METHUEN — Marsh Grammar School shut off the water yesterday morning when rusty, brown water was spotted moving through the system.

School maintenance staff determined a faulty water heater caused the rusty water and it was turned off yesterday, according to interim Superintendent Judith Scannell.

Water will be turned on tomorrow, but the water heater will remain turned off while maintenance staff fixes it.

"There will be running water, but not hot water in the building tomorrow," Scannell said yesterday.

Staff turned off the water as a precaution, Scannell said. The school hopes to have the water heater fixed today.

The school brought in bottled water for students since water fountains were off. All food prepared yesterday morning was thrown out, and students ate chicken nuggets, two kinds of pizza, and sandwiches for lunch.

The school sent home notices to parents and a phone call was made to the homes of Marsh students with a recorded message.

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