LAWRENCE — While breaking up a drug and alcohol fueled party for underaged youths Friday night, police rescued a 2-year-old boy from a cold bedroom, a situation police Chief John Romero described as "downright dangerous.

"The incident itself was bad enough, when you've got young people with a supply of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine," Romero said of the scene police encountered in a second-floor apartment at 109 E. Haverhill St. "We see a lot of bad stuff as part of the job. But when the men found a child — a very sick child being fed through the stomach with a tube — it was pretty shocking even for them."

Romero said it was colder inside the building — about 40 degrees — than it was outside.

"It was not a good environment for any young child, especially a child who suffers from kidney failure and has a tube hooked up to his stomach," he said.

Police initially responded to a call to the area for a report of shots being fired and went looking for a suspect who allegedly ran into the building with a gun.

Instead, police smelled a strong odor of marijuana as they climbed the stairs to the second floor and overheard bottles clanking, people talking loudly and an infant's cries.

The baby's mother wasn't in the apartment, which didn't appear to have any heat.

But when Jennifer Goguen, 25, of 109 E. Haverhill St., second floor, finally arrived and began screaming at police, they arrested her for furnishing alcohol to minors and child endangerment.

"It's just people hanging out," Goguen told police, adding that she had her brother taking care of the baby while she was away.

Police found what appeared to be cocaine packaged in small baggies on the bedroom floor. They also confiscated a small amount of marijuana, rum, vodka, beer and other alcoholic drinks in the apartment.

Joshua Nieves, 22, of 109 E. Haverhill St., second floor, was arrested for procuring alcohol for minors and trespassing after notice.

Police called the prisoner transport wagon to the scene to take away 13 underaged people — including a 15-year-old Methuen boy — all of whom were charged with illegal possession of alcohol.

The youths arrested included Sharina Santana, 18, 21 E. Haverhill St., Lawrence; Courtney Haskell, 18, 369 Park St., North Reading; Kayla Carrasco, 17, 17 Short St., Lawrence; Isabel Alba, 18, 316 Prospect St., second floor, Lawrence; Elaine Dearce, 17, 360 Park St., North Reading; Ashley Martinez, 17, 2 Museum Square, Apt. 503, Lawrence; Sol Rodriguez, 18, 109 E. Haverhill St., first floor, Lawrence; Juan Mejia, 17, 9 West Gile St., Haverhill; Manolo Flores, 20, 109 E. Haverhill St., first floor, Lawrence; Jeremiah Guzman, 19, 109 E. Haverhill St., second floor, Lawrence; John Morales, 17, 19 Brook St., first floor, Lawrence; and Jacob Ramos, 17, 28 Summit St., second floor, Lawrence.

Police said Goguen claimed to be living in a building that had already been foreclosed upon.

"Based on the missing front door locking mechanism, lack of heat, holes in the windows and overall decrepit structural integrity, the apartment appeared to be uninhabitable," Officer Michael Mangan wrote in his report.

Police observed no blankets in the baby's crib, and there was a large hole in the window of the baby's bedroom, causing it to become colder than the rest of the apartment, Mangan noted.

An ambulance transported the child to Lawrence General Hospital, where he was examined and later released to an aunt who was not present at the party.

Sgt. John Nicoletti also filed a child endangerment complaint with the state.


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