Today’s donors:

In memory of the Fenn and Hayes Families. From a friend$25

In memory of Eddie and Tess Burke. From a friend$25

In loving memory of Maureen, Kayla and all loving members of the Kelley family. From Larry Kelley$100

Merry Christmas from Charles and Susan Sousa $100

In loving memory of Barbara Jean Jenkins. From Burton, Gail and Dick$100


Anonymous $50

In loving memory of two wonderful mothers, Lena Andreoli and Sarah Mackor. Love and miss you both. From the Beck Family$50

In tribute to Albert and Mary Allard and their family, with gratitude from KMW.$50

Mark A. Machera, Esquire$100

In memory of Mary Anne Bucuzzo and the Class of 1975, From Mother and Dad$25

In loving memory of Rocco and Caroline and our beloved daughter, Mary Anne Bucuzzo. From Mother and Dad$25

In loving memory of Ralph and Antoinette Cusano, Grace Cusano, Michael Cortese and Ellena Cusano, his wife. From Mike and Madeline$25

Denny and Brenda Michaud$50

Northeast Urologic Surgery$100

Thanks to God for all his blessings this year for ourselves and our three children and six grandchildren. From Bev and Joe Palladino$100

Happy Holiday. From J. Martinoli and Sons Building and Remodeling$125

Merry Christmas to our friends and family who can’t be with us during this holiday season, from All Systems Go Inc.$100


Jacquelyn and John Singleton$50

In loving memory of Frank and Elizabeth Dushame, John, Mary, Anne B. Davis, Martha Murnane, Frank and Mavis Dushame, and John (Jay) Dushame. Love Mike, Beth, Meghan, Michael, Aime, Nolan, Henry, Matthew, Michelle, Hayleigh and Aubrey Davis$50

In loving memory of Al and Peg Mortenson, Calvin and Warren (Buster) Deyermond, Dale and Brittany Childs, and Harold (Billy) Dushame. Love, Mike, Beth, Meghan, Michael, Aime, Nolan, Henry, Matthew, Michelle, Hayleigh and Aubrey Davis$50

Merry Christmas from the Hall Family$25

In memory of Jim and Julie Harding, John and Ann Seremet and Bernard H. Smith, Love Bernie and Barbara$100

Ho Ho Ho, From T. Defuso$100


In loving memory of my husband, Sal Suslavich, and my parents, Rocci and Silva Norcia Love you always, Phyllis$50

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Cheryl Kopec$25

In memory of Edmund and Doris Hajjar. From Eddie$50

To the children from a friend, From Rose Samel$50

In loving memory of our parents, family and friends and in gratitude for the birth of our great-granddaughter, Olivia Rose Consoli. From Dick and Maryellen Consoli $50

In memory of Nana and Pa.$50

C, Dianne Crawford-Flemming and John Fleming$100

Merry Christmas from Pete and Krista Bajor$50

Merry Christmas, Jessica, Ashley, Alyssa, Natalie. From Lolo and Dick$20

In memory of loved ones passed. From the Mimms Family$20

In memory of my sister Ruey. Merry Christmas. From Patricia McGrath$25


In loving memory of my parents, Frank and Mary, and my brother, Jim McDermott. God only takes the best. Love, Donna and Tom Brennan and children$50

In loving memory of our brother Steve, who loved children. From the Murphy and O’Brien Family$25

In lieu of another gift this year from my wife of 50 years, Linda, we will spread our blessings. Love, Fred$25

Memory of Paul J. Durant. Given by family who misses him dearly$500

You loved children so much. This is in loving memory of Tom Donahue and our families. We miss you. From Ginny, kids and grandchildren $25

Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year. From Judy and Tom$100

For those less fortunate than us. From The Morissettes$100

In loving memory of my father, Angelo Angelari, and all the departed Angelari and Vetrano relatives. Peace to all. Norma and Ed Lapointe$100


Celebrating the spirit of Christmas with joy, peace, and love. May the blessings of the season be with you throughout the year. Anonymous.$100

Today’s total: $3,765

Total to date: $79,262

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