BOSTON – A Haverhill woman has been was charged with using PayPal to embezzle close to $1 million from her employer, a privately-held information technology staffing company based in Massachusetts, the office of U.S. Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz announced today.

Anita Allen, 34, was indicted on wire fraud charges. Allen was previously arrested on a criminal complaint at the airport in Charleston, S.C., and has remained in custody since that time.

According to the indictment she worked as an accounts payable specialist and defrauded the company over a period of more than five years by directing dozens of transfers of money from a dormant company PayPal account to a PayPal account in her own name. Allen then forwarded the money from her PayPal account to her personal bank account, and spent it on day-to-day living expenses, travel, and the purchase of several vintage automobiles.

In addition, Allen charged numerous personal purchases to a company credit card, including multiple cruises on Norwegian Caribbean Lines, and purchases at retailers including and The Disney Store. Allen succeeded in hiding the fraud scheme by doctoring monthly credit card statements and falsifying entries in the very accounting journals it was her responsibility to maintain. In total, the fraud resulted in a loss to the company approaching $1 million.

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