A 4-year-old Londonderry child has been diagnosed with swine flu, the state Department of Health and Human Services announced yesterday.

Chris Adamski, a spokeswoman for the health department, said no information was available about the Londonderry child's condition or the state's other new patient, a 10-year-old from Nashua.

Both cases are being investigated to determine if other people have been exposed and, if so, how many, she said. Monday, the department said an adult from "the Greater Salem area" had been diagnosed.

In past announcements, Dr. Jose Montero, the department's director, has said the patients are recovering and doing well.

Asked why yesterday's announcement did not mention how these two patients are faring, Adamski said the investigation may not have progressed far enough to judge.

"These are newly reported. At this point, I will not comment on specific cases," she said. Generally, children under 5 could be at risk "for some severe complications" from the flu, Adamski said.

The virus poses a greater risk to children under 2, but New Hampshire has not reported any serious swine flu cases, she said.

The number of confirmed cases in the state stands at 22, said Kris Neilsen, also a health department spokeswoman. Locally, the adult from "the Greater Salem area" and a Derry adult have been diagnosed.

Neilsen and Adamski declined to specify the town in "the Greater Salem area," but Neilsen confirmed yesterday the patient does not live in Salem.

Health officials decided not to release the name of the community to protect patient confidentiality, Adamski said.

Adamski said no information was being released about whether the 4-year-old attended school or a day care center. If so, the health department will work with any school or day care affected to make sure the infection is controlled, she said.


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