KINGSTON — School Board members think fixing the D.J. Bakie Elementary School driveway should still be a priority, despite the budget constraints they will face during the upcoming school year.

And while it's still not definite that the driveway will be fixed, it's not likely to be one of the projects included in the $320,700 in budget cuts the board has to make because voters rejected the proposed budget.

Superintendent Keith Pfeifer said companies are currently bidding on the project, which the district estimates will cost $120,000. Depending on how those bids come in, he said, the School Board could recommend the project be done this summer and cut other areas of the facility maintenance plan.

"One of the things we discussed was perhaps the demolition of several buildings on the (old high school) campus will be what waits," he said.

Aside from maintenance projects, School Board members did agree to eliminate about $10,000 in computer equipment, several thousand dollars in school supplies, and the replacement of athletic uniforms for the upcoming school year. Those proposals were made by administrators at each of the district's four schools.

Pfeifer said the upgrade of the Bakie driveway would create more space for school buses. The project has been postponed several times during the past several years, but is one officials call a "safety priority" because all the school buses don't fit in the driveway at one time and wait across the street.

Pfeifer said administrators attempted to keep core educational programs in place and eliminate funding from other areas of the budget, such as maintenance and athletics, when making their budget cuts.

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