KINGSTON — A recount of ballots yesterday upheld the defeat of a contract for teachers in the Sanborn Regional School District.

School officials requested the recount after the vote on the contract ended in a tie, 1,069 to 1,069, on March 9. The recount didn't change the outcome, according to the district office.

School Board members recounted all the ballots yesterday by hand, as required by law. But there was one absentee ballot never counted on election day. They incorrectly believed the ballot had to be received by March 8.

School Board members voted to include the uncounted ballot in yesterday's recount.

Kingston Town Moderator Electra Alessio said this was the first time in her 25 years as moderator that she's ever seen a vote end in a tie.

"I've seen one or two votes win or lose but never a tie," she said.

If the result is appealed, it could be recounted by the secretary of state's office.

This is the third consecutive year voters have defeated a teachers contract.

The proposed two-year contract included a 3.2 percent increase in the first year and a 3.3 percent increase in the second year. There was no cost-of-living increase for either year.

Staff writer Doug Ireland contributed to this report.


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