SALEM — The Salem/Woodbury Hall of Fame Committee is soliciting nominations to recognize and honor individuals who graduated from Woodbury High School or Salem High School, and made truly exceptional contributions to the school, community or society in general.

The committee encourages nominations for individuals who distinguished themselves through high school athletic accomplishments; by virtue of academic accomplishments while in high school, or through exceptional contributions to society as adults.

The Hall of Fame Committee wants to emphasize that individuals should consider nominating graduates who have distinguished themselves as contributing members of society. For example, a graduate's life experience may include distinguished government service through elected or appointed office; achievement in the arts, sciences, education, media, law, or another field; or corporate accomplishments by leadership or action.

There is a five-year waiting period from graduation for those whose contributions were made as students. Nominees will have distinguished themselves on the basis of skill, sportsmanship, academic achievement, and/or truly exceptional contributions to the community. Individuals nominated for their roles after graduation will have made a significant contribution to student development, a school team or an individual's athletic success, or will have made truly exceptional contributions to society in general.

Nomination forms are available through the school district Web site,; at the main office of Salem High School at 893-7069, ext. 1300; or at the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at 893-7040.

Completed nomination forms can be delivered to the high school's main office at 44 Geremonty Drive, Salem, 03079 or to the Office of the Superintendent at 38 Geremonty Drive, Salem. Incomplete nominations will not be considered. The due date for completed nominations is May 1.

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