving the street and making other improvements.

Route 125 (South Main Street) is the main road through the Bradford section of Haverhill.

Scatamacchia said he spoke to a state official in charge of the roadwork who told him he was aware of the problem and that the poles will eventually be moved away from sidewalks to accommodate pedestrians.

Scatamacchia said he trusts the state transportation agency to follow through, but not Verizon.

"Verizon can be callous and they don't seem to have consideration for the neighborhood," he said. "I want something in writing that says they will fix all these poles when it's done, because if they don't, it's going to be a problem for walkers and bikers to maneuver around the poles."

The council voted unanimously to refer the matter to the city solicitor for his opinion on what the city can do to compel Verizon to move any utility poles found to be blocking sidewalks in that part of the city.

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