Angie Beaulieu/Staff photo Robin Andrews’ third-grade class has been making dog biscuits and selling them to raise money for an animal rescue network. From left are Shaina Pietrillo, 8, Dakota Cummings, 9, Tara Holden, 9, Dylan Andrews, 9, and Anthony Bundock, 9.

PELHAM — Bow Wow Biscuits hit the spot.

Since Robin Andrews' third-graders founded their dog biscuit company in January, the 24 Pelham Elementary School students have raised $345 for the Animal Rescue Network of New England.

Along the way, the students have learned to make, market and sell their product, a tasty treat made from flour, wheat germ, oats, chicken broth and other ingredients.

Dogs love them, the children said.

Third-grader Peter Lawson said his dog Pluto couldn't wait to try the bones.

"He actually jumped up on the counter and ate them," Peter said.

Classmate Ben Pelletier, who drew happy dog faces on posters to advertise the biscuits, hasn't fed any of the treats to his dog, Sasha. But Ben himself has sampled the biscuits.

So have some of his classmates.

"It's tough to get the kids not to eat them while we are baking them," Andrews said.

She said the project has sharpened her students' math, reading and art skills. They have measured ingredients, logged sales, written advertising copy, created posters and even made a television commercial that airs on the local cable access station.

They've also had fun while doing something that benefits animals.

Student Tara Holden was an inspiration for the project.

Tara and her family advocate for animals. Her mom is a board member with the rescue league, an organization dedicated to animal rescue efforts.

Three times, Andrews' third-graders have gone to ARNNE animal adoption days and sold their dog biscuits.

The biscuits cost $5 for two dozen.

The class' No. 1 customer is school administrative assistant Anne Wagner. She buys them for her "grand" dogs and great-grand dogs — 14 dogs that belong to her son.

She also buys Bow Wow Biscuits for her neighbors' dogs.

"All the dogs in the neighborhood love me," she said.

Andrews said her students love the project, and she hopes to continue the company with her third-graders next year.

To buy Bow Wow Biscuits visit the Web site bowwowbiscuits.org.


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