David and Robert DiVincenzo, 22-year-old twins from Haverhill, will be in a new movie, "Bring it on 4", as acrobatic cheerleaders. The two Haverhill residents will be the comic relief.

HAVERHILL | When they were just 11 years old, twins David and Robert DiVincenzo would shove their mattresses out the window of their bedroom and drop them to the ground below.

To the dismay of their parents, Carol and Lewis DiVincenzo, the boys used whatever they could find to safely dismount after performing acrobatic stunts on their backyard trampoline.

There were no mattresses to break their fall when the now-22-year-olds auditioned and were selected to be acrobatic cheerleaders in a major motion picture.

"Dave was recovering from knee surgery so I auditioned for the both of us, and it was on a hardwood floor," Robert DiVincenzo said.

"They had to take my word for it that I could tumble like Rob," David said.

In February, the two traveled to Universal Studios in Orlando to audition for roles in "Bring It On 4, In It To Win It," starring Ashley Benson, who plays the captain of a cheerleading squad. She formerly acted on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives.''

Besides the DiVincenzo twins, hundreds of other hopefuls auditioned for roles as acrobatic cheerleaders. The twins, however, had a bit of an inside edge | the movie's choreographer was aware of their tumbling talents. They got paying jobs as actors in the movie, and more importantly, they were accepted into the Screen Actors Guild, which can lead to other paid acting roles.

"It's the union all the big stars are in," Dave said. "You have to be lucky to get in."

For Rob and Dave DiVo, as they like to be called, years spent tumbling head over heels in their backyard along with countless hours on their trampoline are starting to pay off.

Known locally as the Diving DiVos when members of Haverhill High School's competitive diving team, Rob and Dave have been performing acrobatic stunts since they were kids.

The pursuit turned into a passion, and for Rob, gymnastics led him to join Haverhill High's cheerleading team as its first male member, followed by Dave.

"I thought it was a sport for girls," their mother said. "But once they performed their tumbling routine, all eyes were on them."

The twins hope that all eyes will be on them again when the movie is released on DVD in December and is on the ABC Family TV channel two to three months later.

"It's kind of like 'West Side Story,'" Rob said about the movie. "We're on a cheerleading team called the Jets, and we compete against another team called the Sharks at Spirit Camp (cheer camp). The teams get into a brawl, and half the members of both teams get injured. So we blend the teams and name ourselves the Shets. To find out what happens, you'll have to wait for the movie."

The brothers each made about $12,000 for six weeks of filming.

Rob and Dave don't have speaking roles, other than the communication that goes on among cheerleaders on their team when they are performing stunts on camera.

"The producers choreographed us as twins, and that's how we are identified in the movie," Dave said.

The twins said they were surprised at how sociable and supportive the movie's main actors were, including Benson.

"They were very down-to-earth people," Rob said. "And they were very supportive of us as actors."

The twins lived in Florida during the filming.

"The movie has a $6 million budget and will be released Dec. 18, on Ashley Benson's birthday," Rob said.

In 2005 the twins appeared on "Good Morning America'' as finalists in a Wrigley's chewing gum talent search for the next set of Doublemint Twins and were chosen as runners-up.

Rob competes nationally with East Elite, a cheerleading team based in Tewksbury, while Dave competes with Celebrity Cheer, based in Salem, N.H.

"It's a friendly rivalry, and we're really affiliated with both teams," Dave said.

Rob is in his fourth year at Emerson College, where he is studying entertainment marketing communications, while Dave is busy creating music | for a fee | for cheerleading teams across the country.

"We hope to move to LA in the fall of 2008 and expand our careers," Rob said. "We'd like to do commercials, movies, and perform gymnastics in concerts for people like Madonna. I'm also training for the 2008 Olympics in Italy."

They laugh when they think back to the times when they'd shove their mattresses out their bedroom window along with blankets and pillows as cushioning for their trampoline.

"Our mother hated us for it," Rob said. "But I think she accepts it all now."

"I'm pretty proud of them," their mother said.


Haverhill's TV twins

Who: 22-year-old David and Robert DiVincenzo.

The movie: "Bring It On 4, In It To Win It" | a story about competing cheerleading squads.

Released on DVD: In December.

Airs: On the ABC Family channel early next year.

Their pay: They made about $12,000 each for six weeks of filming.

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