Sadia Jiminian-Tejeda of Lawrence and her son Marcus, 8, protect each other from the summer chill at dusk while watching her daughter and his sister Kamila, 10, practice with the Lawrence Pop Warner cheerleading squad. Several parents were wearing jackets and sweat shirts during the last hour of the Lawrence Pop Warner football and cheerleading practice held at the South Lawrence East School field.

Summer? What’s that?

Lately, it hasn’t felt much like August at all. In fact, with temperatures into the 50s, it’s been feeling more like autumn than summer.

“It is cooler than usual,” said Neal Strauss, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Taunton. “It doesn’t feel like summer around here.”

That’s because a mass of cold air from Canada has settled over New England, Strauss said. The air has been pushed south by fluctuations in the jet stream, something that is more commonly seen in the fall, but can happen anytime of the year.

And people have felt the difference, donning jackets and extra sweat shirts for walks through town or while watching a football practice.

Normal daytime temperatures for this time of year should be in the upper 70s, said Strauss. Yesterday, the temps were in the mid-60s, and hit a low of 48 early in the morning.

“Pretty chilly,” Strauss said. “That’s more typical of weather you’d expect in late September or early October.”

While unusual, the chilly temps did not break any records. They did come close, though. Monday, the low temperature was recorded at 50; the record was 49 degrees, set in 1926.

And the Mount Washington observatory in New Hampshire said on Sunday it came only half a degree away from breaking a record low of 29 degrees for that date on the summit of the mountain.

With such cold weather, it may seem like summer is over. But that’s not the case, according to Strauss. He assures that warmer weather will be back by this weekend.

“It’s not going to last much longer,” he said. “It will warm up again — it’s just a matter of time.”

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