Casey Jesson

BRENTWOOD — A Derry man has been indicted on second-degree assault charges for allegedly breaking into a lakeside home and assaulting a woman in June.

Casey Jesson, 31, also faces two counts of criminal trespassing and one count of criminal mischief in the June 29 incident, according to indictments handed down by a Rockingham County Superior Court grand jury.

Police accuse Jesson of climbing onto the porch of David and Annette Joyce's Chester Road home and trying to enter through the sliding rear door. The Joyces confronted Jesson, who they told police seemed to be impaired. Jesson became aggressive, so David Joyce led him off the property to nearby Gallien's Beach. But Jesson returned shortly afterward, entering the house through the garage, police said.

David Joyce ordered Jesson off the property, and his wife called 911. But Jesson shoved David Joyce and attacked Annette Joyce, police said.

Jesson knocked her down and she broke her hip, the indictment said.

Jesson faces the criminal mischief charge for what police said he did after his arrest. He was found "ripping the padding off the wall of a cell at the Derry Police Department," the indictment said.

Jesson has been in the news before, but for different reasons. He and his parents, Michael and Valerie, were at the center of a landmark court case in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

In 1988, Jesson, then 9, was ordered by school officials to take Ritalin for attention deficit disorder. His parents refused to keep him on the drug because they said it made him a "glassy-eyed zombie."

The Jessons took the school to court and eventually won at trial in 1991.

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